Kyle and Francine's first impression of each other | TWBA

[Applause] see Kyle welcome to the program thank you and well congratulations golden larell daytime drama series for 2019 and of course the high ratings their shows getting congratulations okay take me back to the very first time a young Halawa in Akita I know I'm in young impression size of designs [Applause] [Applause] okay closer did you fall in love with each other in closing I mean push on namashivaya penis are because of a ahoy SEMA at the same time say your will you see man if you have your way an impossible italics a unique i okay i know most challenging but mediterranean sea Marga Cassie Cassie or not Papa colleague see Cassie as a casita pay in Papa hillock basically entered a I do not go on yo the trial before killing see there is a municipal cinnamon I mean to pay hey Cassie think you know one Yakuza and you know an open phone call that was big raha bush and angry Penner noggin in afonya Thomas been eating any power sabina top economy nagamma didn't cooperate casino sis cinemas gua was a sexy time I see Andrea was different scene [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause]


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