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Lady Gaga Grammy Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Bailey Sarian

okay hi guys how are you today? my name
is Bailey Sarian and if you watch the Grammys, I mean I didn’t really actually
watch the Grammys but I did see Lady Gaga’s look for the Grammys and I was
like I have to recreate this because I am obsessed with it was so beautiful
gorgeous I loved it oh and I’m blonde don’t worry
it’s not here to stay I know you’re probably happy
because you miss me being blonde but I really dont like it anyways ! not the
point I will shut up and let’s get to the tutorial . mm-hmm okay so first I’m gonna start with my skin. with this look it
looks like skin it doesn’t look like heavy makeup. so I’m gonna try my best to
just do more of a skin like finish versus my heavy normal foundation
routine. for a foundation I’m using the lingerie de peau this is guerlain. and
it’s the number 02 n this is so beautiful I bought this like two years
ago and I remember I was all about it for a minute and I put it in my drawer
and I just never touched it again sad 2018 I’m not going to buy foundations
I’m just gonna use what I already have that’s my goal
anyways because I want to look luminous and have a skin like finish this one
does the job so I start at the middle of my face because I want to put most of
the product there and then blend it outwards . normally center of
the face the t-zone is where we get hormonally the most redness and where we
break out the most so that’s why I want to put most of the product and then
lightly feather it out and that will give you a more like skin like finish
because we’re not just globbing foundation on all over the face but I’ll
come back and spot correct for like my hyperpigmentation my acne scarring.
then I’m gonna spot conceal with my estee Lauder at the Double Wear maximum
cover foundation I have the shade 1n3 creamy vanilla and I just take a
tiny bit my tap it over like my hyper pigmentation.
I’m gonna pop it right over here on these pimples the estee lauder double
wear a maximum cover it’s very very full and it’s a very matte so I don’t want to
carry it all the way underneath my eyes because it will look really really cakey
so I’m only keeping it right on the hyperpigmentation and trying my best not
to come in here . now I’m going to conceal underneath my eyes using
my makeup revolution conceal and define full coverage conceal and contour
that’s a long name and I have this shade c5 I’m just placing right in here boom
and boom taking my sponge and just blending it out. this is my Lancome teint
idol ultra wear makeup stick and I have the shade 420 bisque neutral I’m gonna
use this to contour. a softer contour so again not going too heavy
with it try not to. this is a sephora mineral powder brush but i really used
to love this for foundations because it gives such a full coverage but it’s also
nice just to blend out the cream contour i’m using my NARS soft velvet loose
setting powder in beach this is a mac 1 3 3 s brush . they just came out with a bunch
of synthetic brushes which i think is awesome bout time i’m just setting right
underneath here . I’ve already primed my eyes using the Make Up For Ever step 1
eye and lip primer I’m going to start with the Marc Jacobs eyeliner gel crayon
and this is in black so I was reading up what her makeup artist had done for this
look she said she used this eyeliner smudged on the lid. I’m gonna recreate do my best I’m coming in my waterline person in a
tight line I’m gonna do a thick line I’m then going to smudge the liner just winging the liner outwards t and I’m just gonna keep building and building
till I get a really dark black smoky smoky look. I’m gonna do the same thing
to the other eye I’ll be right back. I’m gonna take the eyeliner and come into my
waterline and then make it a little bit thicker as well along my lash line same
thing take my brush and just smudge it next I was reading on her Instagram
because she listed what she used. and used a soft peach color from the editorial no the glambition palette and
guess what I’ve got the glambition palette I’m assuming it’s this one right
here yeah I’m sure you have something like that. fluffier brush and take that
shade just like right in here up to my brow bone and then she said she used a
shimmery black shade from a different Marc Jacobs palette which I don’t have
but this one has a shimmery black in here so I’m gonna use this one I’m put
this on my lid so I place the black first and then blend second with the
fluffier brush I’m gonna take some of that black shadow a small brush and just
come along here because I want to set the cream so it doesn’t disappear on me
or smudge. she had some glitter up in there and it was pretty but
it’s by lit cosmetics a loose silver glitter i don’t have anything lit
cosmetics so I’m just gonna try and like do what I can to make it look like that
glitter on her eye I’m using the Urban Decay heavy metal glitter eyeliner in
pyro center of my lid just kind of like dab it on there arch of my brow and then um a liquid black liquid
liner. this makes me nervous because I always mess things up with a black
liquid liner I think with this she just did a thick line huh I don’t know I
couldn’t get like a close enough picture oh I’m sorry this is the Makeup Forever
aqua XL liquid liner in M 10 . dust off my under eyes and hopefully all that
fallout goes with it. I like this look because it’s not perfect but it’s
beautiful that’s all I have to say. let’s do an eyebrow pencil so this is the
Kelly Bakker brow defining pencil and this is in brown and I’m just going to
line like right up here do you see that I’m
outlining my upper brow right here you see it you believe it you feel it and
then I’m gonna brush my hairs up . I put on mascara and a pair of eyelashes these
are the Adele double-up lashes number what’s a number do you want to say these
like 203 i used to wear these all the time as my everyday lashes and
bitch these are not everyday lashes . rest of my face let’s do it here I go a
little bit of a contour Kevin aucoin sculpting powder and I’m just gonna come
right in here. for blush I am using I don’t know in the picture it looks
like a bronzer look so I’m kind of torn on what color to do I think this one
this is Marc Jacobs lines and last night air blush an angled blush brush just
gonna kind of ever so lightly go back and forth starting from my contour and
kind of going brushing forwards this is my hourglass ambient lighting
palette just the the og one . for my lip she has a very like nude pink lip so I
wanted to the Mac lip liner in stripped-down. lips lipstick I’m using
the buxom lipgloss in Sandy oh and this is the finished look I love it I like
how I came out I think it’s sicccckkkkk thoughts suggestions feedback let me
know down below don’t forget to Like and subscribe and I will see you guys very
very soon have a good day make a choices


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