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[LEGENDADO ][EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) @Grammy Awards 2019

Jin: What are you doing to do in U.S ? JHOPE? RM:I Don’t Know What Hyung do in U.S , Jin: What is it?RM: Hyung go to Hunting you will be take down all Human Jin:Not human Not Monster .RM:Yes Monster. JM: We doing here do something great Grammy Grammy, Grammy JH: Grammy… JH:Grammy,RM:My Hand Shivering JH: Say Goes To How?Goes Too.V: Namjoon-ssi. I’m changed. I bought a book RM:What kind of book is it? Jin: What Book ,V:Uh.. I just checked the picture first, RM:What kind of pic?Jin:Who drew it? ,V: It was self portrait JH:are not the only who play along with you? RM:(Slow voice) That’s why you are roommates , JM : Hyung I Love you. JM: How you feel? RM: Nervous JM: We are proud attend this big event Grammy JM: Right It’s really big we are here RM:I’m sure it’s gonna work out great because I just lost my passport. And found it again, Jin: isn’t it an everyday Episodes? JK:I’m not even surprised anymore, V:Reflect what you did ,RM:At But I’m wearing different outfits . JK:Thank you,Jin: Right RM:(Learning) I’m little Nervous I do best I’m do Try to doing well But…. I’m prepared myself for this big honour This AWARD is big for us and we really go to and Attend it I’m do good today Actually I … Really nervous to JK:(Sorry I can’t listen clearly)Jk Learning JH:(Learning English) V: Learning English JK: Helps V to Learning Jin: Wether is really nice ,RM: Hyung are you ready .Jin:Yeah…RM:Are You Done ?Jin: Hyung is done ,RM: What did you prepare ?Jin:Yeaaa… Jin: I’m Nervous but we’re not performing or receiving any Award .We have line up there 20-30 S ,RM:(Practice his line)Jin: I’m not really anxious I’m just gonna say like ( Wohaaaa) I’m not do wrong I learned and try best Making It’s big day for us and we do our best today…Right RM:What did you prepare, JM:My mind? I’m a kid who is prepared.RM:Show me.JM:Don’t be surprised later.RM:Don’t tease?JM:That as well, RM:Ready to sing Promise, JM:If you ask for it, anytime (sing)ask ,RM:It’s not on question list, JM:I said IF you ask for it, h.ha.. you embarrassing me BTS (English Practice Interview),RM:Word pronounce make correct (BTS Practice Starting And RM Leader Learn BTS English ) ,Jin: I can’t choice it, Hyung it’s I can’t choose(RM making Perfect pronounce)Hyung but I think “I can’t CHOICE” sounds cuter. Let’s go for it Read this JH: Namjoon I’m really proud of him(Annalise RM Speech) JH:Then I will go out after throwing papers in air . JM:Mic Drop JIN:Five of us prepared answers for the first question JH:How do you feel? ,JinFour, four! Everyone prepared except Yoongi, me and Namjoon, JH:So no problem!,RM:Take a turn to answer. JH&V: Okay OK. V:How you feel today (Take JH Interview) Everyone Hard in Practice V: How you feel? RM Help Jimin Learn English Make pronounced Perfect.JM:Yes JM:How like that (All Army)?RM:it Right, JM: Okay Actually it like do make word sound RM:Now make good sound (Mean Words Pronoun) RM:Do you best Jiminssi


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