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LaRoux (Winner) Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey guys, Tatiana Diana her with Young Hollywood and Turbo Tax continuing our Grammy guide journey with LaRoux. How are ya?
I’m good thank you. How are you? Good. So you’ve had an exciting couple of days. Platinum, platinum ring a bell? Yeah it does actually. Yesterday my label very kindly presented us with two platinum discs, one for me and Ben. Double platinum, which is pretty amazing. For two million tracks, for “Bulletproof”, which is pretty amazing. (music) LaRoux ”Bulletproof” (music) So it’s Grammy week and Turbo Tax has teamed up with us to guide us through the Grammys. Who’s guided you musically? There’s a few people really. Ben is
a serious mentor for me for many years. My dad taught me to play
guitar when I was like six and he just gave me loads of stuff and like all
I listened to was like rock n roll, blues and stuff like that and like folk music when I was a kid. So it’s Grammy weekend. It’s actually really exciting for you because you are nominated twice. Talk to me about that. It’s just weird, like you know I’m very proud of our record but I really didn’t ever expect to be included in the Grammys. It literally didn’t cross my mind. You kind of took over 2010 though I’m not gonna lie to you. I feel like your song was an anthem. Maybe it’s just cause I’m English, but it’s like, Grammys is like something you just don’t think you’ll ever do. On our first record and all of this. It is, it’s incredible. I never ever expected it. You know, we made
the record in a living room. You know Make your second one in the kitchen and let’s do like quadruple platinum. Good idea. So how’s your transition? You’re from the UK. How’s your transition been to coming over here? It takes a while to get used to. At first,
I just got really homesick and then you just, you start to get to know a place and the
people in it and we love coming here. It’s warm. So yeah we’re into that. It’s also just really relaxed here and people aren’t so kind of uptight. I’m pretty uptight and I’m used to being around uptight people. Not uptight in that way, but in a kind of English like I’m cold all the time. It’s cold. Yeah, it’s cold. So when you hear your songs out here what do you think? It’s weird. I haven’t heard it for a while because the
last time we had property on the radio was with “Bulletproof”. It was so strange to hear it on like KISS and stuff like that. It was on non-stop. You’d put the radio on and just be like, oh it’s on three times in one hour. What? On the same station. Yeah. Really weird. Really weird. So anybody else you’re rooting for in the Grammys? I listen to a lot of older stuff. I don’t
really listen to that much newer stuff, but I absolutely love Phoebe Ray. They had a really big influence on us for sure. Dead or alive any musician you could collaborate with, who would it be? Probably Bowie or Jackson it would have to be. I reckon so, or go back to the fifties and
do something with Buddy Holly. That would be good. I’d buy it. So you’re working on an album right now. Yeah, we’re sort of in the thinking process. Like, okay we’re getting together and thinking about the kind
of sounds we want to use. Creating, sort of, different sound scapes. Seeing what we like and
what we don’t like. We’re in the experimental phase. You know we really got to hit
the next record and it’s like there is pressure. I’ve always been like, oh I’ll be fine you know. We just need to take our time, be relaxed and sort of shut ourselves off from everything again. Like we did when we made the first record. Just try and do the same again, but better. No problem.


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