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would have a eyes hello and welcome to
another edition of the morning,
if he’s indicted Monday already
have things like should still be
wee report a safety of our he’ll
have a wonderful day and be
happy for you to have over
having fun than their stuff in
the outback M lawyer and that some people
positive trend to a mayday and
others have something to aspire
to do with willfully works out
and we from my weekends rather
interesting of mostly to look
all work that was very exciting Maria, but it needed to get them
and Ellis is unhappy Roxie is
there Roxy is the name over par
for those of you are hearing,
let a swell of things I was working
on over the weekend that the new
strips new shocks near over a
few drums and new breaks all
away the guy says a dud Mondale and
no escape looks a little wacky
this morning us see as a
unfortunately Ellis is back on
the P diet sure if you can tell what that
she decided to have that a
different kind of here style
today she good side gets a tax
for some s its policy of this A’s host of
progress and Lois detailed data
to deceive thanks for joining us today a program but to the
effect of work and a Mccarthy
and so it was unfortunate side
of the data to get them end of
his works mounted on a couple of test runs
to make sure that was all right
and because the half that’s
because the suspension and been
a u john says all your job to make
us happy altars my job we will
have all flights working of 4
1/2 later on a drive this is a
porti go instead to the bill : that’s so lead and if
yesterday it was reviewing the
windy outside as a front move
third year and page ad says a
Ventura you’r that of all those ventures in a
sense of pictures will look like
to see that are solely as today
only this special edition of th but then yesterday was when the
pretty much all a bit from move
through the end of this morning
parole way down to 62° here in stop trying to auto fill Sir
Julius Leno deal of this test no
to what I say it’s going to
think that will fit when see a tomorrow we have a high of 89
Wednesday 85 Thursday 84 and
then slowly warming back of the
looks like a we’ve dropped out
of tha that the house opens tomorrow we
have a 15% chance of earning
from the two men and see what
happens 15% chance wash battle
that interested but the house so hideous of the
season is a change and a static
falls web week September 23
something and for the computer
can b it’s, Dole Spring and shoots a
full of how that happened
without it. It is the morning,
rainy or its policy it’s always
Septembe one way to see how it goes
beyond temperatures are: aunt
john says of their team purposes
only I can’t tell you what I’m
wearing Gina says that one some real
monsoon is being really crack
the this year and that Marty
Kenney said Rollo storms and it
seems li and it’s the face book algorithm
and you never know until two
companies over a native of that
that pulled over cents is of a
slo of India says asp 15% means your
present usually Enos only have
we also have the whole thing
since or page were either going
to to me that front moving through
yesterday of the temperatures
are definitely drop and 62 this
morning are hosted studios and a
9 he was a lot of it was very halt Stephen says good morning,
blacks were destined to say at
this as a selling for me what
Friday’s date is an inverted
safe for wo give a rush hour so anyway that looks like the
weather is to be dropping offer
to be in the low nineties and
upper eighties four the next
week we no funding what popped in their early on
that says: no volume from them
that would be you that it’s
somebody telling of either
restart is a tried a Cezanne dispel that now,
I see everybody that bill gates
said that says a thumbs up if
you can hear me, I can see you
th not vote to them that area
that’s what’s in a single one of
the landowner stuff going on
from a stoppage elderly , let’s eat four of its that’s
right so of Lois yesterday we
would like to Wal-Mart to pick
up a couple of things for dinner
for from swift and Wal-Mart and a
Lois was digging around in the
ditch the V bit and she found of
the movie takes twice the
National But letting these short a sport
and I reminded me as a midseason
it reminded me of strangers
things except on the comedy side
vs the days of phones of holder for
a of Solano officials last night
of glass and mine bought one
said that movie was it was fully one of just a cheesy fun movie
and monitoring period. It’s it
was good stuff that’s just what
are some remember exciting stuff
t since a death wish coffee this
morning and is feeling a very
crazy and a sauce on policies back on the peep that
All India says Ed O’Bannon see
about if you if you want if you
will live from didn’t have a
good today that after that said we
went back on 2 hour marathon of
walking dead because of budget
there’s much of a marathon
because subnets right let’s see ads that
are the subject, dormant data
says a dozen years were called
and outgoing is that she’s
feeling and they says that as it was
chilly outside a unifying us
because it was cold outside
shooter and socks worker deaths
888 of its right leg seal no locates so we’ve done to the
category today a first down list
is places she says of dial of
hurricanes and Florida last and
her the Diablos was that men are
free now would assure you that, but there
is a wonderful man says a I can
read lips that state statutes
and what happened that well on
th one has to wonder some complain
and their roles that stopped and
stopped policy its two best left of that
amount to a fifth Euro can’t
hear anything to restart and
it’s just way work habits right
so he South Florida beaches and I
remember her saying something of
office the other day it says
hurricane Doreen turn off the
Florida we spotted a package that looks
suspicious and appear to have
washed up from the ocean is why
flagged down a police officer
near that acts like a nasty man’s and
this is just insane it says the
package is a leathery a
partially concealed one is holy
cow thi Diamant it’s the Spanish word
for typists to police Wednesday
were unable to confirm that
because the case remains under
investi state was wrapped in a way that
is consistent with the kilo of
illegal drugs they said and it’s only a cocaine auction
up on the beaches and Florida
because of the storm that this
reminds me of some of the other
stu the – are a small years of the
hurricanes did that are extinct
that, but just does it right and CIA one else do we
have here OK are next to her
next category your knees
holdouts she says as some of the original
Lanes it make you ask what in
the world for the thinking was
that would do well on Els that
whe what was then deleting so. Although hearing of 38 popular
bill rams event one Skagit and
lee different names in that way
at here for book for a third 2
to and really worse and worse where is
the thing where defying: alter ego it sounds kind of
figure evidence scroll entering
a paralegal a sideways lists yet
to quit for right the first one
tha back links to determine how
important the site was a year
later though they decided they
needed to upgrade to a name that
indica which is the digit one followed
by eight global zeroes or 10 to
the one 100th power zeros subnet
that is to go back up and I lov know about via the back roads
and that is an interesting wants size up the relay than it is if
this could be an interesting
rest of the second on the list
is totem now known as 711 the
first by Southland ice company
employee john Jefferson green
however but 1937 Southland ice
company founder Joe Thompson
gender and de and when he didn’t he get under
the name of the totems stores it
wasn’t until 1946 that the store
was RE branded as 711 th and i to 11:00 PM seven days a week,
the only guy who would anybody
are out of the house wonder what
the networks determine if you’re and I had no idea that 711 with
that old and ask for anything
but the house unit said CIA will get to stay in the
coming so you’re so we have a
lot of them know that someone
had been around and 1827 bow to
som that’s that’s fascinating. Not
only time will be given Liscio
is next on this strings list of
names at Herzog one for its apparently
OK so they of the name of it was
burning but it’s BU are being
and that was its original lane a it says here believe that
knocked the photo sharing and
games to Graham actually started
out as burden when creator
scanning sys they named it after systems
favored ranked Kentucky whisky a
blood spilled fights BU war
began at
It says however after deciding due to these changes they RE
branded as Inkster am a
combination of instant and
telegram which system stops
sending camera sees on issues and myrtle beach South
Carolina, but they keep up with
less interesting than someone
guess I did see the added post
on his says a gizmo that about
either one of those interesting
I thought so are terrible when
see what’s next on this strange
and w that it’s all it’s an ad for the
early signs of sorts for Ina
arthritis. The only wants right
with: all realize this is an
inter Brands strike we think that’s
now know it’s from an 8 to 93
Caleb ram developed a carbonated
soft drink in his troupe stork
in M in the owner of the surname five
years later brand dream branded
a two Pepsi cola of using the
root of the word dispatch see a
m Pepsi, while they’re in others
that will Pepsi’s one of them
other than the sale three guys
who knows the history of
Coca-Cola a right away to see what else do
we have here all here’s another
on when they had not heard of it
and then allow the subnet Daniel its elysee P’s supers submarines when frontal lobe that’s all
that submarine sandwiches were
all the rage in the 1960s he
came up with the idea to open
his own s with the financial assistance a
family friend Dr. Pierre block
he opened a shop in 1965 and
named a P just super submarines
in b one star business expanded the
shortened the name to impeach
submarines but when he was told
that it sounded like pizza this
abo by 1968 the name of the shop was
down to just subway and the rest
as they say is a mystery, but
will the garlic and that’s Frida Seoul to interesting so peace
super submarines to shorten to
impeach submarines shortened two
P subway and then shortened to
jus a his name was a friend Deluca
island air is so you go down
here and to our Wal-Mart we have
a duke is a pizza and must
obviousl of state and one of those
interesting little factoids I
would think although no, but
it’s right here than for your this is number six on our list
of strange things it was
originally known as stag party if she ever were below and tell
you what that is Stan party now
known as playboy few lesser front of the
legendary men’s lifestyle and
entertainment magazine playboy
in 1954 easy thankfully bills
and almost la of the houses in quotes here it says I love to call a
magazine stand party influenced
by a cartoon book them and I was
looking for a male figure of
some kind a lawful for the magazine first
published however he received a
letter from the lawyer of
standard magazine claiming it
was an i and called the play 1/2 them
never that went against innocent
and safer get told playboy use
1953 that Frazee run to check the comments over
its policy, says the door and
that brought some old Coca-Cola
to Florida beaches have a lot of
ni he was David occidental mascot that that was that’s an
interesting story in some mail
and that of its try to see number seven on our list here
today is a bold print in the
sports blue ribbons sports city
and figure out what this was in
1964 in order to distribute running
shoes made by the Japanese
Company will Mitsuko that tiger
two years later they opened
their firs then in 1971 Jeff Johnson the
man who ran the company’s east
coast factory mentioned that all
the great brand names of the
time similarly they all included at
least one exotic letter latency
export eight exotic letters of
interesting must be one of those
o lanky the name of the windows
goddess of victory and blue
ribbon sports was no longer
quote I’ve had one good idea in
my life an like this and you’ll earn
something you every day, but
it’s from a genius is 90, CRT
Data that a nice base let’s solve lawyer until I hear
is an old one and all the pretty
good ear and write so this is number eight on
our list quantum Computer
Services in 1985 Jim Kimsey and mark
cetera founded the online
services company quantum
Computer Services in 1991 they changed the name
two: Eric up online after an
employee vote but it wasn’t
until 2006 that the company
officially ad AOL’s could pack of its form
groups and other then see this land and actually
heard of maybe some you guys
sense for what a different areas
of Kelly says Corel the blackout
d Chris steakhouse would have
stayed out there like that in
1927 on trips a day were Chris
and I went over the 60 see
restaurants fair enough rent during that
looks 38 years managing the
restaurants he was forced to
sell its stakes are items but
each time th that all changed in 1965 when a
divorced single mother named a
roof for Dole’s win against the
advice ever banker lawyer and
fri under the premise that they were
hard workers when a fire
destroyed the building that
housed increases stakes in the
mid 1970s f ruth’s Chris steak house it was
hers after old who’s been to a
ruth’s Chris steak outside
everywhere today that’s
interesting ov the house union worrier where small thing called for,
not to overhear attitudes are
into what have you a screen full
size here Dave says up the pot
roas right of the list in Ventura was
cheered by anybody on the root
out on the roofs Chris
steakhouse members that policy Diana says of ruth’s
Chris said it also say you did
know about that located near
that one right list see a release form of
the guard everybody should be
able to get this just from the
intro this is Ken Deborah when just be Xhosa founder and
the founded what is now Amazon
in 1994 he wanted to call it
could ever out a shortened
version of of 10 people people like ticket
for only the limits is a back to the
drawing board base else wanted
something that would capture the
sites sheer scope and the
preferably it was perfect not only did it
started the day but was also the
name of the largest resort
InfoWorld indicating both sides
and f on Mr. Hardy started first with
parties run was named limits she
was from our original up
interstate calls I’ve seen the
parties I’ll see what else is next old
words today its debt than half
of its lower remember those
write a Liscio case a number 11
list i to this electronics and retail
store was founded in 1966 by
Richard and Shultz and James
wheeler in Richfield Minnesota
and beca however in 1981 the store was
heavily damaged by a core nails
and so founders decided they
have a huge sales of their
salvage pr Best Buy is on products their
advertising tactic was so
effective that they made more
money during the sale and they
did in an a policy that says a bruise crest
is a high dollar Estrada in
phoenix: while those in phoenix
is well run a Wilson will
currently so there’s the story of Best Buy
for a full of its the rights I remember with
these are so popular and see the
guys can get this one on
adulterated Food Products and no
malice book on introducing a popular
carbonated apple juice called
Snapple’s a a port made two of
snappy and apples a few years
later t Wichita overrun you to what
wants to abandon your pocket for
work and that show a strong leader of where members who remembers the
simple things and write lists events took place in
time and as old mouthful for its
wry to see what we have here this is an uneasy tardy in the
name ages for review shortened
about witticism T.J. Applebee’s
on prescription for Annable all
le when mouthfuls T.J. Applebee’s
prescription for edible elixirs
ruled in 1980 ability to a
polymer all pending T.J.
Applebee’s pr the Paula Marshall the
restaurant concept in 1983 to WR
grace and company and they
eventually change the name to
Applebee’s neig now we can all be good in the
neighborhood and see the
restaurants name without getting
our tongues from packets T.J.
Applebee’s yet that is definitely not for
us to deliver a over them try to see what else we have
here on that that will have that
right who can guess this wants
this was the other ridgely known
as a Tokyo and shoeshine that
coquil it started in 1946 as a Tokyo
electronic shop called Tokyo two
Shinkle the old cake eight which
translates to Tokyo Telecommunic There’s another mouthful for its
policy says with a decided to
rename the company they
considered calling a TT 10 eight
other ra they then considered just using
the word chilled soup called but
found that Americans had a hard
time finance a guitar and visit man pulled the guard Tokyo
tsushin coquilles is so we never would guess, 1946 am
elated about a dozen around for
awhile but it’s it’s interesting to do we talked about this the
other day solace era says the
cells like a name for a
dispensary touch-up of
politicians of all you by Gina says yet and Renee says
what’s the best trade are
interesting right here is one we
are making fun of this said this
the , so Aristide was originally
known as Cargill With English
teacher Jerry ball and kissed
read teachers of seagulls and
writer bo and other nautical Lehman nine’s
cargo house which Volcker said
in an interview would have been
eight terrible terrible mistake broker said it’s as soon as I
saw star bowl, of course jump
two permit no fool not to permit
melville’s first mate in Moby
debt the hound slasher as forward put
the consulate stickler rule
would sell its audiences while
didn’t know that about Sony and
alre solely out originally a
Starbucks is to be called cargo
house but it wasn’t remained the
only daughter store bowl and
Herman mel on a a double check over here
and you to make sure about
missing anybody but, it looks
like you’re looking at the view
to shorts status as a Starbucks takes us
to go out of its this one was originally known as
auction web of death but that’s French border rainy
and American Computer programmer
P error all Mudge art started at
all auction web on September 3 two years later one strategy
grown beyond only jars
expectations he tried to change
the name two Ecole Des Donn
columns in on er when he learned the domain was
already taken by a gold mining
company called echo bay mines he
shortened it too is second
choice that apparently lost its policy Kelly says that they
all got a nice India says today
I am a heated auction web on the
obviously but I had no idea whe as 40 alright old golden eagles
writers and all the wood and the
frigate, for you guys try to see
this A’s addresses number 17 on
our with city can figure this one
out computing 10 blading recording
corporation saw say it again for you to
check all attendee leading
recording corporation the
computing tabulating recording
corporation bega he decided to use the name
international business machines
in order to signal the companies
for ad in two will lecture
typewrite there’s an interesting one had
no idea is that old idea was all
but 19 a line or only to Cal
state since 14 th try this one self explanatory
just used to be longer this is
18 it on all our latest Nintendo
Koop I obviously shorten two
Ninte in the 1889 to 4 subzero EU mob
she started a small company that
sold handmade playing cards in
Kyoto Japan and aimed at Nintend and the latter means playing
cards the company cycle through
a series of names before it
officially became the Nintendo
playing and in 1963 longtime President
Corot she can mull cheek short
of the name two then 10 bills
dealing out for the launch of
the co about changing up stuff from policy Kelly says that idea of
us good mix. And Sunday at all against
Nintendo was originally a plane
card company and turned it
tastes just strange way out by
Liscio colle this used to be called warts
company Samuel Estabrook shall
open his first electronics store
in which many of Virginia in
1949 h he was operating the four
television and home appliance
stores enrichment as well as
several smaller mall outlets
break in sight circuit city so certain city was
once known as the warts company
which is an acronym for family
that at this Point Wednesday is a policy-between this and I saw
some laughter over the top of
that on the streets privacy, Kay
Morey interesting rights oldest is number 20 honor
list he was originally known and
unknown as phoenix in 2002 Dave
Hayek and Joe Hewitt and Blake and would anyone that help with the name because
the company rose from the ashes
of Netscape navigator all at DOS
you guys remember Netscape navi the following year it was
renamed the firebird duty
trademark issues with phoenix
technologies and in 2004 it was
really branded all along we checked the
comments over a Saris says
Dilfer get to put your pot roast
a whole thing to stop the
Seattle summit ex right soul of see the following
year was read of renamed
firebird do two trademark issues
with phoenix technologies and
2004 and file even though personal and
the moniker they can actually
keeps quotes is easy to remember
it sounds good in its unique and
we will remember as Netscape
navigator nothing was all a song
from racist fliers OPS rate that is really cool had no
idea of sprite all my goodness
are you serious , but if that’s right your
number 21 of our list of CDs can
guess this one days and jerry’s guide to the
World Wide Web froze its
original aim david’s and jerry’s
guide to the World Wide Web
sites in 199 create a web site with a
thoroughly wholesome game Davis
and jerry’s guide to the world
wide web that and a year later
as the si young simply because they’re like the
way this word from the 1726
novel gulliver’s travels sounded
when they jokingly gave the word
tw never that anybody any buzz over
the long haul all we do I do remember
those commercial e-mail Adolph
width of this crack me up its
right list see what else do we
have he Debt to the majestic list of
crazy stuff right for this is at number 22
on our list and at the last one
for today dies and will be
calling in and some as a last
one for 10 affinity Max Lemke hit P airfield Luke no
six and 10 towery founded
Security Software Company
confetti and culmination of the
words confi a year later they launched pain
pals as a means of allowing
people to e-mail payments and
after merging with the one
mosques ex. the company’s name was
officially changed in 2001 a
Richmond king city paid out, all
together on a stable income
until wouldn’t Murphy Monday, too much fun out
there but have a pleasant day
and Ulf lee of the temperatures
stay rather moderate out there

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