hey what's going on guys KFC clash end today we're gonna be continuing our push will not really actually I'm streaming us though and we actually ought to a few days ago and we actually got to 7050 won trophies trying to go for 7.1 and now we're tilted boy not actually that far off back to get it getting back to 7k so today that's what we're gonna try to do with mortal royal Hogg's earthquake finally got my earthquake max and I had a hundred K star points I just I just went three levels on that bad boy got it to maximum star point level looking juicy and basically let's try and get some wins I think this deck is still solid you should have rocket in it but I think it is better now now that it's got the earthquake in the current matter like it was better before and if you don't want to play if you don't have a earthquake and stuff leveled up there is a a minor rocket version of the stack with archers it's like you have rocket in for Royal Hogs you have knight in and it's more of like a rocket ship kind of more to deck by anyway guys it's gonna take a while to find a match so I'll just cut when we find one going into our first match so by the way I took a day oh yeah I didn't upload yesterday every time I don't upload I'm like okay I don't feel that bad when I don't upload but as soon as I the next day I'm just like I wish I uploaded like I really do enjoy I'll put him in something's I just can't or I get busy anyway so we're gonna try and get armed okay so oh actually might be a rare matchup really interesting we're gonna get a mirror matchup so judging by his support cards it does look like a mirror matchup so in the mirror matchup snowball and Barbara are gonna be important because obviously let's see will he go wrong oh yes he will so it is indeed a mirror matchup I can confirm actually archers won't die so I'm gonna have to end up playing rascals oh you know it's not a merry match okay so he maybe he does have row hogs but he has poison instead maybe he doesn't have Mac's earthquake he did use his mortar so let's go for our own water because he can't use it on defense now so he's probably enough to cycle to a defensive mortar let's see yep so he's gonna get four different some what I'm actually gonna go for an earthquake and Skelly's to distract let's see if I get them down in time no not quiet and he's just gonna go with arches which I'm absolutely fine with all right so we're gonna be careful though we don't want his royal hogs to get too much damage if we waste a barbell but I think we do use the barbell here and we go for a rascals if he goes oh we're gonna get old am so close to here if you play hard so let's see Willie go with his Royal honks we'll probably go Rascals snobol if he does okay so he's not going to that wouldn't get a hit probably get a pressure with my own rule Hogs actually now that his mother is out of cycle again he's gonna have to do a pretty awkward defense like I think we want to be yep so we want to be playing on water on defense against the royal hogs cuz it just means no damage and look my royal hogs end up getting a bit of damage so actually go for archers on this side as well he might poison but his room hoping to get some damage on their lane so he'd have to split up his damage if he does which he's not okay so I'm gonna go skellies just to cycle to my bar bar and it's gonna be nice there he's gonna get a mortar down but we're gonna have to take some damage so I was a well-played morn it will go for an earthquake just because we were we had to cycle but we're still in the lead and archers actually gonna get a nice bit of damage there he might have to go for his poison here let's see what he does oh wow he's gonna go with that okay so he's gonna get row hogs which is well played so we're gonna get for a bar bow and he's gonna go for okay so we're gonna have to snowball for sure and I might go for a royal hogs then earthquake push actually I want to catch up on damage a bit let's see so yeah I'm gonna go for raw hogs and then let's earthquake the mortar okay – no he's gonna play the mortar on offense so hmm I think I'm still gonna play a defensive mortar just when he plays for when he plays his royal hogs there they are it's good for a snowball okay looks good for Roswell's on the other side now that he's used his poison we actually didn't need them Wow now we can go for he probably will go for a bar bow but you're still gonna go for are in row hogs let's see what he does it's good for an earthquake we're not gonna hit the mortar let's get four skills he's dead skeletons to track one real hog is on the towel every time he plays on that tile one rural hog does bypass and that's gonna be fully counted which is nice but he will have a yeah counter push here with the arches so it's good with this let's go with archers he is spell cycling us let's see do I need to good now I'm not gonna go with anything else I'm just gonna go with row hog so I can get a quick punish and let's see Willie you play mortar in that position again no he's gonna play on defense which is good so it means we're gonna be able to hit it with the earthquake and that means more of our royal hogs might be you have to be able to get to the tower we're gonna go for a snowball as well and really we just need kind of one two more earthquakes I'd say so let's go for a defensive mortar and let's see will he go royal hogs into that he will actually go royal house okay so we're gonna go for archers over here once again go Skelly's don't let that Archer connect he is gonna okay so you ever committed with snowball so let's go for our royal hogs I don't think he can defend this yeah one one royal hog is gonna bypass once again in that position that is gonna be GG in our first match guys it feels good having max earthquake actually interesting that we got a mirror match up there but we were able to come through : that'd be so mad if we get to 7k in this video like four I think straight wins 69 30 so where what are we 811 pushing up let's open this gold chest and I'll probably edit won't find a match because it does take a while alright we find a match against Thomas from ad victim so let's see alright so I've got the raw hogs in hand I have the mortar preferably we will start with a morning water is a good starting play with this deck are all more the decks pretty much mortar as a good starting play I'll wait a second though just in case you play something nope so let's go for a mortal we don't have barbed arrow though so let's see what he's gonna do okay so we're gonna go snowball and then we're just gonna go Skelly's try and get those minions onto our side and maybe get one hit no okay so well played with the bandit all those archers were a bit too low because it means that okay nice no damage I was gonna say now the bandit might get some hits on the tower which it doesn't hmm okay so judging by the support units he could be playing Prince bridge spam or Pekka bridge spam okay nice we just used a counter to Royal hog so we're gonna go other Lane let's see what he does I don't think you'll have enough to pack a nice so he's going after us and we're gonna get a bit of damage I'm actually gonna play this over here so that I can try and counter the Bandit and the he was with at least a raw schoolgirl maybe even the raw schoolboys well nah okay so am I gonna be quick here though alright so let's go with the our what would the skeletons just in case we're fine though if he spends a lot on the other side I might just go with a mortar to pressure always gonna go with that okay so I'm thinking you snowball because the Ross will go locked on we don't actually need to go for it I'm gonna pressure with Rohan's instantly because I think he is quite low let's see so he is yep so nice so we're gonna keep pressuring while he can't afford his um actually he played Dark Prince which is gonna be really tricky to defend actually no no I don't think it should now that we've got Bob bow we can just take off the shield on one HP and yeah he's giving us the good game which is a good sign obviously I'm actually gonna tank that damage can I'm a bit low on Alexa and I don't want to UM fall behind cuz Skelly's are like if you place Kelly's properly you can fully counter the Bandit so he just used his app so I'm actually gonna go with a mortar just because I know I can stop the I guess who's gonna go pecker so we were pretty even or maybe he was up and Alexa because I played that at like seven elixir or something so all right so let's go with Rascals taking no risks I don't want to okay so we're just gonna play yet so nice so use this poison which is fine because that's not gonna be able to kill the mill mean we can pretty much defend with arches as well and I think that's gonna be that pretty much counted so let's go with royal hogs we do play into his band he's gonna play a Dark Prince of course my shield is awful it's good for a snowball rascals will get some value on defense here so let's go for Rascals I'm gonna be careful though because he's probably gonna end up poisoning yet there he goes now we new can play our archers we'll try and play them outside the poison Dark Prince is gonna get pulled I'm gonna play oh wow that bad to actually bypass so we're gonna try and knock that back onto the mortar and nice we did a good job there but we're gonna tank this with royal hogs because we kind of have to we kind of have to our corner save my Skelly's okay so we don't have snowball he was isn't gonna get any hits that's fine all right so he's just gonna take the poison value here yet thought so because we have no other options so he can safely just go for a poison and let's go for okay we're gonna have to go for a mortar as well nice so that's gonna stop the battle RAM as well and badman is gonna die we're actually gonna get a connection here which is really good for us and we're gonna go for royal hogs we actually might have a chance here and let's go for earthquake see if we get some more damage I'm slowed everything down okay no he's played that so we're not gonna be able to take the tower there let's go for Rascals once again let's go for skellies to try and stop that bandit go for a bar barrel he's not actually going for his poison which is good okay we're gonna definitely have to go for a snowball all right I'm gonna have to go for royal hogs again let's see if we can clutch this guys let's get an earthquake down as well this is gonna be so clutch I still get the earthquake down he's probably yeah he's gonna play as he was so hopefully the royal hunks can get there oh my god no we're not gonna be able to do it to be able to do it okay let's play this up hi let's play this and I think we're I'm not sure how much snowball does let's see so noble coming down does that do enough to oh my god guys we clutch up I have no idea max Noble did that much damage or mic'd or we're actually gonna take the win there that was super super super close let's see how much suppose 81 actually that is quite a lot of damage I'm slow becoming and clutch down we're gonna take our second we're moving up in the world only two more games I believe till 7k oh nice we don't need to have to cut or edit or anything and so let's see against X are blue okay we've been dominating YouTube by the way guys recently so I got I got to keep the daily uploads going I'm no slacking anymore because we are actually finally making some moves all right so we're gonna barbar that hopefully no hits nice oh no you actually got a hit so you might play minor here so he plays skeleton case he's not going to so gonna cycle raw hogs in the opposite lane with this deck you generally do want to go opposite lane it's okay so when you're first label really quick nice so he's got the a he's definitely gonna have to play something else otherwise gonna take so much damage dude like with the snowball fatiguing the talus look oh wait he might be setting up for a minion horde now I use my snowball let's see we're gonna be careful ice got Sparkie okay well I'm not gonna go aggressive cuz he's probably got a tank so I'm gonna play mortar in a position where the tank will get pulled but I'm scared he might like nudge it with the Sparkie okay so he's not gonna nudge it let's play archers in the back this is gonna be a tricky defense actually let's play Skelly's and then let's play Rascals so he is gonna have he is gonna have the minion horde hopefully we can take the Sparky out okay we barely took it out although this isn't looking too great okay ba barrel does come down wow this is gonna be a scary defense later in the game guys now that I use my snowball he might think I have no answers for a scar me if I go rogue but I actually will go earthquake predictively cuz I don't think he's got any other options so let's go for Roy hogs and let's see what he does so I'm gonna go Royal hogs and I'm gonna go for an earthquake oh wow he's gonna go for Sparky I think we're gonna take a phat L here guys we are gonna get a lot of damage but I believe we can't defend this counter push because we just spent eight Alexa and he just spent he just got eight Alexa for free basically right there so that was really well played by him that was probably an obvious play so she shouldn't have done that let's see I don't think we can defend especially if he can get a giant we definitely can't defend okay I don't think we can defend this but we'll try so play this over here play this will go first mobile as well and the are don't see it happening let's try and get some arches down Sparky is gonna connect we are gonna actually not Sparky's good survival one HP and take the tower so let's get four royal hogs again he probably will go through Scotty this time yet there he goes so we're gonna go for his snowball he's gonna play Sparky though come on surely we can take the tower okay nice so we barely take tower okay this is gonna be really tricky on defense okay so I'm gonna play a defensive mortar getting ready for the giant push he's probably gonna giant minion holding the base he's gonna go bats okay so we're gonna get for a bar bow try and take them out and okay see is this okay so we're gonna go for our schools to try and oh wow I actually hit the Ross school girls as well um that's that's he still needs to be dealt with so I'm just gonna play a bar bow that should be able to pretty much counter it nice so we're gonna take one hit hmm okay yeah I don't think we can win now because he can just Sparky behind his tower like that so I guess I'll play defense of water again um all right let's set up with Ross schools here he goes in the base I'm guessing yep so who's gonna go in the base with that we have to go with a let's go Skelly's and let's go with the arches and I think we might die here yeah that's gonna be on the tower let's go for an earthquake as well actually we're gonna be able to kill the goblin gang but I don't think that makes too much of a difference let's see so he is gonna go bats now okay so you might go giant in the base yes he does so let's move across was over here and pull it with a mortar and alright he's gonna go Sparky I believe on defense as soon as he can there he goes um all right let's go with archers in the back and let's split Skelly's okay so he's gonna be doing it he's gonna be doing a giant push a literal giant push that push will be giant let's go with up our bow let's go with us arches in the base he is really stacking a push here let's go with all right so there he goes let's go for our snowball and I don't think we can defend let's go for a bar now there's no way we can defend I think the big mistake there was the royal hogs in the predictive earthquake it was just not worth doing because it was so obvious that I knew he had scar me in cycle so GG well played to him maybe we still can get 7k this video it is gonna take three more matches though so let's see unless we get oh no we'll take two more matches or take three more matches if we don't get some high trophies so I'll just edit when we find a match into our next match come on this man is not that higher compared to us here's 30 trophies loss so maybe maybe if we get a really good win on our next game it could mean something right so he's gonna start with snobol so let's start with more ups and land to the snowball let's see if we can get this down in time or well played on the barbell pretty interesting predictive barber I mean I guess more most more debate boys more attacks are more debates so it's a pretty safe play let's punish now I think oh wow he's got minion horde so let's go first no but we might be kind of dead here if he does have the minor I mean we'll have to do a really good Skelly's kite all right so I think we are committed guys let's go with arches that was a bigger of a commitment definitely by us and yeah he's gonna be able to take our tower wow that was crazy to punish there just one little slip-up we lose our towel there all my god so he's playing some kind of 3m deck I think but yeah I guess just we can still come back because we have earthquake for his pump so I'm confident we can these be aiming us all right now we have to win boys he gave us the thanks so I'm probably gonna go mortar no I'm gonna go okay so I'm gonna go I'm gonna try and go at the same Lane that we got the damage because look at the earthquake gets the pump that's why I'm so confident we can come back because it's so good and get against the pump yeah he's giving us the girl cuz he knows it's not over and let's go for oh hogs again he might go through him in the back which would be good timing for us so okay so he's gonna play it there probably could have waited I don't think you would have played them though so we are gonna take the damage though if we can defend that's gonna be the last looking really solid so let's play Ross schools for the one musketeer I wonder what he's gonna support it with is he not gonna support it let's play defense of mordor because I think you will back up yeah he will back up those two and let's go for a barbell and he's okay so he's not gonna support them any more than just a nice column which is really good for us alright so I think we definitely can come back in this game probably gonna have to split Skelly's and go for Royal hogs my girl real hogs plus she's playing it safe for now he's not gonna pump anymore okay I get that sooo let's see he in a min you know what there he goes let's get for us noble he's really just trying to deny all damage because he's got this game in the bag on if if he doesn't take any damage obviously um alright so let's go from order on offense alright nice good timing and let's actually go for Skelly's and cycle row hogs and let's see is he gonna be able to afford his minion or let's go for a snowball just in time no he's not gonna players okay so maybe he didn't have it in cycle let's go for a bar bow on these two Muskies and let's see okay what is actually gonna go for the other side that time okay so let's go for an earthquake I think we need it over here let's hit be able to slow that down let's go for a while three M is gonna survive – Emma's gonna survive on like 1 HP and I think we're gonna can we I think we have to tank the musky all right so we're gonna tank the musketeer hopefully we can take the towel that he's probably gonna go for oh wow I thought he would go for an Alexa pump so I went for an earthquake cuz if he went for an Alexa pump it would have denied all damage but he actually went for 3 M so this is gonna look be scary he's probably gonna go minion horde and battle ramp for the 3 crown so I'm gonna save my rascals in fact I'm gonna play them now yep so there he goes I knew that was coming and let's play arches and okay we're not looking terrible okay we're looking pretty terrible we have nothing in hand for that and we almost came back boys but in the end it was just that first slight miss miss play at the start over committing unfortunately we're gonna take the El but let's keep going maybe make this quite a longer video I mean you guys did say you want longer videos most of the time so what do we are we are still at 16 we're pretty much where we started I reckon we can still make though maybe like okay I'll play I'll see if we win this next game I'll consider it will depends if it's a really good win Mabel's stop it there and continue on stream or tomorrow's video anyway guys we're gonna be laddering anyway like in the next few days so let me know what you think of these are ladder videos all right so I've got mortar and I have real hogs obviously these ladder videos are pretty hard so it's gonna be tricky to always get tubs if you know I'm saying most of you don't mind and in fact a lot of you prefer to see losses which was actually crazy I didn't actually expect that how many of you expected to see or didn't mind seeing losses at all alright so we're gonna go with Rascals probably should have just led the more to go to be honest because he played a lot but we weren't quite fortunate there and let's go Rohan's in front of this because that's gonna require barbed arrow at least okay so we're gonna go first oh wow okay so I mean the snowball was still good because it does damage to the barbs and it gives my royal house a lot more damage all right so he's got Bob's baby dragon he's probably playing and mega minions probably play oh no he's got minor I was gonna say he's probably playing our G but I don't actually know what he's playing so we need to play a bit more say for you'd be playing a bit aggressive in these last few games I reckon if we've pretty much just lost from mistakes but I realized what the mistakes were so he's got which okay this is definitely off meadow Midwich giants let's play it set up a defensive mortar we have the rascals so this is gonna be super easy to defend I believe he might have like minion horde or something let's see I'm still intrigued to see what he has in his deck okay so baby dragons let's go for a barbed arrow as well just to clean up clear out these skellies try and take out that witch cuz the rosco case he was gonna go for I think you ever committed there with the minor so I'm gonna go for Royal hogs as well let's see I don't think he'll have much for it yeah he definitely overcommitted all he can put his mega minion and we're gonna get a ton of damage they're just playing it safe we can't lose that's what that's what I'm saying like look at that although Sparky was a tricky matchup so let's go for Skelly's just down here and reset he might go with the giant or a witch in the back probably not gonna play more and I'm just gonna split archers play it safe don't want to risk anything so they're gonna split arches let's see what he's gonna do now I'm gonna split Ross was that as well okay nice so he didn't actually play all the way in the back which is better for us cuz he can't build up as big of a push so let's go for a defensive mortar and he's not gonna go for his which this time interesting I wonder if he's gonna go for a minor okay so he's gonna have poison that's actually good for a bar barrel I see is he gonna play that in the back which he is perfect which is out of the poison let's go for Rascals over here so we can pull the baby dragon and let's knock the mega minion back hopefully okay so it did get a hit but I'm not too bothered by that my girls think you've got a raw hogs opposite lane let's just earthquake that to be honest kill the skellies get some damage on the tower and let's play a defense in water water will be able to help out against the witch alright so let's play Ross school girls he's probably gonna go predictive minor let's play archers down here so that it's out of the poison and he's gonna do with okay so I'm not I don't think the minor will do that much damage so I'm gonna go with raw hogs I was actually meant to be Royal hogs not Skelly's and I don't think he can stop us right so we're gonna go with earthquake as well and alright so he's going baby during snowball I think that's gonna be good game though alright so we caught the game in the bag alright so I'm thinking I'm gonna play one more and then we'll leave it at there for today or maybe just leave it there maybe I'm thinking guys what do we are we're at 69 24 we made some progress guys that's always how it is Alana I don't know if you guys still like like this type of content if I don't progress you know what I mean I'm a slightly progressed or don't reach the goal but we can't always reach the goal in life I guess this is inspirational but anyway guys back to daily uploads if you enjoyed make sure to leave a like if you're new make sure to subscribe and come on boys we're on our way to 10k let's get this 10k taking over YouTube and I'll see you tomorrow peace 3


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