Leaf by Oscar Connecticut Cigar Review

belief by oscar in connecticut hi i'm brian Glenda cigar obsession calm tonight we're taking a look at this six by 50 stick which comes wrapped in a bit of tobacco leaf in lieu of sell oh yes you do remove that I've seen a few people confused online they thought that's what you smoke nope that's just for marketing and looks underneath you find a very supple oily thin kind of wet looking wrapper it's not but it has that appearance has minimal veins tight invisible seams a large triple cap very smooth glove soft feel just a faint straight tobacco aroma now these are only available in one size they're all six by fifty but they come in four different wrappers and they are subtly different well besides this compared to the Maduro that's kind of easy to tell but there is a Habano I believe that the Phantom and a Sumatra and I'll tell you what they can look pretty similar especially if you're not looking at them side-by-side if you look on the back of the band here there should be an abbreviation for each in case you are confused about which one you have alright let's go and get it cut up and start toasting have some little bits here coming off the head no big deal right away a perfect draw just a little resistance good smoke very mild smooth deep earth long finish is actually building a little bit into the finish tiny bit of a pepper coming in it has a deepness to it it's a smooth creamy earth there's no bite even the pepper it's just flavor there's no tingle or spice or any component like that to it that's really about it all right decent start will let it heat up get in the first third and see how develops ten minutes in quite a fast burn but burning very well almost razor sharp flavors are much more pronounced now both on the draw and the finish a solid medium has a little bit of a grit to it there's a texture to the smoke not quite what I would call chewy but not what I would call creamy right about in the middle just plain tobacco flavors a dry earthiness coming in through the finish not a lot of zing so far I expected kind of more pizazz so far it's just in the middle of the road what I would call just a cigar flavor this is what I expect if someone's brand new to cigars and they don't know how to put their finger on what they're tasting they say it just tastes like a cigar just tastes like tobacco well that is exactly what I'm getting out of this just straight tobacco nerd that's it I'll keep going hopefully we get a little bit more out of the second third 25 minutes in at the halfway point here absolutely cruising through this stick ash drops at the halfway mark nice large cherry I'm smoking nice and slow normal draws great smoke output it's actually up to a medium to full-bodied flavor just about the same there's a little bit I'm gonna call it a minty wood coming through it's got that bit of peppermint effervescence kind of flavor especially here on the finish the earth has toned down so the whole thing's getting a little bit lighter and that woody note is starting to come in but straight tobacco's still the core flavor on the draw great performance just very fast not too surprising though it's a pretty light pack as far as the density goes and it is soft but it's staying nice and cool so I should be able to get whatever maximum time I possibly can of it I'm gonna go ahead and try to take the band off here the one on the out the outer leaf the big wrapper leaf that replaces a cellophane that did not want to come off at all it's just like yeah this one's the same way the paper just isn't solid so just shreds into these little bits you almost have to pick it apart I used a knife to get the other one off I might have to go in and get the other one because it's hard to even find a seam there we go yeah it's like a a grocery bag paper not a writing paper so it's very flaky anyway I'll keep going we'll see what happens in the final third and what kind of time we get out of it just 45 minutes in over an inch remaining but it is going very warm as far as a smoke it's a little hard to hold on to and I definitely like my smoke cool the other downside is since about where the band point was back it's gone to just eight slightly bitter very warm wood note completely taking over both the draw and the finish that's all that's sticking around the bitterness especially is here on the finish which really isn't my favorite kind of flavor wood or bitterness and that's about it fast draw good burn you can see it's razor-sharp down here at the end but duh just I can't believe this is gonna be very many people's cup of tea if you're a fan of woody notes hit up Monday's their grand reserve a line is gonna give you a nice smooth wood without the bitterness this I don't know I want to try there other lines to see how much of the wrapper is contributing but you know what I think they even have different blends between the four so that wouldn't even be a fair comparison I'd still like to try the other lines I know that this overall has been very popular this year but I don't know about the Connecticut specifically I have a feeling it's probably gonna be the Habana that's gonna give the best flavors out there at least the most popular ones that people have been reporting back on I don't know just my gut feeling anyway that's it I'm gonna end it here really don't even want to take the last puffed and the pity up but what are you gonna do this has been the leaf by Oscar in Connecticut and Bringle underscore obsession calm if this video was awesome give me a thumbs up you hated it give it a thumbs down and subscribe to see more that's it thanks guys


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