Lady Gaga Oscar Performance | 2016 "Til It Happens to You"

  • And that possibly means so very many have assaulted !!! A truly frightening fact… keep up the phenomenally exposing work ladies and gents…. proud of you guys!,, love the UK 🇺🇸🇬🇧🌈👍🏾xxxx

  • Joe Biden is dodgy as! Seen the videos of his groping 13 year old girls "VP Creepy Joe Biden Caught Groping Young Girls On Camera" and whispering in their ear stuff like '"Do you know how horny you make me" I would put a big bet that he has molested an underage girl more than once.

  • And how many lawsuits from False Allogation victims have there been – since the Obama orientated new measures gave them less opportunites to defend themselves or even k ow whom was accusing them, thus hurting their defence and ability to prove false allogration
    Lives of innocents and future opportunites have been runied as a result!
    And I say this because I know a guy whom was falsely accused at a University in USA
    AND – is a Survivor himself – to have that happen to you and then get falsely accused – I dont know how he copes!

  • Wasn't attracted to her music partly because of her image in he early years. After her NETFLIX doc she will skyrocket in appeal. Besides she really is a musician and has a killer range and voice. Great stuff Watch . Five foot two on Net Flix or some other way.

  • A song of healing is positive; not a negative loss. Unfortunately, you won't win a contest with such a subject. It's like when you're grieving a death, you find out who are your friends and find most people have no interest unless it's directly effected them where they then know.

  • There's a lot of truth in this song, however, I'm sorry, but I think she's a bit of a hypocrite because of her hyper sexualized performances. Many of her videos promote and stimulate abnormal sexual behavior. Her videos and videos like hers are apart of the problem  !!

  • My daughter is one. Now she struggles with alcoholism, self worth, depression, anxiety, ptsd… Horrible. I'm lost at what else I can do for her. I've done what I can, but it's just not enough.

  • that girl is saying one in five women are sexually assaulted on campus
    and only 13% actually reported
    if you don't know a shit about actual statistic
    than shut the fuck up bitch..

  • What about all the teen, preteen boys and college age boys/men who get raped every day by both women and other boys/men? I was only 11 the first time I was raped then again a few years later. Both men and boys get raped just like women and girls do. ALL FORMS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT NEEDS TO END!!! Not just assault of girls/women. I'm a grown man now and still carry the scars of what happened to me. Being raped is humiliating, degrading, causes socialization problems, causes mental scars that never go away and so many other problems. It's too late for me to do anything about my attackers because they're all dead.

  • & 'Writing's On The Wall' won the Oscar. WTF, Academy?!

    This song should have won! This song deserves to stand right beside 'Skyfall'.

    It's powerful & emotional, and brings light to an important global social issue.

    I'm not a victim or a Lady Gaga fan and I can see this. Why can't the Academy?!

    They snubbed this song, as well as people of colour. This needs to change, right now!

    Hoping 2016's Oscars are much better.

  • Gaga had to know who R.Kelly was when she CHOSE to work with him. I bet she won't work with Dr. Luke after Ke$ha.

  • I'm a survivor of sexual abuse thru three priests who passed me around when I was 13 years…I won my lawsuit and going to therapy once a month…i'm 46 now and finally getting back on my feet again. Seeing Spotlight win, I folded over into tears…SO glad it's a bigger dot on the map 🙂 xoxoxox

  • People were butthurt because Writing's on the wall won and not this.🤔 Wow.. I guess I have to be a victim of rape to like it..

  • to be honest …..: i cry during her live show….. and i watĉhed agäin on youtube for severäl times and i cry again……… she nailed it

  • just to point out, that 1 in 5 women will get raped statistic is complete bull. They included groping, cat calling, drunk sex (between both parties), unwanted kisses, basically anything that isn't rape, and before anyone says that those things can be considered rape, no it is not.

  • Please don't bash Gaga for this isn't truly about her but for the topic of institutionalized rape culture within academia. Yes she performed it and can expect criticism but this isn't truly the place for it.

  • Lady GaGa is the best voice in this new generation and one of the best voices in history. She possesses an extremely powerful voice, a distinct-powerful vibrato, a perfect technique(which is a combination of those of Barbra Streisand's, Judy Garland's and Ella Fitzgerald's) and an artistic use of low larynx(which is actually a bad thing but GaGa uses it for artistic climaxes and she sounds extremely powerful with using it which is an uncanny & unbelievable thing!)… However sometimes she uses her dramatic interpretations rather than her artistic & technical elements; like in this performance. Indeed her upper belting voice is not that flexible and developed so sometimes her upper belts are also strained like in this.

  • I can't believe that people talk about the statistics that are wrong! It doesn't matter so much how many were or were not raped. What matters is that it still happens. And the only thing said is that it's women fault, that we show too much skin.

  • Cuanta nostalgia y sentimiento en esa canción me hizo llorar. Muy hermoso. Gracias Lady Gaga por deleitarnos con tu gran talento. Te amo.

  • Yo vi esa gran presentación el día de la entrega de los Oscar y fue lo más lindo que escuche. Lady Gaga eres la mejor. Hermosa fue tu presentación. Desde ahí veo todos tus canciones y son geniales. Eres la mejor. La número 1.

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