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LED Light Up Sport (Hockey) Trophies

We worked with a local youth hockey team from batavia ny where our home town is We’re about 20 minutes away from there where our shop is and they wanted a cool & unique item that is not a trophy, mug or keychain something different that the kids are going to cherish forever something they’re going to be excited about that they’ll put somwhere probably with their other trophies but something that will stand out a little bit further and be something unique and different. so we came up with these this is 3/16″ acrylic nice laser engravable acrylic with this base that looks like a hockey puck which is perfect for this hockey teaam we did 18 of these total for the whole team each one has their name thier number and the logo of the team and the year they played and the cool part is…. let me turn the lights off every single one of them lights up! with a push of a button so those hockey puck bases are what light up the acrylic fits into and then you can change the colors of every single base so if your team has a base color you can turn it on and cycle to your team color and it’s a very unique item for the kids that you have on a hockey team. so if you’re a coach – if you are a parent and you’re looking for some unique items for an entire team we can create these for you even further than just the personalization of the name, we also put A for assistant captain, captain, assistant captain these are very simple. As you can see there’s no cord they are battery operated so you can just set them right on top of the dresser 3 double A batteries Not sure on how long they’ll last but I’m sure it’s going to be a long time as LEDs are lower power users or you can plug them in via USB cable so if you have those wall chargers that you have for your cell phone you can plug this directly into the wall with this usb cable or directly into the computer what can power a USB you can power this baby up so…very cool item. I really like how these turned out I think any sports team would love this and the kids I’m sure would be super excited to have something with their name on it something different than a standard boring trophy and i think parents would too. if you like it, hit me up or any of our social media facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest – all @redbridgegifts Thanks!

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