'Lazima tubebane': Oscar Sudi's speech gets Uhuru laughing

  • Oscar Sudi mubebane na Rais mpelekane wapi? Kenyatta anataka Kenya ya makabila yote hausikii. Rais amekataa hataki kubebana. Hana deni na wewe AMA na nyie. Ana deni na wakenya wote waliompigia kura na wasiompigia kura kwani wote ni walipa kodi.

  • Mtu akikupa pressure eti umpe kitu, kisha umpe kwa vile anakutishia, utakuwa na lako baada ya hapo? Atakurejeshea nawe ukikihitaji au ukiitisha ama atakukazia juu ashajua uoga wako? Peeni demokrasia nafasi Kenya iende mbele.

  • All he is talking about is triblism, He mentions the 2 tribes in Kenya who have had the privilege of having had the chance to have from they community the presidency of this great nation, Both as president and vice presidents. Ingronce and arrogance in disguise is not a virtue, he is telling us that if the Kikuyu and Kalijens unity to hell with the others. That is recipe that leads to a road that is not fruitful to Kenya. Kenya requires that these 2 major tribes stop block voting and give chance to other Kenyans. Diversity and Inclusivity is a must, What of the Minorities, if block voting is the trend then a cable Kenyan from the minority will never be given the chance based on tribalism , not merit. There is nothing clever in this speech it is pure triblism, what if he was born of a minority tribe would he have had that same mentality. Kenyans weather we like or not change in the way we vote and the think is a must for the sake of long term stability of this great nation. We can not have people chest thumb just because by chance they were born in certain tribes. Politics of division is not the road for Kenya, the national anthem say , may we Dwell in peace and unity, justice be our shield and defender. Not triblism and block voting on tribal bases. Kenya for all , all for Kenya, we did not choose our tribes neither our parents. But we can choose to make sure that merit works and Equality Inclusitvy transparency are things that we make sure show in our actions as a nation. President Uhuru has said time and again , He wants a United kenya with peace with itself .How do get that, all for kenya policies to be adopted and implemented.

  • That is why they say do not follow the politicians. Follow your gut. This is like a twist dance. Sudi ameshida.

  • I miss a leader like Sudi in Mt. kenya. A brave man who doesnt mince his words. A person who will stand with mwananchi no matter what. Where are all the male mps/senators? You have been overtaken by Alice Wahome and Purity Ngirici; they seem to understand the ground more. Moses Kuria was trying. but he started a fire and then ran away.

  • Haha😂😂😂…Sudi!!!!Ati akuna kupiga kona hapa katikati… humbling yourself and sending a bomb at the same time.Sudi that was smart!!!!

  • Sudi kweli alitetema 😂 😂 😂 ile ujinga amejaza aki 😂 😂 😂 wakale mjuwe mumechezwa mchekesheni tu president mkijuwa for the next 50 years hamtaona anything. He said it in Kasarani.

  • I have come to realise that mweshiniwa Sudi is both articulate and intelligent, perhaps more than most people view him to be. Hakuna kukata kona hata kidogo, tutabebana kweli. Great speech today

  • When the piper changes his tune. Political gymnastics determines the shell life of a real mwanasiasa. Spineless leaders would've hoped to gain mileage by giving the President a wide berth. Well played. Ni vile prezo hajasahau…revisit is loading.

  • ile ujinga tukonayo hii kenya waahh kenya sihami and may GOD bless our leaders .

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