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Lauren Graham & Jane Levy Tease “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Lauren Graham and Jane Levy are joining me now. They are presenting tonight, and they also have a new show
coming out! -The show is “Zoey´s Extraordinary Playlist.” Jane is Zoey. She´s fantastic. I´m just here to support and — -Lauren is presenting. -You´re in it, and you´re in the show. -I´m just in it this season, and I have some fantastic
things to do. But I really was in it because I love Jane so much. And I think she´s so fantastic. The show is really special. -And — okay, tell me about this. Tell me about Zoey, and
basically the character can hear people´s thoughts, but in musical numbers, right? -So, it´s as if right now, you would be singing to me,
nobody else can hear it. And so I know what you´re truly feeling right now. -You´d be singing how you really feel. -Maybe it´s heartbreak. Maybe it´s longing. Maybe it´s extreme happiness. I don´t know. -This is everything I´ve been waiting for. -Yeah. Me, too. -And so much more. -I read it, and I thought it was so special, and it has been
a special experience. -I have to ask you, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” was so
fantastic. Are you gonna be on it? There´s been word that maybe you´re
gonna join. -You know, when we finally did the “Gilmore Girls” movies, I thought that rumors about “Gilmore Girls”-related things
would be done. But no, and I´m actually thrilled about this one because Amy
and I talk all the time. I love to work with her in any capacity. There´s nothing on the books, but I love the show. -We would love to see that, though. -Great. -Congratulations on the show. We can´t wait to watch. -Thank you.


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