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Kym Johnson from Dancing With the Stars Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey it’s Shira Lazar coming to you backstage at the
Grammys, brought to you by Turbo Tax with Kym Johnson from Dancing With The Stars. Yes, nice to be here. Thank you for
being here and dancing into our area. I love it. It’s exciting being back here at the Grammys. What brings you here? I’m actually. I was in
Australia for a while.I just got back and I’m here for Dancing With The Stars is launching a Dancing With The Stars hair line. A hair collection. Oh, growing the empire. Yes, exactly. I mean, people tune in to see the dancing on Dancing With The
Stars but also the hair and make-up and now people at home can achieve the looks we have, Interesting. on Dancing With The Stars because most of the
time it’s not really our own hair. There’s extensions in there all the time and
I’m going to be at Alter tomorrow her in LA and Burbank and West
Hollywood. Give you my little backstage tips. Where can people get the make-up now and hair stuff? Well, the hair collection is at Alter stores. So that’s where they’re selling them, but you
can go to the Alter website and see Dancing With The Stars and they can
direct you to where you can get them. Very nice. So, do you have any artists that
you’re excited to see here at the Grammys? Well, Barbara Streisand. I know, I mean. I
heard that she was rehearsing here yesterday. She was. We could hear her. I left unfortunately. Yeah, I can’t wait to see Barbara Streisand. I heard Rhianna rehearsing earlier today. She’s always great. Yeah. I love, I mean being a performer, I
love seeing these artists get up and perform and you know I always get inspired by what they’re wearing. Put on a whole show. They put on
a whole show. It’s my favorite awards. Anything coming out with Dancing With The Stars?
Dancing With The Stars is launching in March. It’s going to be interesting to see what class they’re going to get because last year was
pretty interesting. It was a great mix of people. Every year is. Every year I don’t know how they
do it. Every year they just keep coming out with such a great cast of people. So we’ll find out. I’m sure you’re nervous. You get nervous I’m sure. You
do get nervous, yeah. But I think it’s The Bachelor finally when they’re going to announce the cast. So, everyone has to watch The Bachelor finally to find out. More Dancing With The Stars madness. Yes Finally, who has guided you through your career? Do you
have that one person that gives you expert advice? Obviously, my mom, she’s my best friend and . she’s incredible. There’s so many people that have sort of givin’ me a lot of guidance and helped me along the way, but definitely mom Very nice, that’s sweet. Family is first. Exactly family is first. Thank you so much Kym. Check her out
back on Dancing With The Stars come this March. Thank you, Thank you, have fun. Sponsored by Turbo Tax. If you have a simple return you can file for free with Turbo Tax Federal Free Edition.

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