Leaf by Oscar Corojo Toro Cigar Review

the leaf by Oscar carajo in Toro hi I'm Brian Cologne and cigar obsession calm tonight on this beautiful Florida winter night we're taking a look at this six by 52 stick coming in with a dark tan wrapper as a soft but even pack a buttery soft feel to it has a little patch it's pretty prominent you probably see it in the photo there I think and it's nothing to worry about if you see a patch like that it's just done for production reasons instead of scrapping a whole cigar they just it's it's due to a little tear or a little hole a natural hole in the wrapper leaf and it's a cost savings measure know the really high upper premium lines would never think about doing something like that but the lower cost lines they do it you know it's to save money you don't want it don't buy that line of cigars that's all there is to it you're not gonna get an exchange it's not a problem it's nothing to complain about doesn't affect the scar in any way just might be unusual for somebody new to cigars especially to see that like oh there's something wrong with the scar is that shady that no nothing unusual so as minimal veins tighten visible seams a triple cap quite pungent sweet leather aroma nice scent alright it's going to get it cut up let's start toasting I also have the madura waiting be doing that fairly soon can't remember what the previous one I did I think it was a Connecticut really didn't care for it and overwhelmingly people said in the comments yeah Connecticut not such a hot blend try the other ones so hopefully this one will give me a much better experience I don't recall having any kind of burn problems or construction issues but really wasn't impressed by the flavors I remember it being fairly mild of course that's not in my wheelhouse so we'll see how this guy does I'm generally a Crowell fan another thing newbies make the mistake of doing is making big blanket statements you cannot say I love Crowes cigars or I hate Corolla cigars just because the wrapper happens to be Crowe doesn't mean jack this could be a flavorful cigar it could be a complete mild dud cigar completely after the blender and also is really no bearing on what flavors you get out of it it may be indicative of what the blender was going for that's about all you can say I don't weigh very soft flavors dusty it has a gritty texture to the smoke light airy mild to medium nice sweetness coming throughout the finish soft nuttiness bit of a wood enos coming through in the finish also start to fade so it's on the short side it's really about it all right not a whole lot at least not yet so we'll get into the first third let it heat up co-develop ten minutes in very interesting flavors coming out for this so far not high on body I'm struggling to call it a medium body the finish is getting a little bit longer so at least get a little extension on the flavors but what you do get actually reminds me quite a bit of a nice warm dram of scotch there's a natural sweetness and oakiness a little touch of a pepper but not a big spice bite not even a real tingle over my tongue just adds to the bit of flavor in there a little bit of coffee and a touch of a creamy texture coming into the finish but now it's starting to fade so it is there for a brief time the warm sweet oakiness is really what dominates on the draw though it's not overbearing but it's a nice satisfying flavor seriously like a dram of scotch very nice burn not so hot got a big wave going on a little bit of a run on the side we'll see if it needs a touch-up don't know at this point and by the way this is a smokeable band not an entirely new concept definitely not all that common it's a tobacco pulp paper it's not pure tobacco leaf you don't expect any kind of flavor out of it you can choose to smoke it or you can just tear it off totally up view doesn't matter either way whatsoever think of it as wrapper from gas station cigars same type of thing all right so hopefully it corrects itself a little bit here we'll get into the second third see how it develops 20 minutes in very fast burn on this not only is it fast just taking a draw but it kind of chugs just sitting here all by itself what's off a lot of smoke I'll give it that it's still pretty light on flavors still the exact same flavor profile I did have to give it a big touch-up pretty much a relight to get it back going after the last update burnt is still a little wonky even though I evened it back out ash holds on about as you see here an inch or so at a time I'm gonna go ahead and tap it because it took most of the cherry the last time it dropped off and that's about it so not a whole lot of value going into it if the rest of it continues to burn as quick as it did I don't remember if the Connecticut did so also and I also don't know if the blends are different between all the lines I would assume so but sometimes they're not sometimes they just changed the wrapper I am getting at least different flavors than I remember off the Connecticut can't say I'm getting much more of them though finish it yeah it's lingering there's not that much left definitely not a long finish anyway it is what it is I'm gonna go and remove the band doesn't do anything for me smoking through it and we'll see how it friendships out all right just 40 minutes in a little over an inch remaining really thick smoke pouring off of it I took a draw a little bit ago and right up into my eye I feel like I'm crying right now I know it's red no changes since last update same consistent flavor profile not anymore body same finish everything is exactly identical but it's getting very hot down here at the nub so this is where I'll end it ash is getting real is it it's a very light like I said in the beginning pack very soft pack that's usually indicative of an ash that's not going to hold on very well for those of you and the seal fans group doing the ash team there's a hint pick out a very firm densely packed cigar gives you a really good head start anyway that's it not so much to write home about maybe the Maduro is gonna be better I still got that one waiting I'll do that fairly soon hope so definitely better than the Connecticut but yeah it's okay just a cigar they're not too expensive so not that big of a deal if you liked this video give me a thumbs up be hated it give me a thumbs down subscribe to see more and we'll see you next time and that's it for the leaf by Oscar carajo in Torro see you next time

  • And right as I go to add this to the page I see I reviewed one already. Very interestingly, this is was COMPLETELY different from the last one a year ago:

  • Good stick but very inconsistent from each leaf. I’ve had 3 of the corojos and all totally different experiences. All of them had great construction but an uneven burn. They were all great just all different

  • You still haven't reviewed the Sumatra… which is my personal favorite of the Leaf by Oscar series. And yes… I find that they are all about 35-45 minute smokes

  • I loved this cigar. I didnt have this issues you are having. Stayed lit and burn was good. not razor sharp but it was solid

  • I love how he just got those new cutters and mini torch lighters and he's already gone back to his old equipment.

  • In the cigar lounge I frequent the consensus is that the Sumatra wrapped cigar is the favorite of the four. Some say the maduro is good as well, but the Sumatra is the best. FWIW

  • Bryan, are the wooden box, glass lid gift boxes of “Cuba Selectos” found at resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean ever authentic? My father just gifted me a box. I appreciate the gesture but don’t have the heart to tell him the construction of the cigars and bands look horrid.

  • I had an inaccurate reader in my humidor so my cigars went from dry to about 80% over a few weeks. They got a bit of a harsh taste, but no cracks or mold. Now it is all taken care of at 70/70 with a tested and perfect digital reader. I had one since and it was better. That was about 2 weeks ago. I have not been able to have one since due to a sore throat and temperatures in the -F's. Will they continue to get better? The last one was not bad at all. Just hoping they will continue to improve.

  • I find if you let the cigar sit in your humidor without the tobacco leaf around it it gives a lot more flavor. Also, the Sumatra and Maduro taste the best.

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