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Kylo Ren Follows Darth Vader and Resistance Wins a Saturn Award

– It’s Wednesday
at around noonish. Do you know where
your “Star Wars” is? – It’s here on “The
Star Wars Show.” – What an interesting
tease for the episode. – Tell them nothing and leave
them wondering what’s ahead. – It’s a “Star Wars
Show” mystery box, y’all. [THEME MUSIC] – This is “The Star Wars Show.” From the Lucasfilm
Headquarters in San Francisco, here’s your hosts,
Andi and Anthony. – Hello, and welcome to “The
Star Wars Show,” the only “Star Wars” show on the internet
whose crew is trying to get the teleprompter
to work properly because the person who normally
runs it moved to LA on us. – There it is. So if we feel a little
stilted and awkward this week, no, it’s not our usual excuse
of being stilted and awkward. It’s that we can’t read
the words that have been written for us to say. – We’re beautiful robots. – And speaking of
beautiful robots, let’s talk about some
“Star Wars” news. – It’s Wednesday,
which means we have another preview of Marvel’s
“Age of Resistance.” – This time we got to look at
the Kylo Ren issue that follows the journey of everyone’s
favorite sad space boy, Ben Solo, in his quest to
finish what his grandpa Darth Vader started. – The issue, written
by Tom Taylor, with art by Leonard Kirk
and a cover by Phil Noto, arrives on shelves
on September 25, but you can check out a preview
right now on – Also arriving today
is the puzzle cover for the entire “Age” series. – The puzzle cover features
all the players from all eras, as well as their
ships over a star field with a symbol of the Jedi
Order emblazoned behind them. For a full look at
the cover, including a Q&A with artist Mike McKone,
check out – Huge congrats go out to the
crew of “Star Wars Resistance,” who took home the Saturn
Award for Best Animated Series on Television this weekend. – Team Fireball! The second and final
season of “Star Wars Resistance”
premieres October 6 on the Disney Channel. – And for more breaking
news from around the galaxy, check out – “The Star Wars Show” presents
Everything is Important. This week, the shaak. Limited to 35 seconds of screen
time, the fast-footed shaak was the bulbous creature
gracing the plains of Naboo. And without the shaak just
barely missing the head of Anakin after throwing
him off his back, Anakin wouldn’t have fallen
deeper in love with Padmé, creating the attachments
he was told not to make, leading to Anakin not being
able to control his emotions, allowing Palpatine to
manipulate Anakin’s fears, resulting in Anakin turning
against his Master, Obi-Wan, and helping take down
the Jedi and becoming the Sith Lord Darth Vader. And without the shaak’s
careful footing, Anakin might have
been fatally injured, leaving Palpatine
with no one to exploit and help him take out the Jedi. The legacy of the Sith salutes
you, fast-footed shaak. – Hi, my name is Jacqui
Lopez, and I’m VP of Franchise Production here at Lucasfilm. [STAR WARS THEME] [TAPE FAST-FORWARDING] In my job, I get to see projects
through from beginning to end. I get to nurse these
projects along in development and create artwork. What are these
going to look like? What kind of cast
are we going to have? What kind of characters
are we going to create? I’m part of the team that
hires the production crew. I’m in the writers’ conferences. We could be in sound
mixes, watching the dailies, all the way to the
final mastering and delivery. So I feel very
fortunate that I get to watch my babies from
conception to the very end. I wasn’t always in production. After college, I went and got
my masters in modern dance in London. And I was finding in dance
my favorite thing was putting the productions together. And then when I wanted to
move back to the States, I wanted to interview
at Lucasfilm and ILM because I loved what
George had created up here. So I got my first job at
Industrial Light and Magic as a production
assistant in commercials. And in that journey, I did
a few animated features. And that’s what just
made me fall in love with the animated medium. And then I transferred over
to Lucasfilm in Animation and helped out with the
series “Star Wars Rebels.” After that, we moved on
to “Star Wars Resistance.” And as you know,
“Clone Wars” is coming back, so it’s just never a
dull moment here in Animation. One of my fondest memories
being in Animation here was when we went
to Comic-Con 2018, and we had a 10-year
retrospective panel on “Clone “Wars.” And at the end of it, Dave
announced that we are making more “Clone Wars” episodes. It was so exciting to see the
crowd reaction, tears coming down their faces when
they heard there’s going to be more “Clone Wars.” That couldn’t be more
fulfilling in that moment. I just love production
because you’re trying to get creative
people together to bring a vision to life. We pride ourselves
here at Lucasfilm on being great
storytellers and pushing technology and expecting high,
high quality in everything we touch. So it’s just really fun to get
artists from all walks of life together to create something
amazing for our fans. I would just say,
if you’re trying to make a break into production
or Lucasfilm specifically, just really care about
what you’re doing. And work hard. And get as much experience
along many different things as you can.
– You’re– – Watching–
– “The– – Star–
– Wars– – Show.” – Anthony, it’s great to have
you back after last week. – Thank you. – But how did your
quest for justice go? – Like, goodish. – Define goodish. – Well, so I talked
to a bunch of lawyers about this Anthony Daniels thing
and got some good feedback, which is great. But then I got
the bill, which is not so great, because lawyers
are apparently very expensive. – No!
– Yes. – Wow. – So it’s a good thing we are
going after a big time, huge, deep-pocketed celebrity like
Anthony Daniels, because this is going to add up. – Good luck with that. – Thank you. I plan on taking many more weeks
off in my quest for justice. – Or you could just drop
the case and, like, work. – No, justice comes first,
Andi, and it could take months of not coming into work. – OK. Well, anyway, last week we asked
you what your favorite part about visiting Batuu was. Galaxy’s Edge
Scoundrels liked being questioned by the
First Order, while Ian wants Bronto Wraps every day. Me too. – It’s a very special
person that enjoys being questioned by the First Order. DJ Rex literally
brought Kayla to tears, Dan-O loved meeting other “Star
Wars” fans and building droids, and Daniel loved experiencing
“Star Wars” through the eyes of his daughter. That’s great. – That’s the best. Thanks to everyone who sent
in their memories this week. And as always, remember
to like the video, subscribe to the channel,
follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and remember to
keep those boiling pot handles turned in. – Thanks for watching, and
may the force be with you. – Bronto Wraps. – Mm-hmm. – Justice. Justice. – That’s amazing. I love the red. Oh, my god! So adorable. Oh my god, I’m screaming. [MECHANICAL HUMMING]


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