Kyle White reflects on battle that earned him Medal of Honor

well it just kind of began just like an ambush then I mean initially initiating contact but I remember it still to this day I can I can hear what it was remember the temperature in the air what it's not like but it's that's like as we were walking down the trail down the valley you heard a single one shot two shots and then just the whole valley erupted and then RPGs and fully automatic fire came it seemed like every direction right us you know that the valley erupted you know as we're trained to do we returned fire so I remember I went through my first magazine as fast as I could you know I just picked the spot on the hill where I thought hey that's where I would be and I fired my first magazine loaded another one as soon as I loaded with another one it was like though and yeah talking to Kane what had happened was just laying right behind my head and so it was very early on within the first five thirty seconds on fire I was face down on a rock that was kind of you know buried in the trail and as I picked my head up any way around came in and hit that rock just inches from my face kind of strike minute into my face the way that we were moving like I was in the headquarters element cause of a telephone operator so we were kind of in the middle of control within a two hour back and then the rest of the American forces to the front and so what had happened is this little tiny attic outcropping of rocks that came from the cliff above and that kind of just made a little point in the trail and so as the fire kicked off I kind of separated they the patrol and – and so after you know the initial shots I didn't see the rest of so after I kind of got my bearings together after RPG I looked over my shoulder and I could see Kane running down the trail towards like this little treetop basically it was just you know bit like the canopy of a tree and it wasn't providing any cover from like incoming rounds but just concealment he was running towards that and I could see he was just kind of like his right arm was just kind of dead and he had blood coming from his upper right arm and so I I saw that I just moved to him this figure that's where I need to be and then went down there I looked at his you know wound on his shoulder and I put a tourniquet on his upper right arm yeah so our time came a little bit to make sure he is you know okay and I was returning fire and Cain told me that box had been hit and so it looked backed up to the trail from where were you're coming from and I could see box still sitting up holding this weapon but he'd been shot in the leg and his upper left shoulder and I could see you know some blood coming from his mouth I know he's pretty that's really wounded and I was yelling at him you know you know use all your strength try to get to me because there's still a lot of fire coming in and probably you know not even 5-10 seconds but he wasn't making any progress so I said you know get up and go to the truck going back to where we were and then so as I as I ran out there and grabbed him I started dragging him by the carry handle and I noticed that you know they weren't before I ran out to him there was there's rounds coming in around us but then focused on him but when I ran out there it seemed like you know all the fire was focused on us and you know I kind of came to the delusion that they were they weren't trying to hit box or they're trying to shoot at me and so I knew the longer I'd direct drug him and they focus their fire on me the greater chance him getting hit at camelus and so what I did was just kind of drag him like 5 10 feet you know or something like that and then run back to where Cain was just to kind of draw their fire and have them followed me leave him alone and so I run back to King's vision wait just a few seconds until he gets distracted and repeat the movement until we got back to King behind the concealment of the tree canopy and then from there when I got him to that location I put returned canons leg and then put his field dressing on his blood shoulder then you know you know they trained me not to stop it just that you want to keep evaluating make sure there's no other injuries when I was doing that I found the next one because it's rotate lower ribcage on the right side and is waiting obviously some artery had been hit so I tried to control the wing as much they could be by the time I saw him I noticed just the way the trail was shaped I could just see his helmet and then his assault pack but I couldn't actually see like him laying there and so I just wanted to go see what she wasn't go see if he's okay and then I didn't really run out to there cuz he was kind of that outcropping I mentioned and it's for a lot of fighters still coming in so I have more like you know hi called local called out there to him and I checked his pulse and he already died initially you know after that the RPG and everything yep I told myself I was gonna die you know there's no doubt in my mind I was knocking on make it off of that cliff that day and so in my mind that for the rest of the time is you know if I'm gonna die I'm going to try to help my battle days until it happens and then so throughout the time you know you're just following about Kemeny training you know the movements you do you know the first day that's all what's been pounded in your head you know training them to deploy and so really it was just kind of muscle memory and going through the things you don't really think about where she don't you just know that they have to be done and you also know that if the roles were reversed and it was you that was sitting out there you know your ballot would come it was my radio and Kings radio had already been shot at the beginning to the ambush so those radios were dead and it was actually sergeant boxes radio I went back to his like his kid he still had and tried to see if his radio with four cameras so I was pulling that the hand mic off of his kid I got to my head to just I just got it just flew out of my hand and it wasn't you know I didn't quite understand what that was I picked it up and again it was a bullet hole clean through it just like really you know it's kind of that you know just that moment readers come on since I was radio telephone operator was pretty trained on those so I was able to just search it to use it's called psyche mode so it's basically you just talk like a walkie-talkie and so I was able to start replaying reports back to our base what I was doing is like helping our commanders like understand the situation like where everybody was and where the enemy was so it's kind of I wasn't directly like calling them in but I was guiding them like hey this is where you need to be this is where that means that you know at one point the mortar round landed in armored around landed about twenty meters down the trail from us so I remember that pretty distinctively is that I heard just a hiss right before it hit and then the explosion and I remember just red-hot chunks of hell like the size of my my palm just flinging by your head yes I think as nightfall we still have that kinda we see in the night and they can that advantage but it was something I was worried about you know I was only able body American out of my position and trying to cover 360 in the middle horizontally and get that get that very lonely feeling out there that was definitely a concern of mine but I knew there's so much you know you can look up and see the you know the aircraft that are overhead watching it so you have it some sort of sense of security as well towards the end of the English King had been shot again at the lake but you know felt on his leg it's a tourniquet and so as nightfall became her excuse me miss nightfall came my focus was kind of keeping him awake and alert because you know a lot of our medical kids stuff was damaged so it's kind of just trying to keep him with it keep him positive reassuring him and as the NA Afghan National Army began to come back this one I was like all right these guys can't see at night but I can least tell them you know what to do and so I set them up in the security printing room the two ends of the trail was like you know hey and I can't see but if I see an enemy I'll initiate contact he has a spike in the same direction so it's kind of step she had security and kind of keeping Kane nervous if that's my main focus well started at 5:30 3:13 afternoon and it lasted till nightfall so I think it was about this close to close to four hours and then after that as nightfall came and made kind of in a brook contact


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