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[LEGENDADO EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) @Grammy Awards 2019

(Members arrived at the airport to attend the Grammy Awards) JH: We are going to the Grammy.
RM: Hey, it’s so cold. JIN: What are you going to do in the U.S.?
JH: What?
(Standby before getting on a plane) JIN: What are you going to do in the U.S.?
JH: in the U.S.? RM: I don’t know what J-Hope will do, but I know what hyung will do. JIN: What is it?
RM: Hyung will be hunting. RM: You will be taking down all the human. JIN: They are not human. They are monsters.
RM: Yes, monsters.
(RM expecting Jin hyung will play games in the U.S. too) JM: Everyone, that’s not the important thing. What are we going to the U.S. for? JH: Granny? / JIN: Grandy? / V, RM: Did you? (그랬니? Korean word play) JH: Do Re Mi~ JH: Grammy~ RM: Is it true that I still don’t know exactly what I would say? JH: Should we say “goes to” together?
JIN: “Goes to” V: Namjoon-ssi. Namjoon-ssi.
JH: “Goes to!” V: I have changed. I brought a book. RM: What kind of book is it?
JIN: You are supposed to read a book with heart. V: Uhh…
RM: How much did you read?
(V bought a book to read during the flight to the U.S.) V: I saw the picture first. RM: Ah, pictures. What kind of picture is it? JIN: Who drew it?
V: It was a self-portrait. (Jimin wanting Hobi hyung’s engagement) (Nice Hobi hyung giving reaction) JH: Am I not the only one who plays along with you? RM: Indeed, roommates. JM: Hyung, I love you. JM: We are going to the Grammy’s, but no one seems to be excited, so… RM: It was decided all of a sudden, so I still don’t feel.. (Members still feel surreal for the sudden attendance at the Grammy Awards)
JM: To be honest, I… RM: Honestly, I didn’t feel like it was real. JM: That feeling, that feeling. JM: Grammy? No way… JM: Isn’t this like when we first went to the Billboard? RM: I think when we step on the red carpet, then… JM: We usually feel it when we actually get to the site and feel the atmosphere. JM: The same with the concerts. JH: Doesn’t Grammy feel a little more heavy? JM: It is heavy. JM: Honestly, I don’t know because we haven’t been there. JM: It’s not a place we get to go often. (Finally departing to get on the plane) RM: Let’s go… (Members arrive in LA after 11 hours of flight)
RM: I am absolutely sure we will do great because I just lost my passport. RM: But I just found it again. JIN: Isn’t it the usual episode? JK: I’m not even surprised anymore. V: Please examine yourself. RM: Today’s outfit is different. JIN: That’s right. RM: We should go together. RM: We always dreamed about standing on the grammy stage. (Members getting ready to attend the Grammy Awards) RM: Blah blah blah blah! RM: And, the Grammy goes to! RM: And, the Grammy goes to! RM: The Grammy goes to! RM: No matter how much I go over, I still can’t get used to it. RM: It will naturally flow when we actually get there. RM: You do it using your senses. RM: It’s our first presenting an award, so I’m worried I would stutter.
(Worried if he would make a mistake for their first award presenting) RM: Other than that, RM: we should just do well as always. RM: But it has been a while since we came to an award show like this after BBMAs in May last year, so… RM: It’s only been 4 months since attending the Ellen show and the Graham Norton Show, RM: but every time when we come here after a few months, I get nervous. JK: I am relieved that it’s not as hot as last time. JK: I really like the weather. (Members trying hard before the Grammy Awards) JK: Talk about our loving Yourself is the beginning of true love. JK: Through the “Love Yourself” series, JK: And when we see… JH: Wings to fly. JH: We should also talk about ARMY for this. V: We are so excited to.. the performance
JH: They make us.. They make us who we are today. JH: They gave us the wings to fly.
V: We are so excited to watch V: … the performance and enjoy the show. V: We are so excited to watch… watch the performance and enjoy the show. V: We are so excited to… JK: excited.. V: excited.. V: to.. JK: watch the
V: watch the JK: performance
V: performance JK: and enjoy the show.
V: and enjoy the show. V: We are so excited to… JK: watch
V: watch the
LOL JIN: The weather is really nice. RM: Hyung, are you ready? JIN: Yes.
RM: Are you all done? JIN: I’m all done.
RM: What did you prepare? JIN: Yeah. JIN: I am nervous but it’s not like we are performing.
(Thought on attending the Grammy Awards) JIN: And we are receiving the award on the stage, so… JIN: Our staff told us that we will be on the stage for 20 to 30 seconds. JIN: Actually, we will be saying a few words and others will say a few words.
(RM: Growing up in South Korea… argh) JIN: I am not as nervous as when we perform. JIN: When we get there, I would go “whoa, whoa!” JH: Show you all~ JM: Are we allowed to go to the Grammy?
JH: I want to show… JH: We’re just enjoying…
RM: Jimin-ssi, what did you prepare? JM: The state of mind?
RM: And? JM: Well, that much. JM: I’m not the kind of kid who doesn’t prepare at all! RM: Show me what you prepared then. JM: Don’t get surprised later. RM: Don’t tease you?
(Surprise and tease sound similar in Korean) JM: Don’t tease either.
RM: Sure. RM: Can you promise to sing? JM: If you just ask me, I am always confident to sing. JM: Ready, not confident. (wrong word choice) RM: You are supposed to do it on your own, Jimin-ssi.
(Jimin singing Promise) JM: I’ll start right away. RM: Oh, that?
I don’t think we’ll get the question. JM: Okay… I just said I would sing if you asked me. I didn’t.. JM: You make me really embarrassed, hyung. JH: We really appreciate this opportunity.
(Members gathered to practice each answer they prepared) RM: You all know right? What is the first question we always get? JM: “How do you feel today?” JH: Ah, it’s such an honor. We really appreciate this opportunity. JM: Thank you very for the great memory. You Good?
JIN: There are 4 of us prepared this answer, so I won’t do it. JH & JM: I’m good. JIN: I can’t choice. JM: Oh~ I can’t choice.
JIN: I can’t choice, you know? RM: Hyung, it’s “I can’t choose”. JH: I Namjoon says “I can’t choose”, you just say “I can’t choose”.
JIN: I can’t choose! RM: Okay! JM: We do what Namjoon hyung says.
JIN: I’m sorry! RM: But hyung, if you say “I can’t choice”, it sounds cute. Let’s keep it as “I can’t choice”. V: Performance and enjoy the show.
RM: But “choice” is cute. Let’s stick with “choice”.
JIN: Let’s do the cute one. JM: If we are asked “how do you feel?”… JH: Everyone is practicing English in front of Namjoon. JH: Because we need to be checked. JH: They make us who we are today.
(The members gradually gather around RM to check English) JH: They gave us the wings to fly. JIN: First of all…
V: We are so excited to.
JH: I’ll say that and throw the paper and take off. LOL JM: Mic Drop!
V: We are so excited to.. V: We are so excited to watching the performance and enjoy the show. JH: Oh~ JIN: First of all, the first question…
RM: You’re good. JIN: About 5 of us prepared the answer for the first question. JIN: 4 of us, 4 of us. JH: We don’t have to worry.
JIN: Okay. All prepared except Yoongi, me, and Namjoon. RM: Each rotates and answers.
V: Okay. JH: We should start with “how do you feel?”
V: The first interview question. V: Blah blah, how do you feel today?
(Practicing the interview held later) JH: Oh, it’s such an honor. We really appreciate this opportunity. JH: Thank you for the memory.
V: Now, the next question. V: The next question. JIN: V, how do you feel today? (in foreign accent Korean) V: Uh, we are so excited to watching the performance and enjoy the show. JIN: Oh, yeah! V: How do you feel today? JIN: Yes, good. RM: Thank you to all the ARMYs.
JM: All the ARMYs. (JIMIN getting a lesson alone from hyung after all the members are gone)
JM: I put ARMYs, right?
RM: who made us today. JM: Thank you to the… all the ARMYs. RM: You can say anyway you want. JM: Yes. Can I say “all ARMYs”? RM: They all make sense.
JM: Okay, okay. JM: All the ARMYs. RM: who made us today. JM: who made us today?
RM: Yes. JM: It’s easy, hyung-nim.
RM: It’s easy. JM: Why do you underestimate me? RM: But you will forget time to time. JM: Forget… JM: Thank you to the all the ARMY, JM: who made what, who made us today? JM: Do you have something to say to the fans, Jimin-ssi? JM: Thank you to the all the ARMY. JM: ARMYs. JM: who made us today. RM: Wow. JM: I’ll never forget today. RM: Will Jimin-ssi be able to do it?
JM: I’ll never forget today. RM: Yeah.
JM: Umm… JM: Thank you for the great memory. RM: Oh~
JM: Thank you. JM: Hyung-nim! JM: Promise me now. JM: Thank you for the all the ARMY.
(The final practice in front of the camera) JM: who made us today. JM: Is that right?
RM: Yes. RM: who made us today.
JM: made us today. JM: made us today. JM: I’ll never forget today. JM: I love you. Thank you. SG: Grammy… SG: It’s raining.
(It suddenly rains in LA) SG: First time seeing rain in LA. SG: The first time. SG: I hope we don’t get wet from rain when we go in. SG: There is no difficult question. JM: Wow, he’s cool. JM: It’s all difficult for me. JH: We are going to that place! RM: This, ah~! Look at this.
JH: The background is really something.
(The Grammy Awards red carpet setting they will go to) RM: The Grammy trophy really has no competition.
JH: Our outfits match perfectly. V: Can I see it? Staff: This is how it feels like it there. This is the last part of the red carpet. RM: We all go up together. RM: “Here are the nominees” then the VCR will start. RM: 5 of them will show up like Toni Braxton
(Members going over the presenting comments at the Grammy Awards) RM: And then the camera will be on us again. RM: And I will say “AND” Grammy goes to!
RM: Add “the” together. RM: And
the Grammy goes to. RM: But we should match the timing. RM: Like a game of wit. RM: The VCR ends. RM: And the red light will be turned on (at the camera). RM: And! The Grammy goes to! RM: Yes, let’s do it slowly like this. JH: The weather started to get brighter.
(The weather cleared up suddenly before going to the Grammy Award) JH: It’s a really good sign. JK: It’s a blessing we can get so much… JK: Is that right? JK: We can get so much love JK: for doing what we love to do. JK: We are so thankful. JIN: You are so dope. JK: Good! JH: How do you feel, Jungkook? JK: I’m not in charge of that question.
JH: You can just say “good”. JK: I’ll answer questions about ARMYs.
JH: You do it all. JK: It’s blessing.. we can get so much love JK: for doing what we love to do.
JH: Oh yes! JK: We are so thankful. JH: Oh yeah! Good. JK: You are at the Grammy Awards, how do you feel? V: We are so excited to…
JK: Excited to
(Imitating V’s pronunciation when there is no R, V still puts R in the word.) JH: We are excited to~ (imitiating V) V: watch the performance and enjoy the show. JH: But when we are actually there, it doesn’t come out like this.
JK: When we get there, we would be like “umm.. umm..” “Umm… Umm…” JH: NOT! (Imitating V on Ellen show) JH: Not.
JK: Ahn (“Not” in Korean).
JH: Ahn. V: We are so excited to… Mmmm… JIN: Mr. Jimin.
JM: Yup. JIN: Mmm.
JM: Mmm. JIN: Grammy?
JM: Grammy? Yeah. JIN: Grammy?
JM: Grammy?
JIN: Grammy. / JM: Yeah! RM: Let’s be calm but energetic. You know what I mean.
(Final check before getting on a car) RM: The hardest thing. JH: Hard! RM: How do feel today? RM: We will do what we do. JIN: How do you feel today? JH: Oh~~ Really appreciate this opportunity. Thank you for the great memory. (Staff: When you get on the car, use the door on the other side because of the photo shoot) RM: I will ask everyone questions. V: I’m so excited to watch the performance… JIN: Ask me anything, I will answer everything. RM: What music direction BTS is heading to? JIN: Mmm… BTS, straight, good music, yes. RM: Oh! BTS, straight, good music. JH: Yo, keep going, man!
RM: Oh, yeah~ JH: I don’t think I can do it.
LOL JH: How do you feel, Jungkook?
JK: Yeah, nice. LOL
(Members finally heading to the Grammy Awards) JH: I’m getting nervous.
JK: We are heading to the Grammys. JH: Getting nervous. JK: Ah~ JH: I just saw the site live. JK: Yes.
JH: Through the app, I saw the live. JH: They had the background with Grammy trophies which I really wanted and dreamed of. JH: And the famous foreign celebrities were on the red carpet, wow, it looked amazing. JH: Soon, / JK: Are we stepping on it soon? JH: We are going to be there soon. JK: What is the comment Hobi hyung prepared today? JH: Ah, we really appreciate this opportunity… JH: Done. JH: What did you… What did Jungkook-ssi prepare? JK: I prepared for ARMYs.
JH: How are the ARMYs? JK: Good! JH: Ahh! JK: It’s a blessing we can get so much love JH: Yeah / JK: for / JH: Yeah / JK: doing / JH: Woo! / JK: what / JH:?? / JK: we / JH: Yeah / JK: love / JH: Good! / JK: to JK: Am I right?
JH: Yeah, that’s right! JK: What we love to do. JH: We’ll have great time.
JK: We are so thankful…
JH: You did that earlier. JH: We’ll have great time.
JK: We’ll have great time. JK: Check it.
JH: Check it. JK: Now, let’s move onto the next car. JM: This kind of day comes to us too, hyung? RM: Wow, there is a drawing of “Promise” too. RM: They all bless you. JM: But… I think we named the title “Promise” so well, hyung-nim. RM: Right. JM: You also taught me the little finger. JM: Intertwine our pinkies RM: That’s really cool. JM: ARMY, we will make a promise. RM: What promise?
JM: We promise we will definitely perform next year. RM: Next year! Boom!
JM: Now promise me, oh, oh JM: If I can’t understand, I will look for ARMYs. RM: What if something “bad” is mentioned? JM: I think it’s a word that calms me down. (ARMY: a word that calms him down even for sudden questions)
RM: Okay, look for ARMYs first then. JM: Today’s plan… What do you think this year’s plan would be? JM: ARMY! JM: What have you been doing lately? JM: ARMY! JM: I’ll just do that today. RM: Living in the world… JM: You go to the Grammys too, right? RM: We are in the car we are promoting. RM: We are going to the Grammy… SG: The Grammy is getting close.
(*Please excuse the low quality for filming with a phone) SG: We only have 5 minutes left till the Staples Center.
(*Please excuse the low quality for filming with a phone) V: Wow… JIN: Taehyung-ssi.
V: Yes. JIN: As soon as we arrive, they will ask you the first question. V: Yes. JIN: What will you say? V: What kind of question is it? JIN: How are feeling today? (Keep practicing even while moving)
V: We are excited to watch the performance SG: There are more people with Tuxedo on.
V: and enjoy the show. SG: They are on the street. JIN: Taehyung-ssi, what is your future music plan? V: We’re song is… V: another music.
JIN: Mmm. V: We want another music.
JIN: Uh-Huh. V: And..
JIN: What another music? V: Mmm… SG: Namjoon will do it. Namjoon will come in and do it for you. V: I hope we get to perform at the Grammy stage one day. JIN: Is there someone you really want to see today? V: I,
JIN: Answer in English. V: Umm. Really. H.E.R. stage. JIN: H.E.R. stage?
V: I want to miss… (Finally arrived at the Grammy Awards Red Carpet) (A lot of press welcoming BTS as soon as they stepped onto the red carpet) JK: …blessing we can get so much love for doing what we love to do.
(Jungkook getting a lesson from the leader hyung before the interview) RM: When they ask “The fans are excited, and how do you feel?”, you go in. RM: Hi. JK: When we are asked about the fans, I just answer?
RM: Yes. Staff: You want them now? JK: I’m ready.
(Staff: Please come inside!) JK: I’m ready! RM: It was your dream to come here? Yeah! JH: Dreams come true! Ryan: Dreams come true.
RM: Dreams come true. Ryan: No matter what language, what country, all over the world. RM: What do you think of the fans? JK: The fans? / RM: Yes.
JK: What we think of the fans? RM: Say what you prepared earlier.
(Good thing the answer prepared came out) JK: It’s a blessing we can get so much love for doing what we love to do. Ryan: Yeah. JK: We are so thankful. JK: I want to meet Travis Scott. (Had interviews with a lot of press on the red carpet) We are BTS! RM: Hello Entertainment Tonight, we are BTS! And we are here at the Grammys. Hello, we are BTS! And we are at the Grammys. Whoa!
JH: Grammy! JK: Shall we take a photo over there? (Bangtanies wanting to take the group selfie in front of the Gammy Awards background)
JK: Let’s take on over there. / SG & RM: Sure. RM: Let’s wait. RM: Let’s take it well. JK: Yes, not here.
We take one here and… JIN: Excuse me. I didn’t come out. RM: Let’s wait. JH: We’ll take hyung separately. JH: Who has long arms?
JK: A long-arm monkey, let’s get it. V: Yeah.
JIN: Let’s go. V: Bah, ba ba ba bam~ JH: Okay good.
SG: Only your eyes came out. (Finally at the last photo time) RM: I will grateful. JIN: Hello. (Bangtan on the Grammy Awards Red Carpet) Jump! Jump! RM: One, two, three! (Feeling after the Grammy Awards Red Carpet)
V: I was the most nervous lately. V: The cheers can make someone feel so good. V: It made me feel uplifted. V: Because of the interviewers, we had great time. V: I couldn’t talk much, but… V: Hey, it was… Ah…. V: I had an answer prepared, but I didn’t get to do it.
(V left with regrets for not being able to answer he worked hard preparing) V: So I will do it well next time. (Members excited after the red carpet has finished)
JM: All the members said it felt surreal, but they were all really excited.
RM: I like it! / JIN: Return it to me! / RM: I like it! / JIN: I got it back after 5 times! RM: I want it! JM: It’s really fun now.
JIN: Thank you for returning it to me. SG: I have Namjoon’s. RM: I want it! I got it! RM: I want it! I got it! JIN: Give it back now! JIN: Give it back. I’m taking it home. JH: I want it! I got it! RM: Now, Yoongi hyung.
SG: Yeah?
RM: Give mine back. SG: Who has mine then? JM: I told you, this is not important!
JIN: Hey, I exchanged 5 times! SG: Taehyung-ah! Taehyung-ah!
JH: Because it has our names on it. (Exchanging the Grammy Awards pass with their names written on)
JM: It’s not important!
V: Yoon King! JIN: I exchanged 5 times already! RM: I want it, I got it! V: Ah! / JM: We are finally going in.
(Bangtanies finally going in the Grammy Awards arena) JM: We will experience what kind of place it is. V: This is the actual field trip…
(Tried to be like a reporter but failed) JM: Aren’t we at a huge place to say a field trip? V: Right? SG: Ah, I’m sleepy. RM: Ah, my glasses. I have bad eye-sight. SG: I’m sleepy. JIN: I still have jet-lag. SG: When we return to Korea, it will be half jet-lag.
JIN: We will still have jet-lag in Korea. SG: Out actual time would be in Europe.
RM: I don’t know what happened to our time.
JIN: It drives me crazy. SG: Out actual time would be in Europe now. JK: We’ll be back. JK: Grammy! (The Grammy Awards started and the members are excited) Wow, seriously.. SG: This is more than the Billboard and AMAs. (Becoming an audience mode as soon as the performances start) JK: Post Malone! JIN: Post Malone! (The members enjoying the performances the best) (Jungkook suddenly starts shedding tears after watching Dolly Parton’s performance) SG: All of a sudden? RM:; He’s crying, he’s crying. JK: Do you see my tears? JK: Ah… SG: But the air-conditioning is too… JK: This moment we become one through music. JK: Grammy Awards! RM: This is the Grammy! JK: This is the Grammy! JK: My heart is getting warm. (Jungkook enjoying the performance again as if he never cried) JM: Ah, everyone. This is so much fun. RM: It makes you concentrate. V: Ah, it’s so cool.
(Bangtanies enjoyed the performances so much) RM: Wow, it’s really cool. JK: This is THE awards. RM: This is something we should envy. JIN: Right.
JK: This is THE awards.
RM: Can we do it like this in Korea? (Raif-Henok Kendrick (Diana Ross’s grandson) likes BTS music)
I really like your music!
JK: Music! Our music! Yeah.
JK: Thank you. JH: Me too, me too, I know too. JK: Wow, goosebumps! JK: Wow!
RM: He’s here, he’s here!
(Drake receiving the award) JH: I get to see him this close! This close! RM: He’s here, he’s here, he’s here! RM: Ah, he’s my idol, my idol. JK: Our idol.
JH: I even did his challenge, challenge.
(Referring to Drake “In My Feelings” Challenge) RM: My idol, my idol. RM: Ah, he became more awesome than before. RM: The voice, wow~ JK: I should record this. (The members came to the backstage to present an award) SG: The one on the left.
JK: What? / JIN: The left one. JK: What about me? JH: You’re on the right side.
JK: I’m on the right side? (Checking the moving position on the stage)
RM: You can go out any side. (Bangtanies enjoying the music even at the standby for presenting an award) Whoa!! (Bangtan finally going up the Grammy Awards stage to present an award) RM: Growing up in South Korea, we always dreamed of being on the Grammys stage. RM: Thank you all our fans for making this dream come true and we’ll be back. RM: So here are the nominees for the Best R&B Album. RM: And! The Grammy goes to! RM: Congratulations! H.E.R.!!
(Bangtan got to announce and present the award for the best R&B album) RM: Yay! V: I knew it! (Bangtan sharing the joy of the award) V: Wow, I was really nervous.
RM: It didn’t come out. I drew it out more, but it didn’t come out, right? JM: The light was on, but it didn’t come out.
(Members with regrets for the mic not coming out at the beginning) V: I was really nervous. JM: It was such a valuable experience. JIN: H.E.R. came out first. H.E.R. first. JH: Good. (The members getting a commemorative Grammy Awards photograph taken by Danny Clinch after presenting the award) JH: And! The Grammy goes to! JH: Everyone..
RM: BTS! JH: Everyone, we really went to the Grammy. JH: Let’s applaud. JIN: Namjoon really worked hard today too.
JH: Seriously. JIN: From the red carpet to the actual award.
JH: That’s right. JH: Let’s applaud for Namjoon. JH: You worked hard. RM: You all worked hard. JIN: No, Namjoon worked hard. RM: I am relieved that “And the Grammy goes to” went out right. JIN: Right.
JM: But we went out and it just happened, so… RM: If it didn’t go out, people wouldn’t have known what we were saying. JIN: And I heard we were on the screen time to time. RM: Oh, really?
JM: Really? SG: Us dancing.
JIN: Us dancing went a lot on TV. RM: The dancing at the front row went out a lot, like Taehyung. JM: We really enjoyed a lot and we were so happy today.
JIN: That’s right. JM: We had a valuable experience. SG: It was like the real award show. I really loved it.
JK: Because of ARMYs. JM: That’s what I wanted to say. RM: As I saw the performances, I saw the singers all are immersed in the performances. JIN: Right.
RM: They do it really fun. JK: Didn’t you see me cry today? SG: I thought it was because of the air conditioner. JM: I thought he was yawning.
JK: I didn’t yawn. RM: Are you wearing contacts? Did your contacts rip? V: No he’s not wearing contacts. JK: Because I got touched.
JIN: Then why do you make this face if you were touched? JK: I cry like that because I was sad. JIN: Okay, it makes sense. RM: Let’s believe him. JH: If he says he cried, then he cried.
JM: But really… JK: I’m not even wearing contacts. JM: We were really happy, weren’t we? RM: I can’t forget the singers’ facial expressions.
JM: We had such happy moments. SG: And when they received the awards, they were all genuinely touched.
JIN: That’s right. JH: Yes, it was really fun. JIN: It was really a valuable experience. RM: Because of you guys, we could… RM: To be honest, the Grammy, honestly, RM: Because the Grammy is the Grammy. RM: It’s a good thing to talk about, but honestly, I really didn’t expect this. JIN: You didn’t know.
RM: I really didn’t know. RM: And this was like I said before, it was decided at the last minute. RM: They talked about us. JIN: And they decided 3 days before. RM: So I didn’t…
JH: anticipate much.
RM: Right. SG: I was really happy today.
JK: Honestly, I didn’t think it would happen. RM: Me neither. SG: For me, Cabello’s performance was, wow…
JIN: It was really amazing. RM: It was really amazing.
The dancers were amazing too. RM: It made me think again. JH: We have to perform on the stage next year! SG: You said “We will be back”.
JH: “We will be back”. Yeah, man. RM: I did say we will be back. SG: Like “We are back! We came back!”
(Like a grandfather) JM: Honestly, watching the performances, I was really happy that we came, but I felt bad for not being able to perform. RM: My body felt impatient to perform. JM: I had more thoughts of “we should perform once”. SG: Next year, even if we don’t win the award, I hope we get to perform. RM: Which one is bigger? I think performance is bigger than wining the award. JK: ARMYs will give us an opportunity again.
JH: For us, performance is bigger. SG: We need to be nominated first to be able to perform. RM: Hyung,
JK: Our ARMYs might make us get nominated. JM: In order to make it happen, we really need to work hard this year. RM: Then let’s aim for both. JM: We should aim for both.
RM: We should aim for both. JM: If we are going again, we should aim for both. SG: They have the voting members. RM: There is the Recording Academy.
SG: And they have to select us. JK: If we work hard, wouldn’t the day come?
JH: Let’s make them our fans. RM: That’s right! / JH: Yeah!
RM: ARMY can do it. JH: Okay. JH: Everyone, thank you so much. JH: We came to the Grammy because of you. JK: We had such a happy, valuable, and meaningful experience today.
RM: Thank you so much.
SG: It was so fun today.
JIN: That’s right. JIN: Taehyung prepared the answer comment a lot today. He practiced a lot with me in the car too. RM: Did you get to do it once? JIN: Please do it again. RM: You did it once, right? JM: Yes, do the English you prepared.
RM: You did it at the interview, right? JIN: I did exactly what he memorized. JIN: He said “we are exciting” and went on. JIN: He started off but Tahyung said “mmm.. mmm..” JIN: So I was like “Taehyung-ah!” JH: Did you forget? V: No, it’s not that I forgot. V: I thought it wasn’t the right timing, so I screwed up. V: So I couldn’t say anything. JM & RM: Please say it once.
JIN: Please say what you prepared. RM: It was really perfect. V: We are excited to watch the performance and enjoy the show. JH: And, and, and! The Grammy goes to! JM: Thank you everyone!
JH & JIN: Bye, bye!
00:32:10,300 –>00:00:00,000
JH: Thank you.


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