Kylie Jenner Finally Unfollows Jordyn Woods on Instagram | Nightly Pop | E! News

I don't know if you guys have heard by now but Kylie Jenner finally unfollowed Jordan with Graham everybody thinks it is the final straw the final straw was a video that surfaced of woods dancing with Khloe Kardashian's other acts James Harden in Houston whoo Jordan okay are we surprised it took this long for Kylie to finally unfollow her I was surprised that it took this long really me them still following each other was a sign that perhaps because I a sources had said that maybe they still were trying to work out their friendship and kind of had a bond and the thing is it's like a childhood best friend is very very special and that's but I think a lot of people have had breakups with in their childhood best friends oh yes people I have having you you know of course like we became friends later but and you know we have that falling out early in college didn't speak for like ten years yeah then in our 30s we were like we were dumb in our 20s and now I can be friends again yeah but you need that time to kind of break away and I think Kylie made it said something on the show that was like I think we needed this is it those two depending upon her we've got this mother in our own world I thought it was mature too but I think it went a little far with you know Jordan hanging out with the King James I agree I think it's time to go ahead and cut that straight after somebody does that betrays your actual sister it's kind of hard to go back and meet yeah I do think that Kylie was respectful had respect for their relationship and said I'm gonna hold off on following and then finally she was like you know what enough of this either I have Stassi right next amendment to keep keep question I like that Jordan has a type and it's anyone that has been with Chloe like that [Applause] you're not wrong one more nightly pop you know what to do yeah just send us your news no don't do that just subscribe to our news YouTube channel for highlights and bonus content will have a new upload every Monday night so you can catch up on everything yeah and just to be clear are they sending nudes or not I wasn't following oh god

  • Why is this even making celebrity news ? It's pathetic that this is a big deal. Ten to twenty years ago, celebrity news covered the film industry people , music industry and actual catwalk models and designers. To make money for these sort of channels, the world was forced to be bombarded with news of ordinary rich people . The celebrity media downgraded quality celebrity to this sort of shut.

  • Did Kris force them to say this 🤣, I feel she only signs those deals if all E shows promise to be nice to the girls lol…Jordan wasnt even grinding on James, they have been friends for a long time now.

  • Lmao she did right, kylie needs to keep trash out of her account, and obviously jordyn will never reach kylie's level

  • E News is so biased because they produce the Kardashians so they have to paint them in a good light.

  • They were friends before. Jordyn went to the club with her friends and found him there then hangout.

  • Is so funny how people don't say anything bad about khole when she does something wrong to other people but when someone give her the taste of her own medicine the person turns out to be a bad person . lets not forget khole is not innocent in this matter she wrong other people in the same way and didn’t care how the feel .

  • Maybe she should focus on learning how to be her own best friend. It seems like Kylie always need a sidekick next to her…

  • Jordyn couldnt care less…she is minding her business and making money moves. And btw
    Its hard not be around an ex of a khardashians, since they have dated every one in the industry😂

  • What is wrong with these people? She wasn’t even dancing with him! She was dancing and he happened to be there🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ like stop!!!!

  • She salty cause she thought Jordyn wouldnt have flourished the way she has. She tryna make her jealous with all the photos of her and her new bff. Jordyn has no cares 😂

  • She realised Jordyn didnt care after she kept posting her pics with Stassie to rub it on her face like I got a new bff haha

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