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Laura Branigan [cc] attends to the 25th Grammy Awards (1983)

You lost your dress I was getting onto the plane And I had it- I was carrying my
garment bag because I said ‘I do not want to
let this out of my sight, I do not
want to lose it’ So, of course I left it at the gate And, so they called me up this morning
In fact, they work me up And they said, ‘We found your dress’ And I was like- You do not know what I was going through! It is really here Oh my God And you only have 10 minutes
We better hurry Dressed at last and accompanied by
Atlantic Records president
Ahmet Ertegun Laura left for the Grammys The point that think, is that it is very
important to have been nominated I think all of the people who are
nominated deserve certain, a great deal
credit for what they did To achieve that aspect and- While Laura pondered her chances
in a limousine Fans would spend most of the day
pushing and shoving for a good view Watch the stars arrive And for the most part enjoy themselves Olivia Cher Laura


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