Learn To Day Trade Stocks & Commodities With Oscar Carboni & OMNI 07/26/2019 #1972

good morning good afternoon good evening trade is my crusted love the welcome to the 1970 second edition of short-term trading live with oscar Carboni traders good evening this video coming at you on a Thursday night for trading Friday July 26 2009 teen as we mentioned in every video in every post you must know that trading is extremely risky trading futures trading stops training options ETFs you name it they're all risky you can absolutely lose more money than you had planned on losing you must use stops put those stops in first if you don't know what stops are join me at the Omni Trading Academy come on down to live with Oscar come hang out with me and my live trading room and I'll teach you about stops and I'll teach you about markets and I'll help keep you calm during these rough-and-tumble moves that we've been seeing huh traders if you like the information I provide to you in these educational videos because this is all about the education of the art of technical analysis if you like the education I put forth in these videos please help me out by subscribing to my videos subscribe on YouTube like us all over the internet forget about just Facebook like this or the internet share us all over the place please help me reach more people and I'll continue doing these videos for you thank you so much for subscribing thank you for your patronage Thank You youtubers for watching my youtube channel much appreciated let's go to work so we've got it you know what that omni has turned from green to red from Thursday to Friday or from Thursdays trading it to Thursday evening for trading on Friday but I'll tell you right now I don't love that right Omni I don't interfere everyone Omni which is Oscars market navigational indicator when the Omni says buy we buy when the Omni says we sell we do not question the army if you are a fantastic fund manager and your trade has handed you information to trade you'd put those trades on without question well I put on the Omni without question and I never will question our Omni but I will tell you right now I'm a little afraid of the short sale up here what army is fluttering a little fluttering at these lofty levels during the day by the way another great week coming down the pipeline for Mom be winning again this week and it's going to kill the markets again tomorrow let's see how we end up handling is put your stops and put them in first but the Omni is fluttering a little fluttering a little bit if these lofty levels in the Nasdaq in the Dow and of course when omni starts to turn so we will see what that goes i stops will be in traders i want to show you the charts right now take a look at these charts but remember if you want to learn this craft if you want to be a professional trader that knows how to get in and out of these markets and actually make a few bucks doing it sometimes come on down to live with austin comm fill out an omni camp seed application on the cap september 19th I will personally train you and teach you how to use for yourselves the army which is awesome is market navigational indicator as I've mentioned I will teach that to you do you want your own omni would you like to start making money in these markets would you like to learn how to call the markets correctly more often than anyone you've ever met that's me and I can teach that to you grab one of those seats September 19th this September Omni can't five full days here in Las Vegas that sounds appealing to you make sure you contact me before those seats are gone with no further ado let's go look at some choice I've been a member of Oscar and Omni act for six years and I wish that would have come to camp six years ago the reason I came to the Omni trade Academy after six years was I was skeptical at first because I have spent a lot of money on other seminars and I mean over thirty thousand dollars in useless information so I was very hesitant six years hesitant it is so simple to learn it is almost eerie usually the best things are the simplest things and that's what Oscar is the dog here with this honor on the first day I said that's it so simple Oscar is the perfect guy system writing a light on your Elkins also on the first day of anything your life size such engine if cost is an issue with you guys you should really get that out of your head because the amount the wealth of information you get from this guy is just unbelievable so based on that ID you got to get to an account any chance you get go this is the place to come if you ever get a chance to come down on the camp seriously you come hello I'm the axe what I was referring to when I was saying the omni is starting to flutter a couple of quick charts I wanted to show you here's the e-mini S&P you know you know how bubble cops work right we rallied up to a cop the market dropped made a second cop making this a double cop and the market dropped well here we are we put a cop in came down as of the trading day yesterday on Thursday or I should take today some recording Thursday night the same sort of thing happened right and the market didn't pull back we had a bit of a pullback so here's what it looks like since then mall can had a nice pull back after it hit that double top on Thursday so I am NOT saying that the market has to go down but I am telling you that my omni did begin to flutter so I looked at the charts and I said well this must be one of the reasons and then there's also this look at this dojo now there's a possibility that we just fell under this trendline and maybe because it held the last few time to try to get under this chart maybe this is another signal so the omni is fluttering it's not a fantastic sell signal by any means but I never interfere with what omni tells me so we will be looking to sell the rallies in the SP and/or Nasdaq for trading on Friday omni x i would like to offer you real-time trading recommendations the omni recommendations for 2-3 weeks just come on down to live with Oscar comm meet me in my live trading room and I will offer that link to you that will give you two free weeks of my omni trader Menomonee recommendations ok i'm the axe you've got your information you've seen the charts now let's go to work I can't wait to get in there and see what's gonna happen put your stops in first subscribe to my videos like and share them on the internet come to live with Oscar comm and join me in my free live trading room and have a great weekend that's what I'm offering that's what I'm hoping that's what I'm wishing for everybody I hope we make money on Friday I hope you have a great weekend and keep your emotions out of trading what are the best things you can do to help keep those emotions at bay and I know that's not easy but try this save as' t-cells every morning every afternoon every evening and you one I will meet you an ostrich trading room with he'll keep us calm and teach us how this works at live with Oscar calm and to ah rock'n'roll traders I would see wha-wha-what Oscar past performance is not indicative of future results Futures Trading is risky and can cause substantial financial loss we do not claim or guarantee that you will profit from the information provided

  • Oscar, we always like the information you share with us. Especially those magical calls you make like oil at $120 going to $45. Whoot Whoot!! NAiled iT!

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