KUWTK: Watch the Moment the Kardashians Found Out About the Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson Drama

that's the moment the Kardashians first found out about Jordan woods and Tristan Thompson's alleged hookup a four-way phone call between Kim Khloe Kourtney and Kylie Jenner this all went down back in February but is just now playing out on Keeping Up with the Kardashians with Khloe having just spoken directly with Jordan why did Jordan say she had to call you back now we don't know how or really if Khloe ever got but here's what Jordan shared on read.table talk after the incident on the way out he did kiss me man we mean by kiss it's just no passion no nothing on the way up you just kissed me and like a tongue kiss like a peck on the lips Peck love like a no it was like a kiss on the lips but no tongue kiss no making out God and nothing you know everyone has their truth in their story and so you just go with go with it everyone has the right to speak their truth et spoke with Jordan just days ago after this teaser dropped I'm just like what were you thinking I knew who he was I never in a million years that's who she was it just sucks it has to be so public how do you feel that you're being portrayed in this hopefully um like myself and you know the real me will shine and hopefully everyone finds peace and their truth I feel like you've moved on like this is like you are not going backwards what life moves on money doesn't stop world doesn't stop and hopefully everyone is just you know going forward it seems safe to say Jordan will have to deal with the drama moving forward – it plays out as part of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians season finale and will continue into the next we're on to shooting season 17 so you'll see that and I think one of the things that has made the success of the show is that we are you know show those vulnerabilities and we're also transparent and you do see how it actually unfolded and what happened because everybody thinks they know the whole story and they don't so I think that's the interesting thing is just watching how we all handle you know these situations [Applause]

  • Meu Deus, o peito dessa menina tá quase no chão e ela é tão novinha. Imagina quando estiver mais velha

  • It's annoying how every like she knew what he was… she admits that's she knows but what caught her by surprise is that JORDYN engaged it in.. out if all people 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • These Old Ass Heffas wanna throw Jordyn under the bus after all of the Man-Eating All of them have devoured with the exception of Kourtney I believe…. Not sure. Leave JORDYN Woods alone and find some real content for your declining ratings or just let it GO!!!🙄

  • Khole just said, "I know who he was".. Okay, and you still chose to stay with him. So because he's a dog, he gets a pass?

  • Idk whether this is scripted but keep in mind ppl that it may look acted and scripted because sometimes when they don't get the real stuff on camera, they reanact it for the show. They admitted that.

  • That’s like calling the cops on someone who tried to steal the stolen car off ya just because you drove it a few times it does not make it yours TF that’s stolen car sis which you stole from someone else why mad now

  • The Kartrashians using "White Priviledge" as if they are the only Women that can kiss other People's Men!😤😤😤😤😤

  • Just like they got lamar a white best friend another cook up for ratings and just to give a exciting finale to a dumb show that needs to RIP you all made your money so now finally…go get a real life

  • I don’t feel bad for Khloé at all.
    She was cheating with Tristian when his Girlfriend also name Jordyn Craig was was 6 months pregnant with their son! He cheated on her again , while she was pregnant with True! That calls Karma! Fake tears for fake bitches!

  • "Money doesn't stop…" That shows exactly what motivates Jordyn Woods. Getting paid for it puts one in another category.

  • Jordyn's boobs irritates my eyes all the time! 🤣🤣 it seems like she had 20x childbirth and breast fed all the neighborhood. How old is she? 😂😂😂😂

  • Blah blah blah Jordyn shouldn’t even be there on the first place she’s a hoe and she knew exactly what she was doing or wanted and we all know that if it wasn’t for Kylie we won’t know who Jordyn Wood is.

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