Lea Salonga (singing voices of Jasmine, Mulan) accepts Disney Legends award at the 2011 D23 Expo

now we turn our attention to lay this alone without one but two headstrong and brave Disney Princesses Jasmine and Rob was the perfect poise for these two resolute characters while the princess longs to escape the confines of the palace life the other upholsterer disguises herself as a man and joins the Chinese army in his place glam began her career at the age of seven where her first stage experience was in the kingdom for the repertory Philippines many more productions followed by the age of 10 Playa had recorded her first solo album the age of 10 I was still trying to figure out how to put on my pants from there this hard-working child star appeared on television in movies earning many entertainment awards in the Philippines at the age of 17 layout issues for United Kingdom production company that was scouring the globe for a strong Asian singer and actress to play the role of Kim in their new musical Miss Saigon childhood friend for the role upward cope duck ladies problem cells bound for the UK Leia having won the role of Kim with her friend being awarded the understudy here's the story they are really players performance of Miss Saigon was recognized with a host of figure Awards including the UK Olivier Award for Best Performance by an actress in a musical and in the u.s. you are in the Tony Drama Desk Outer Critics Circle and theatre world award and we know she didn't stop there Stephen Holden in the New York Times described Leia's talent as both a bright voice that sweeps across continents as it conjures the aspirations of the inner princesses and billions nice young women abundant leah has a very long list and Broadway credits as follows concert performances and theatre engagements in the Philippines but it is as the singing voice of jasmine and Milan that her brilliance will shine for many years to come as each new generation who discovers these two classic films lightly please join me on stage hi everybody good morning I'm usually really great of shooting from the hip but right now I've just been rendered speechless by this because this is a really big deal and it's wonderful for all of these professors to be honored in such a wonderful way by The Walt Disney Company so first to the Walt Disney Company thank you very much and I know that I will absolutely have to thank Alan Menken Jim Rice for their faith in me for princess Jasmine's singing I also have to thank that the Larkins was not knowing how things yeah nice job and I would not be standing here today but I also I really needed to thank the casting director for Latin first and foremost Alberta bars who actively hunted me down in New York City and left me a note backstage at the Broadway theatre with Miss Saigon was playing and saying we have been looking for you would you please give me a call we're looking for Princess Jasmine I had no idea who he was but on faith I gave him a call and the rest is history so Albert thank you thank you so much and to everybody that has worked on both Aladdin and lon to the millions of little girls including mind being there that have that just continue to inspire princesses everywhere and to all the fans who many of them are here a lot of whom are here who continue to show interest and and love for these beloved princesses and really that's all I wanted to say that your music department at Disney thank you very much and to everybody here this morning especially to my family another compliment where thank you very much you


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