Leaf by Oscar Maduro Toro Cigar Review

the leaf by Oscar Maduro in Toro hi I'm Brian Glenda scare obsession calm tonight we're taking a look at this third in the series of four this leaving the Sumatra I have left to review and you have to do come in other sizes I just happen to have all Toral's and sores around me only here the Toros but I know they come in lanceros and I believe they come in robustos don't quote me on that anyway this guy is dark chocolate appearance has a very oily gritty feel to it minimal veins tight invisible seams a large triple cap quite a nice bumpy rustic texture sweet smoky woody aroma to it very nice humidor smell alright couldn't get it cut up and start toasting now this is the first I've ever had of the Maduro version pull any people it's funny every time I do one and it doesn't get a great glowing review everyone says oh the other ones are the best ones so I try that one oh the other ones are the best ones so everyone says now the Maduro and the samachar are the best ones so we'll see how the Maduro to us I have a feeling if it's just a everyone all say oh well the sumatra is the best and I'll try that one and hopefully it's a you know a really good cigar these are about eight bucks in my area no I'm not quoting a price in my reviews now but a lot of people ask cuz it does look pretty cool comes wrapped in the leaf I know there are a lot more in other areas that's the reason I don't go into prices it doesn't matter you know the moment I start saying what a cigar costs is the moment everyone starts fighting about how much the cigar cost it's pointless the price you get it for locally will vary two to three times depending on the state just in the US forget about Canada and Europe and then online whole another game too perfect draw plenty of smoke output pouring off the smoke mild to medium body so far keeping up with all the Leafs I've had very light on flavor sweet natural tobacco man already faded very short clean finish just a residual sweetness is all I get off the thing even retro hailing just a little bit of a woody note and the natural Maduro sweetness hardly any flavor all right we'll let it heat up get in the first third and see how develops and no I'm not saying light on flavor is a bad thing there are plenty people out there that love milder cigars it's just not my personal preference that means absolutely nothing just because I don't personally care for a cigar means absolutely nothing smoke what you like is the only rule I have about cigars I don't care what you like you shouldn't care what I like I'm just reporting what I get out of the cigar that's it read anything more into it that's your problem ten minutes in very fast burn on this I know I mentioned that it has a very firm pack to it but it's also a very light pack the density of it just feels eerie when you pick it up you know would you expect from the average cigar when you pick it up and you know just handling it really quickly and don't say it if it's dense or if it's like this is definitely on the light side so the burn line is cruising down but not needing any attention just a normal burn line not razor sharp not wonky no complaints about the performance of it plenty of rich smoke output buddies up a tick mild to medium finishes getting longer just lasting until the next draw but flavours as far as the profile still very plain just a slight natural Maduro sweetness a little bit of a woody note and a bit of an oil slick through the finish on the lips that's it not much flavor coming off this whatsoever so far really on par with the other samples not a powerhouse but I don't even know if it's marketed to be that it is what it is so we'll continue on through see what happens in the second third I have a feeling just from the burn time this is gonna be another rather short smoke but we'll see thirty minutes in Ashe just dropped off held on for a good half of the cigar very good construction it's still not a razor-sharp burn with not needing any touch-ups flavors are ever so slightly more complex still pretty much the same base profile but now there's a slight cocoa coming in and a little bit of a light earth both of which are on the finish which is now even longer you get flavors all the way till the next draw and they pretty much stay the same I'm gonna call everything a medium body at this point no strength still a lot of smoke output but on the light side that's it so far I'm gonna go ahead and take this band off course once again it's a smokeable tobacco pulp paper band it's not going to do anything for flavors so smoke it if you want to doesn't do anything for me except sometimes affect the burn so off it comes we'll continue on through and see if anything changes in the last third fifty-five minutes in here down to the nub about an inch remaining it's going hot this is where I'll end it flavor-wise a subtle shift the cocoa is now definitely the dominant flavor still a medium body at the most finish is a nice and long carries all the same flavors through there's a pepper that's been coming in from about the band back and it grows slightly spicy on the finish don't be scared of it no kind of pepper bomb or anything like that but it does add a nice texture and layer to the flavors and that's about it absolutely perfect construction all the way down Asheville and two big chunks razor-sharp down here at the end great draw plenty of smoke no complaints definitely my favorite of the bunch so far but a reserve judgment until I round it out with the Sumatra and of course the other sizes like lanceros definitely get better reviews but not too common I don't even see them in stores around here so might be a while till I get to try that one anyway this has been the leaf by Oscar Maduro in Toro Brian Glenn a cigar obsession calm if you liked this video give me a thumbs up it sucked give me a thumbs down subscribe to see more and we'll see you next time

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  • For me it tasted like cocoa and bay leaf and at the mid point it sours and turns into a redwine and darl choclate taste i know that may sound silly but it's exactly what i tasted

  • For me it tasted like cocoa and bay leaf and at the mid point it sours and turns into a redwine and darl choclate taste i know that may sound silly but it's exactly what i tasted

  • For me it tasted like cocoa and bay leaf and at the mid point it sours and turns into a redwine and darl choclate taste i know that may sound silly but it's exactly what i tasted

  • I personally really enjoy these. The maduro and Sumatra are great, and I like the leaf packaging.

  • Have you tired the leaf by James, Omar, Esteban. All different types of cigars. I'm more of a Boutique cigar person.

  • Well said about cigar prices, spot on…. NOT EVERYONE LIVES IN THE US FFS! USA! NOT EVERYONE!

    Smoking this cigar now. enjoyable. <3

  • The Leaf maduro is very good but try the Corojo lancero , very flavorful cigar. those two are my favorites in this line.

  • Amadeus robusto
    Bellas artes short churchill
    Flor de las antillas belicoso
    Tatuaje tainos
    Padron maduro principe

  • Hello Sir.  I'm looking for a new favorite cigar.  Just bought two of these but mean to test one tonight.  My all time favorite cigar was the Astral Perfeccion in the years 1997-1999.  This was so great!!  Did you have these in their prime?   Anyway, if you've had the Astral in its glory day, perhaps you can recommend something similar?  Would love your input for you absolutely know what you're doing.   Most Sincerely.

  • Bryan
    I am a full flavor, medium to full strength kinda guy. If the cigar is lighter in strength but has a full flavor profile, I’m still in. I bought the Leaf by Oscar Maduro Gordo. Everyone at the cigar shops were raving about it. My opinion, it’s not for me. Very light body and strength, even in the Gordo. It’s only half way decent when it heats up near the end. I bought two of them and may give that second one to a friend. I felt like I wasted my time with this stick. But, now I know. If anyone that reads this review likes very mild cigars in body and strength, you will like this Maduro.

  • Hey Bryan…. Why dont you give a rate number of every cigar…. that would give us a better idea of how good the cigar is…

  • Thought I’d hate it (with the gimmicky leaf, etc.) but very pleasantly surprised. Enjoyed the Maduro immensely. Thanks for the review.

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