Lady Gaga: Winning Awards on TV (Compilation)

thank you so much I'm so happy can't give you a big hug this is actually the first award by one hold um like they do and take this babies I love you guys so much I can't wait to come to Poland and play a show thank you for myself to Troy Carter to God in the game this is for my fans you're the best fans in the whole world I love you and it's for God and for the gays hola Mexico and to all my little monsters this is Lady gaga thank you to premios oh yay for my best new actor ward I'm so honored to have received this award from you and without you guys I never would have gotten through this amazing year I worked so hard on this album for so long and I I think about all the songs that I wrote and all the years that went by and all the fighting that I went through and all the rejection and how my fans were the first people to believe in me thank you so much thank you I forgot I forgot to think of my very good friends Matthew Williams and Nicola for Mykelti in the house of Gaga hood help dress me tonight I can't tell you how much this means to me you are the most wonderful fans in the whole world and thank you to my family thank you to my family Luke misty MSME Missa me my fan and the world it would double via ham or it will us to tell me all of your support misty Ramones sorry I could be there to accept this myself but they are 20,000 little monsters waiting for me so I have to hurry up and get back on stage I love you so much thank you for all your support thank you so much I never could have done this without you thank you so much to all my fans I wish so much that I could be there it's such a dream come true to be here tonight and tonight little monsters were the cool kids at the party so thank you so much to everyone and thank you to the soldiers they discharged soldiers that came with me tonight I love you [Applause] [Applause] I didn't really I didn't quite think through all the winds so this outfits too heavy to walk in I apologize it I'm a little slow this evening I love you so much thinking of my family and Troy in advance and Jimmy Iovine and I promised if I won this tonight I'd announce the name of my new record it's called born this way thank you so much and thank you I would need to say thank you tonight to Whitney Houston I wanted to thank Whitney because when I wrote born this way I imagined she was singing it because I wasn't secure enough and myself to imagine I was a superstar this video is so important to me and I work so hard and forget you in Ireland and big making light or without and it turns out that it was worth it especially for months oh my gosh thank you so much I love you so much little monsters in Canada this award was the most important one to me because it's from you congratulations thank you so much much music we love you so much this was Laurie Ann and I'm his first time directing a video together one of the most important things to think about every day is not just making music but it's how can i in vocalize my generation and how can I not just feel either but be a voice so thank you for giving back and thank you for this beautiful silver shoe when I was told I won this award Anna Wintour sent me a text message she text messages I have a couple Anna's on my phone so my reply was yes bitch we did it how you feel as the most importantly to artistic person in the world well I don't know if that's true I think there are many more important artistic people than me in the world that I am very honored indeed to receive this award I feel so privileged to know all of you I feel so privileged to say that my first performance ever on American TV was on the new now next Awards I only wish that I could be there myself and it's true doesn't matter who you are gay straight bi lesbian transgendered you were born this way I'm so I'm so grateful you have no I'm I'm really smiling right now but I I know you can't tell I've had a lot of Botox the success of Born This Way has really changed my life and I can't thank you enough for believing in me just know that I'll always believe in you and this one this one's for my sister I knew I knew that this song was very special when I wrote it and I just didn't know when I first started out as a songwriter how special you would all be to me thank you so much thank you so much and so the truth is that I'm really just a pop star in disguise my true passion is activism my true passion is spreading love if they only knew how many bad songs I wrote before that good one so many it's really hard sometimes for women and music it's like a boys club that we just can't get into sorry like one of the greatest moments in my life I have to thank Ryan Murphy you're just a wonderful human being and you have believed in me so much and been such a good friend to me thank you to my wonderful cast I love you guys so much you're my family forever just you know as a side note it is a it is a very cutthroat industry and seeing all the love it reminds you that family and friendship is more important than anything if you don't have that when you're working together you might as well not work at all thank you so much for giving me best female I am so excited and I can't believe it and I'm so sorry that I'm not there I'm in Tokyo I'm busy promoting my record Joanne and I'm so excited about it thank you thank you I love you because it's a record about my family and friends I'm really you know toning things down and going for a more natural look so there it is nature hey everybody at MTV Mia thank you so much for this amazing war for her quick delusion it might not have been your love in the video I am TV meow it's Lady Gaga and I brought my mom hi thank you for giving us this award it's incredible it is so important at this time to be a and a gente de cambio thank you so much don't you leave don't you leave this stage I have the best fans in the whole world I'm so lucky you just remember that if you feel different or you feel not understood don't you dare give up on who you are you fight like hell for what you believe in I love you a little monster so much I just have one problem I recently found out I'm actually 5 foot 3 and 3/4


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