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[sanskrit chant] [sanskrit chant] [sanskrit chant] This Maha Kali temple is between.. ..two Rajputna kingdom
of Mritagardh and Surjangardh. Since when,
every year in Vijaya Dashimi day. They are offering calf
sacrifice to Maa Jagdamba foot. They forget that may be she is dumb. Maa! Is only! Maa! They have blind faith. In whichever state they
will sacrifice offering. Only there will be rain. And in this desert the value
of water is more than a human life. That’s why two state warriors
fight with each other. Dead body lay down. Whoever wins would give the offering.. ..and with faith they
would make Maa Kali happy. [sanskrit chant] [sanskrit chant] They say that by the
favour of Maa Jagdamba.. ..there would spread
clouds on the sky. But the life which are gone.
What about them? English government resident, Pandit.
They meet with Purohit. And they took the decision that.. ..from next year from
Mritagardh and Surjangargh. Each soldier will come
in front and give the offering. There will be competition
between them and who will win. They will get the right of offering. Life and dead were dancing
putting arms into arms. Goddess would be happy. But in both the kingdoms
the fight went on increasing. Anyone’s soldier would be dead. Time went on. English government went away. But the way of offering is going on. Today the law in
charge is in the hands.. ..of Thakur Ganga Singh. They are up bringing
each other enmity. These two kingdom family. Mritagargh kingdom king Bhawani Singh. His wife Maheshwaridevi. And his only daughter Rajkumari Divya. And king younger brother. King Jaswant Singh. There Surjangardh’s
King Prithvi Singh. His wife Suman! His youngest brother
King Devendra Pratap Singh. And his son Vijay Pratap Singh. To whom King and Suman
has given him love.. ..just like his own father and mother. It is told that love
makes enemies also blind. Divya and Vijay met on fair.. ..they both became of each other. But Mritagargh Deewan Ajay
Singh and his son Shakti Singh. They will not let the
flower of love to bloom. – Give your blessing father!
– God bless! Today I will win and
give offering to Goddess. Calf’s offering will be given,
Shakti my son. With that if you give the
offering of Surjangardh’s prince.. ..then Goddess will happy! And we too will be happier! What are you telling father? Yes! Kill him till dead. If this work will done
than Mritagargh and Surjangargh. This fire will blow and
it will blow for a years. Mritagardh people will
go on fight with each other. Nobody will pay attention
on the kingdom’s treasure. And we can do whatever we like. What have you understood? Just think about whatever I have said. This fire should be blown every time. Whenever it will be blown
off put some oil in it. Speaking sweetly is invaluable! Father till I am alive,
this fire will never go off. Today on Vijay Dashmi,
on Maa Jagdamba foot step.. ..offering will be given. For offering there will
be final decision between.. ..Mritagargh Thakur Shakti Singh. [indistinct chatter continue] From Surjangardh Prince
Vijay Pratap Singh. [indistinct chatter continue] Madhu! You, I mean you are here. Leave here and there. Just get ready soon. We are going to the fair. I have taken permission from mother. No! I am afraid if any
one will recognised you than. For that I have thought of an idea. You just come fast. No! Shakti Singh! If you will attack on armless Prince. Than here the river
of blood will be flown. Shakti Singh! There is the sword of
Mritagargh in your hands. Its never killed any armless
or neither will it happen again. You have won. Go and do the offering. And take the blessing
of Maa Jagdamba. Go! Tell Mritagargh! Tell Mritagargh! Tell Mritagargh! Tell Mritagargh! Maa Jagdamba! Maa Jagdamba promises
if instead of Prithvi Singh.. ..If I would have been there. Than I would never had
stopped Shakti Singh’s sword. If it would had made pieces of you. I feel that the work which
Shakti Singh has left incomplete.. I want to complete it by my own hands. What are you doing? For God sake please be quiet. Only one Vijay is there,
for him generation is been brightened. And you want to blow off that lamp. From such child, it would
be good that I would be childless. Devendra Pratap Singh
you are telling correct. Our love and affection
and your shelter.. ..has made him weak. He has become a coward. From tomorrow I will teach
you how to use the sword. Next year by giving
the offering in the temple. Mritagargh!
I will teach them a lesson. They are having very bad situation.
Very bad situation! Brother-in-law is coming. The rain will fall
definitely in on our state. Now in Mritagardh rain will fall. – Come.
– Welcome! Welcome! Brother-in-law! Queen! See who has come? Sister-in-law blesses me. God bless you! You had cheered my
heart with happiness. Sister-in-law I can’t say
that by coming home I feel so happy. Now you tell me where
is daughter-in-law? Sister-in-law from
foreign she came with me. She had some work in Bombay
that’s why she halted there. In a few days I will
go and bring her back here. With out our permission
you married in foreign country. To see our daughter-in-law’s
face you are making us wait. What wonder you are doing? He is doing wonder. But you have done the wonder tell him. Should I tell? What do you mean? Sister-in-law,
Mritagardh Prince is coming. My nephew is coming. How can you say that son will come? Son will come, because I am telling. What I am telling is
written in the religious book. And whatever is written in
religious book we are telling it. You both are telling anything. Sister-in-law you have seen
any body from being mad in happiness. – No!
– Why are you telling lie! When ever I see you I become mad. In these days the person
who has touched your heart. He can be of cause of sadness. His sacrifice with be fine. What are you telling Maharaj? What I will tell daughter? I am a flute, some body
blow than the sound comes out. Than you listen to
the voice of this flute. I will make false your
promise and religious. Don’t tell like this, Divya! I don’t believe in all this matters. Panditji see believes on this matter. You see this faithful hand. She has lots of faith. In your life there are
lots of ups and downs daughter. But your life will travel
with the support of a soldier. Soldier!
With the support of one soldier. Yes! Soldier! Panditji that means
Madhu also will be in love. Which relation is bigger
than love, my girl? God is also in relationship. Have you listened?
Now you will also get in love. Madhu where have you lost? JC uncle. When did you come? How are you? You have become so big. – Fine.
– Greetings! Thakur sir! Greetings! Panditji how are you,
everything is alright. Yes every thing is alright. Where have you lost, my friend?
He is our JC uncle. I mean to say. Uncle Jaswant Singh! – Greetings!
– Greetings! And you! She is my friend, Mr.
Pashupal’s daughter Madhulika. We all call her with love, Madhu. Than I will also call
her Madhu with love. Come here uncle. Uncle you have done very
well that you have come. My loneliness was worrying me. What loneliness! I think you don’t know
your small brother is coming. – I know it.
– You know it. Than why is loneliness. When he will come you will
require no one. Not even me. Now where are you going? From now my requirement is not there. Yes! Now you tell me in war
how many enemies have you killed? In life there are lots
of ups and downs, daughter. But your life will travel
with the support of a soldier. “Tell friend, tell!
You tell the secret of your heart. “At the pond, a stranger came.” “Girl pushed back her
ghungat from forehead.” “At the pond, a stranger came.” “Girl pushed back her
ghungat from forehead.” “She quenched the
thirst of the stranger.” “And love started creating
fire in the heart.” “Water started pouring
and a love story began.” “Water started pouring
and a love story began.” “A love story and a love story began.” “A bangle seller came in the street.” “I felt he was very innocent.” “A bangle seller came in the street.” “I felt he was very innocent.” “She make you wore glass bangles..” “..and robbed away your heart,
young ness and everything.” “A love story and a love story began.” “Water started pouring
and a love story began.” “Since childhood, only one story..” “ hearing this we became young.” “Since childhood, only one story..” “ hearing this we became young.” “There was a queen and a king.” “Today I came to know
and today I understood.” “You are the king and I am the queen.” “And a love story began.” “You are the king and I am the queen.” “And a love story began.” “And a love story began.” “Water started pouring
and a love story began.” I will become a mother. – True!
– Yes! Suman! Oh Suman! What are you doing? The whole world’s happiness
has come in these eyes. How can I live without kissing them? I only ask from God that if
it’s a son, he should be like Vijay. Only son will be born. This promise I am doing. And along with this, I also promise.. ..that he will not
come back after loosing. I will make him like this.. ..that he will win
all the games of life. “My life will bloom
with the colour of love.” “My hair will open and
will spread on your shoulders.” “My lips say that go and tell
whatever is there in your heart.” “My eyes say that don’t say
otherwise to will die of shame.” Why have you stopped? Sing! You sing very nicely. – No!
– Please sing! I won’t be able to
sing in front of you. Why! I forget it. But tell me one thing,
in such a small age.. ..why do you sing such songs? I am not a child. When I told that you are a child. But such a song is sung by
those who have got hurt in love. Madhu, have you loved any body? Not done but it happened. Yes you are telling correct. Love cannot be done, it happens. I think it happened with you also. Yes! Who is she!? Very nice! And! She songs very well. And! Due to hers talks,
she impresses everyone. And! From eyes in goes
straight into the heart.. ..and becomes a partner of your life. I think you are
talking about my heart. Who has become a partner of your life? This also I have to tell. Why don’t you ask your heart? Madhu! Why!? Don’t you like me? No! No! I like you.
I like you very much. But! But what!? Madhu is poor. She is not a daughter of king. Madhu I don’t think like this, please. Than! Madhu you are thinking wrong. I was not talking about you.
I am talking about some body else. She is also very cute like you. She also sings songs but in English. She is foreigner I met her in foreign. I married her. Congratulation! Lots of congratulations! Madhu! Madhu! – You go from here Vijay
– Why! I am sacred! From whom! From me or from our self. With the wall of hatred and enmity.. ..which stand from last
hundred years in our family. It doesn’t happen that our
love gets pressed under that wall. Divya, why don’t you
think that our love.. ..may break the wall of hatred. Forever! For this purpose,
if I have to loose my life then also.. For God sake doesn’t
talk like this, Vijay? If any thing will happen
to you I will also not be alive. Death comes to everyone, Divya. Only love is not dead. It never comes. Speaking sweetly is invaluable! But today before talking
about this bitter matter.. ..if my tongue would had
burnt then it would had been better. But sir! Princess Divya! What happen to my daughter? God bless her. But princess is not a child. Sir! She has started loving the
prince Vijay Pratap of Surjangarh. If your talk will be wrong. Than I will cut your tongue. You yourself ask this
to princess Divya, sir. This time they met at fair
and started loving each other. And now his courage
has increased so much.. ..that he have started
coming here to meet her. Now if he comes break his
hands and legs and throw him out. Yes! – After that he told!
– Divya! Where are you going sit there? Whatever has happened,
in that you’re also involved? Do you know any Vijay Pratap Singh? You also know that he
is the prince of Surjangardh. And he came here also. Answer me! Your silence has said everything. God is witness! I have
given you love more then my life. But any one who will play
with the respect of my family status. I will not tolerate this.
May be she is my beloved. – What happen?
– Mother! Ask your loving daughter? Who has kept my self respect
in the feet of enemies.. ..and is repaying
the value of your milk. Take care of her! And tell her that she will
not step out of this palace. Mother! You have ruined the
name of the family. You love with enemy’s son! – You love with enemy’s son!
Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law what are you doing? Don’t raise your
hand in young daughter. You don’t know what she had done? I have heard every thing. – I feel like pressing her neck.
– No! Sister-in-law! You go from here. Divya she is clever daughter
she will listen to me. Go! Go! From here! Go! Uncle! Uncle, you also will not help me. Daughter you have done such a work. You have also put me into trouble. You have stayed for
a long time in foreign. If you tell like this than. By staying in foreign,
thoughts can be changed.. ..blood cannot be changed. We have enmity with their blood. Than you press my neck. Kill me! No! Child! No! No! Control your self. See uncle loves to you very much. Here, I am going out of
the city for two, three days. To bring your aunty,
she is coming from Bombay. You give me promise. Until I will come back
you will not meet him. Give me promise. Come on be a good girl. “Put lakhs of guards on them.” “The birds will not
remain in the cage.” “Put lakhs of guards on them.” “The birds will not
remain in the cage.” “The get lost in the lane of love..” “..and he becomes of someone else.” “The heart does not
hear anyone’s talks.” – Pashupal sir!
– Who! So much late night who can it be? – Pashupal sir!
– What is the matter!? Come soon Deewan sir
has called you immediately. I am coming, but what is the matter. Surjangardh’s prince Vijay
Pratap Singh has entered the palace. – Father! Don’t go father!
– No! No! I have to go daughter. Don’t go! – I will not let this fight happen.
– I have to go daughter. – No! Father! You don’t go!
– It is the order of Deewan sir. You get side!
I am telling you go from here. I am telling you go from here. No! Father!
Father! Don’t go father! Go! – Let’s go.
– Wait! Don’t go father! Vijay you run from here. By leaving you, Divya. You have my head’s promise. Go! Uncle! Deewan sir, he is dead. Speaking sweetly is invaluable! Haven’t you seen anyone dying before? But king has not given
the order to kill him. – So what happened?
– The result of this will be very bad. So much blood will flow that
two families will be destroyed. I will tell everything to the king. – Yes you will tell!
– Shakti! We are going to bring
Vijay’s dead body. Don’t tell my son a dead body. Who will go with us? Vijay’s father will go. No! Brother! To bring Vijay’s dead body, I will go. You come but remember I
will not let you to fight there. You will not be given the
permission to take the weapon. Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! I am sorry for the death of your son. God is witness we
didn’t mean to kill him. Don’t take my Vijay. Don’t take my Vijay. Leave me! Vijay, I am coming, Vijay. Bhawani Singh is the killer. Get side! Bhawani Singh! You are the killer
of these two innocents. Father every thing is ok. What will we do of this girl? Is there anyone in this girl life? I think there is no one in her life. If any one who has nobody.. There! God is there! No! For her Jamnabai is there. Jamnabai! That prostitute. Speaking sweetly in valuable! Don’t talk about prostitute. – Jamnabai teaches music.
– Yes! Come on we go there and
give our condolence to her. Ok! Father! He was a very obedient
and honest person. May God give peace to his soul? Daughter Madhu we all
are with you in your sadness. But what should we do?
Who can change the destiny? Madhu, you wanted to
see your friend Divya.. the arms of Vijay Pratap Singh. That Vijay Pratap Singh
has killed your father. Yes daughter! We only wanted to remove
him out from Mritagardh. But he attacked your father Pashupal,
he himself also died. Whatever has happened, is over, Madhu. We would not want
our Pashupal’s daughter.. ..may have to beg in front of others. We would like that you first distribute
among ten people and then you eat. See daughter,
you sing very sweetly also. – Yes! Nandu!
– Yes sir! You take daughter Madhu
to Jamana Sangeet Maha Vidyalya. Daughter you go there
and learn many songs. Raise your name, so your
father’s soul will also get peace. Ok! Daughter! I am going. Take care! Driver, stop the car. Madhu! – Greetings! King!
– Greetings! She is my wife! Darling this is Madhulika! Greetings! Queen! Where are you going? If I would had known this,
than I would had surely told you. What happened? Is every thing alright? Is your father alright? He is alright. he will never be sad. What are you talking? Tell me straight
away what the matter is? You go to the palace
you will know all the things. Go! Go! Sir! No! No! No! Before hearing this sad news,
I should have died. Now hear one thing. Surjangardh’s every
children should be alert. No one will give witness
against Jaswant Singh. Because I will give dead
punishment to Jaswant Singh. No law will give! – Darling!
– Don’t touch me. You are my wife if
I will not touch you.. ..then whom should I touch? Come here! The person whom I married
that person is not you. He was very nice. – He was a gentle!
– Darling! He was not a crud! He was not a crud! Control yourself! Look after yourself, darling. No! You just thing about it. In your stomach my
child is growing up. I ask you when you
have no value for life. Then why do you make other life? Why! Please! Please! Darling! My child will born
I will give him my blood.. ..and milk to him. When he will grow
up he will become crud. He will kill some body
or some one will kill him. Darling! Darling! Please! Calm down! Darling! Darling! Darling! Don’t worry Thakur sir. She is alright now. But she is having lots
of tension and shock also. To reduce tension your
help is very essential. And if the tension does not reduce. Than the child in the
stomach will also be in danger. I under stand doctor. Now you may go. I won’t to go back to England. Please! Ok! Darling! If you want to go
to England you may go. But it is difficult
for me to go with you. The whole responsibility of the
palace and estate is on my shoulder. I will go alone. My child eyes will open there,
where there will be lots of love. Where there will not
be hatred and bloodshed. Jenny returned back to England. King Prithvi Singh got punishment. Two families were socked in grief. But sadness and happiness
always be together. Maheshwaridevi gave
born to Vikram Singh. And Suman gave born
to Vinay Pratap Singh. “In the dream,
my friend saw Lord NandGopal.” “In the dream,
my friend saw Lord Nand Gopal.” “Sweet face and a flute in the hand.” “Sweet face and a flute
in the hand and curly hair.” “In the dream,
my friend saw Lord Nand Gopal.” “In the dream,
my friend saw Lord Nand Gopal.” No! No! Suman! Never bring Vinay here. When he will grow up,
if he will question you.. ..that where is my father? What answer will you give? If he will stay here,
than he will surely ask about you. Why don’t we send Vinay
to England for studies? You have thought absolutely correct. We have to send him to England. When he will complete his education. By that time I will also be realised. And I will give all the
answers of his questions. In England, Jenny gave birth to.. ..king Jashwant Singh’s
daughter and died. And she made a will.. ..that until the child
completes her education. She won’t return to India. In the whole world Jashwant
Singh was left all alone. “I am a thirsty empty pot.” “He is a deep sea.” “The sea does not get inside the pot.” “How have I been cheated?” “How am I a mad girl,
a love story begun?” “How am I a mad girl,
a love story begun?” “A love story begun.” “A love story begun.” “What type of knock
and sound is this?” “What type of heart beat is this?” “What type of knock
and sound is this?” “What type of heart beat is this?” “I have started remembering him..” “..whom I had forgotten
with great difficulty.” “It is an old remembrance,
a love story begun.” “A love story!” “A love story begun.” “What else can I do besides dancing?” “What else can I do besides crying?” “The one who use to
get shy from the mirror.” “Became a dancer and a singer.” “My love story,
this is my love story.” Madhu went in the love
shelter on king Jaswant Singh. She got her love which was lost. And he got the support of his life. Sir, have you called us. Stand up Deewan sir. Call him! Sir, it is not my fault. Do you know this person? Yes! Sir! On the last rituals of Pashupal Singh,
was this person there. Yes! I can’t remember properly. Shakti Singh this! Yes sir he was present there. As per your talk he had
taken Pashupal’s daughter Madhu. Yes he has taken to Sangeet
Maha Vidyalya to learn song. Now she has taken
a degree of singing also. Sangeet Maha Vidyalya
or Jamnabai dancing hall. – But sir, hear my whole..
– Keep quiet! You don’t have manners
when Sarkar is talking.. between you should not talk. Yes sir, what were you telling? Madhu has been sold to Jamnabai. And a good family’s daughter.. ..has become the brightness
of a dancing hall. Good heavens! Good heavens! What are you telling, sir? Bastard! Deewanji, what have you done? It was better that this
dirty insect is dead, sir. Truth is that an insulted.. ..baseless person
like me should also die. By my such a small mistake.. ..a innocent girl’s
life has been ruined. – I should die!
– Father! Sir! Tell him to stop. Sir! Tell him to stop. Whatever has happened is over. Dispose this body to some other place. And remember with
him truth has not died. Come on Vicky son, now you shoot. – No! Uncle! No!
– Come on shoot! This is the weapons of warriors,
why are you sacred? Speaking sweetly is invaluable!
Thakur sir! He will surely raise
the name of warriors. This poor is sacred
from Diwali’s crackers. How he will use the gun? Are you crying!? Are you crying!? You have to make the enemy cry. – Come on!
– I am touching your feet. You are would be king of Mritagardh. If you are sacred from bullet sound.. ..than what will happen of Mritagardh? Come on! Use the gun fire it. – No Uncle! No!
– I am telling fire it. Fire it! I am telling fire it! – Brother-in-law!
– Fire the bullet! Stop it! Leave him. What are you doing? Why are you scaring him? I am removing his fear, sister-in-law. He is scared with the sound of bullet. Vikram had heard that bullet’s
sound in her mother’s womb.. ..that Prithvi Singh had fired. Maheshwar devi sent his
son far away to England.. ..From the world
of hatred and enemies. In revenge Jaswant Singh was waiting.. ..for Prithivi Singh’s realise. And in the jail Prithivi Singh
was also waiting for Jaswant Singh. For same he also was waiting for him. But in England The destiny
was quite different. Can you recognise who is he? I can’t recognise queen. But I will say from mother
eyes he is our prince. Yes our Vikram. He has grown up. He has gone on his father. But eyes are looking like you. Who is with him? He has written it his best friend. Name is Yes! Vinay! Hello! Vicky! You are sweating. Don’t tell me you are
scare of the gun shots. Possibly! Come on! Any body who open
his mouth in front of you.. raise your hand on him. It can’t be. That is different thing. But I don’t know from childhood
I am scared from bullet’s sound. Had any incident
occurred in childhood? After trying to remember,
I can’t remember, Vinay. Than this is your suspicion. You have to remove this suspicion. Scared of which matter. You must face the problem.
Take this! Come on. Come on! Shoot! I can’t do it. – You love me.
– Yah! Think some body is standing
there to kill Vinay. What will you do? You will kill him! You will kill him! Before he kills me! Come on kill him. Kill him bastard! Come on kill him! Kill Vicky! Kill him! Before he kills me!
Kill him! Vicky! Kill him! See your scared has been removed. You really love me.
You killed the bastard. Thank you Vicky. Don’t be silly. You won’t believe this Vinay. I feel like shooting again. That’s dangerous. Bloody druggist. But the girl is Indian. Looking like from good family. And looking beautiful also. Hello! Ok! Ok! Hello! Take it easy. Come on lets. Leave me alone. Please help! Leave me alone. Help! Help! Get up you bastard. What’s going on here? – They are druggist officer.
– Come on! Get up! They were trying to create trouble. Come on! Get up you druggist. – Get up! You too come with me.
– Well I! – She is with us.
– Ok! Ok! – Come on!
– Hello! Come on, move! She is with us! Now you leave her home. Where do you stay? I study at Oxford. Ok! Oxford student
and all these activities. Vicky I want to meet
professor Hotman,.. – ..I am going.
– Ok! Come! That’s my hostel. Well here we are there,
now I will say good night. Hey! What’s that for? That means thank you. – Thank you very much!
– For what!? You told the police officer
that I am with you. So! And say that you will always with me. But I hardly know you. Well my name is Tanvi. In my house they call me, Tanu. What is your name? My name is Vikram. Here people call me Vicky. Vicky! It’s a very good name. And you are a very nice person Vicky. You are also not bad. But this drugs and company. After all why are
you spoiling your life? I know Vicky by going
on the zig-zag road of life.. ..anyone can loose her control. Anyone can loose his way. Ok! Ok! But it’s bad. Isn’t it? It is. Ok! I am going. Otherwise your college
superintendent will be angry. Good night! Vicky! We must meet again. Ok! But don’t forget. Vicky’s friendship and drugs poison.. – ..they can’t stay together. Ok!
– Yes! Bye! Hello! Is it 8033. Yes! You have booked
a call for London. – Yes! Yes!
– Please speak here. Hello! Neelima here! Daughter I am your father speaking. – Oh!
– Daughter, how are you? When are you coming home? When are you coming to India? Father I told you I hate India. Daughter doesn’t tell like this. Father why are you
calling again and again. I have nothing to talk to about. I don’t want to talk with you. Daughter! Neelima! Neelima! Neelu why are you hate Indians. I am also an Indian girl. You are Indian girl. I hate Indian men. Than your father is also an Indian. That means you hate your father. Yes! That’s why my mother
took me in her womb.. ..and left him and came here. They are not humans. They are animals. All this happened after
that also he stays there. He is telling your horoscope
has been shown to astrologer. And your marriage will
be done to an Indian boy. And if destiny also wants this then!? I will fight with my destiny. I will show them that
people has changed his destiny. Enough, Ok! Don’t get so much excited
going to fight with the stars. When you will get your Greek God.. ..than you will not be
able to fight with the stars. My lovingly daughter. Hello! This is someone else letter. Neelima. Oh! My God this is
someone else letter. Vinay Pratap Singh. Shall I read! Shall I read may be
I will be able to meet her? Shall I read! Bad manners but from this
letter I can recognise one person. I will read it. My lovingly, lovingly son. – Hello!
– This letter! – And this one!
– This letter! Is my! – Neelima!
– Oh! Its mine! But this is open, have you read it. No! Why should I? This is also open! Have you!? O! No! No! I haven’t! Thank you! O! Thank you! What a coincidence!? What a strange coincidence!? We are not only Indians
but also from the same city. That’s right! Thank you, any way! Hello! Why don’t
you call up your father? So you haven’t read my letter. That’s bad manners you know. I am sorry!
But you should talk to your father. Do you know how much love..
..does a father’s heart have? O! Ya! Absolutely! That is why your father
never remembered you. No phones! No letters! Hello! And you have not read my letter. Bad manners. Ok! I am sorry! -It’s alright?
– No! No! Not like this, madam! Both of us have said lies.. ..mistake is also done by both of us. So both of us also
should get the punishment. Punishment! What punishment! Your punishment is that you
will talk to your father in the phone. And my punishment is this
that until you talk to him.. ..I will go on following you. What nonsense!? Just for these stupid matters.. ..I hate India and
the people of India. Hello! First think what you are talking.. ..and then say whatever
you want to say. Just think that if you
get married to any Indian. Then! Listen! Mind your own business ok! Mr! Hello! Vinay Pratap Singh!
In short, Vinay! If I talk to my father or not.. ..what do you got to do with it? I just want to see you happy.. ..and to see your father happy. Come on! Don’t phone him,
at least phone me.. ..I will give him the message. – My number is 08..
– Goodbye! Hello! Hello! Help! Help! Help! O my God! Help! Help! Help! Don’t worry darling! Everything will be fine! O God! Ok! Ok! O my God! My child, are you fine!? Daddy! Thank you! Lakh of thanks to God.. child is safe. – Thank you very much!
– It’s ok! The daughter is so happy
after going in her father’s arms. More than her, you are looking happy. Why not!? I have done my duty. Do you know the girl whom
you have saved was a Indian girl. And you hate India
and Indians very badly. But I love human being
he may be of any community. If a persons heart does
not have this much love also.. ..then I person is not
a person but he is an animal. Hello! I just wanted to hear
these words from your mouth. How much beautiful you are? That much beautiful is your soul. That you for the compliment. Come on at least you
have accepted some thing. I felt good by talking to you. – Call me sometimes.
My number is 0836.. – Bye! 32.. Hello! “Hello! Hello!
Hello! My telephone number. Listen; write it in your heart. O shut up! Don’t murder my love, you call me everyday. Hello! Hello! My telephone number. Listen; write it in your heart. My number is 0836323530, got it? Forget it! In the shade of this silky hair.. ..may be I may feel sleepy. Hello! Hello! You look very sweet. Every time you look at the watch. If today you are in a hurry to go. Promise that you will come tomorrow. Really! Hello!
Hello! My telephone number. Listen; write it in your heart. This weather is very pleasant. I want to impress an angry lover. Hello! Hello!
Say what is your intention? Listen; I promise to you. The path of my beloved
will not be left. That our love will not be broken ever. Hello! Hello! My telephone number. Listen; write it in your heart. This path has no turns, now there is no other way. Hello! Hello!
Come on let us become friends. Otherwise go and commit suicide. I will not leave
you when you are alive. I promise I will not this promise. Hello! Hello! My telephone number. Listen; write it in your heart.” Vicky! Vicky! O Vicky! Vikram Singh for you. O Vicky! I have come
to give you very good news. – Yes!
– I have thrown all the drugs outside. Really! Till evening
some more will come. No! Never, Vicky! Now never! Not even my life ends then also. Every drug attics say all this. Vicky! Will you please
listen to me, Vicky? Vicky, please! Vicky! Please! Vicky! Listen to me! You called me a slave, isn’t it? I am a slave but not of that drug,
of this drug. Arre Wah!
Am I not Vicky or a drug pill? Who knows Vicky,
love is surely a drug? One time you also try and do it. You will have lot of fun. No way, baby! No way! Ok honey! I’ll find a way. Hello! I am sorry! I didn’t know you had company. Don’t be silly, Tanu! You know you are always welcome. Come! Vinay, this is my friend, Tanvi. Hey! – Hello!
– Tanu, this is Vinay! I mean to say Vinay Pratap Singh. We have met each other before. Really! Where!? That! It will be good
if you won’t ask it. In fact! One minute! You are in love! Aren’t you!? Yes! – Wonderful! Revolution!
Our Neel and an Indian boy. Until yesterday you
hated every Indian boy. Love has killed the hate ness, Tanu. You are finished. Where has that Neel gone? Who use to say that she
will fight with the stars? I will change the destiny. I think we have to
fix the matter of marriage. Come on! It’s just wonderful for both of you. I wish, little of this
magic works on that stupid also. So that we can have fun. On whom! Who is he!? He is his friend, ask him. Who!? Vicky! Vicky! Arre mad! Vicky is my cousin. Really! Is he your cousin!? Yes! There was father’s big brother.. the name of Rajashahab Mirza. He is his prince. Hello! It’s just a small world. You are from Mritagardh
and I am from Surjangardh. Unbelievable, In Surjangardh.. father is a police officer. Really! Then I will have to help you. Please, I am crazy about him. Hello! Just don’t leave
him alone from tomorrow. Both of us are going to London city. Come there! Hey! “I was pulled, my love.” “I was tied and brought to you,
my love.” “I was pulled, my love.” “I was tied and brought to you,
my love.” “With the loose rope of love,
quietly and secretly.” “Yes secretly, yes secretly.” “You have tied me.” “I was pulled, my love.” “I was tied and brought to you,
my love.” “I was pulled, my love.” “I was tied and brought to you,
my love.” “Hey!” “You beloved has got your name.” “I have got your message.” “I have got the name of beloved.” “I have got your message.” “I have got a peg
of drinks with love.” “Have got a peg of drinks,
till now I had drunk poison.” “I was pulled, my love.” “I was tied and brought to you,
my love.” “There is no other drugs like love..” “ is not my mistake.” “There is no other drugs like love..” “ is not my mistake.” “I don’t know anything, anything.” “Whatever is done,
it is done by this heart.” “I was pulled, my love.” “I was tied and brought to you,
my love.” “I was pulled, my love.” “I was tied and brought to you,
my love.” You can’t go from here
without hearing me, Vicky. Ok! Tell! What is the matter!? Do you want me to go
back in that poisonous world? You want me to go back to that life. Well! It’s your life! You are the owner of your life. You can do whatever you like. This is the only sadness.. ..I am no more the owner of my life. Then who is he!? The owner of my life
is asking me the question. You mean! See Tanvi! I mean to say! I have heard your decision. It was my fault. Believe me, Tanvi. I would never like that
you go back in that drugs world. I don’t want your sympathy, Vicky. I don’t want your favour. Hey! Tanvi! So soon you loose hope? I was examining you. Really! I love you! Sir! Your child’s phone
has come from Oxford. – Daughter’s phone!
– Yes! Hello! Who!? Neelima, my child! Hello, father! I am your daughter, Neelima speaking. Wow! What a lovely surprise!? Is every thing fine, my child? I am fine, father. I am fine. Father I! I am coming to India. – What!?
– Yes father! I am coming back to India. Are you coming back to India? Are you coming back to India? Today if I would had
asked for anything else.. ..from Goddess Jagdamba,
I would had got it. But my child is coming back to India.. ..what else can I ask for? When are you coming, my child?
When are you coming? I will come before Diwali. That’s very good, my child. Ok! Take care of your
self and come fast, my child. Bye father! – Bye!
– I love you! I love you too! Suman! On my realise, I can see.. ..the happiness of the
whole family in your eyes. But along with this happiness.. ..what type of little fear is this? You have said correct. My heart shivers, with this thought.. ..that don’t know where
will your next step move. Have faith, Suman. My every step will
move only for my love.. ..and for the well-being
of Surjangardh. Sir! Come! Sir! Some Thakur has
sent these garlands. Give it! You can go! “No one else is so
happy with your realise.. ..rather then me. Now the wall of the jail
is also not there between us. We will meet of Dashmi in the fair,
surely come. Jaswant Singh.” Whose letter is it!? Some one who loves me? He is very restless to meet me. When he will meet me,
he will die of happiness. When is Dashmi!? Dashmi!? – That!
– Yes, when is Dashmi!? Oh yes!
I forgot to give you the good news. On the day of Dashmi, our son Vinay.. coming back home from England. – Really!
– Yes! Then I will celebrate Vijay Dashmi
with lots of pomp and pleasure. – Mr. Gajendra Singh!
– Yes! Tell the priests to make
preparation of the riots. And this time on any situation.. ..I will give the offering
on the legs of the Goddess. O king, you! Yes, Mr. Gajendra Singh. And this news should reach
till the people of Mitragarh. On the day of Dashmi,
he will be used for offering. Greetings, o queen! Greetings, o queen! What is going on, brother-in-law!? Preparation of Vijay Dashmi
is going on, sister-in-law. Touching your feet! Suddenly you came here. Is the matter very special? Yes! The matter is
really very special. – Sir!
– Sir! What is the matter, sister-in-law!? After some days, Vicky and Neelima.. ..are coming back home from England. Good! Very good! You have given me such good news. I am also giving you good news. Prithvi Singh has been
realised from the jail. By Jagdamba’s wish,
I will realise him from his life. No! No! No, brother-in-law! Will there be the end of this fight? Sister-in-law!
You want to save that killer.. ..who has snatched
away your vermillion. No! I just want to
take care of those things.. ..whatever has been left over. You are there, his son, Vicky.. ..motherless child Neelima. I don’t want to see that day.. ..when she does not have
the shade of her father. So you think that Prithvi
Singh will also kill me. The sharpness of enemies sword.. ..does not be on one side,
brother-in-law. It is on both the sides. Aren’t you seeing
your widow sister-in-law? There must be some
widows in Surjangardh also. There also any mother
is crying for her son. I had come to tell that
the people of this palace.. ..will not tell Vicky
that how was his father killed. And has been killed by whom? Will not say, sister-in-law. No one will say. I myself don’t want Vicky
to know about this matter. Otherwise the sword of revenge
will come in his hands. Only my sword has the right.. shade Prithvi Singh’s
blood and no one else. For God sake, keep this sword.. such a sword holder. From where it won’t
be able to come out ever. Sister-in-law! Being a warrior
you are talking all this. Who told you that a warrior
does not have the heart.. ..of a mother. When the sword is been used.. is not used to kill any man. But is used to kill
a womb of a mother. I plead before you, stop all this. Or else you close my eyes. So that I won’t be able
to see the end of my family. Hey! Hello! Hello! Hey father! I can’t believe on my eyes. Let me look at you. Wow! You look so beautiful. You are looking handsome
yourself, father. Really! Where is Vicky? Vicky must be coming behind. Have he met any air-hostess or what? You know him. Mother! Mother! When the happiness is so much.. ..that it cannot be kept in the heart. So it comes out of the eyes. Come! Sir! Prince Vinay Pratap Singh has arrived. Bless you! You are more handsome.. ..and then what I had thought. Father! Come! Will any one believe.. ..that I have seen
you for the first time. You even did not come to England. I knew Vinay,
whenever you would return.. ..there would be many
questions in your tongue. Today you come with me
to the temple for holy riot.. will get all the
answer of your question. What type of holy riot, father? Today is Dashmi,
we will give offering on Goddess. We will make Jagdamba happy. And there will be rain
on the land of Surjangardh. Of course, it will happen. Hello! Do the clouds
of rain ask before raining? That have you given
the offering or not. Vicky, today we will
go to the Jagdamba temple.. ..and there we will give the offering. Offering! What type of offering!? Sir, the offering of a calf. And due to this offering
there will be rain in Mritagardh. Father, it would be good
that you hit your sword.. ..on the clouds and
it will rain in this way. Uncle can do this also.. ..but at least there should be clouds. In the temple all the
warriors will be present there. You will also come with us. – Of course!
– No! You will not go. Why mother!? Since many years my
eyes are longing to see you. You come will me. May be next year, uncle. Father, you were saying
all the warriors will come. Vinay will also come! Who will come!? No! I will come! I will also come! Will you get afraid? If I will get afraid.. ..then I will hide
my head on your shoulders. May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh.
Thakur Jaswant Singh.. O God! This poor animals
offering will be given. Yes, my child! I won’t be able to
see this entire father. Then you go home. – Ok!
– May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! I have changed my decision. May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. – Hey!
– Hello! How are you, love? – How are you?
– Fine! Is he your father? Yes! And he is your father. Yes! Can you see that calf, Vinay? This poor animals
offering will be given. Don’t know in which
century do they stay? Why don’t you think
of some idea to save it? Very easy!
You open its rope, it will run away. Put that rope in my
neck and I will stand there. When will you leave your childishness? When our child will be born. Their childhood will
start and my will be finished. I am talking about that calf.. ..and you are talking about our kids. You are impossible! I am not impossible,
the situation is impossible. See! When any tradition
becomes the part of religion. So to break it, is not only
difficult but also impossible. I can see Divya and
Vijay in front of me. Speak talk is valuable. Sir! – What is the matter?
– Prithvi Singh And Jaswant Singh.. ..have reached the
temple of Goddess Jagdamba. Have you seen from your own eyes? Yes! I am afraid that for
the rights of the offering.. ..there may be fight
and blood shedding also. I think my whole life will
be spent in saving their life. May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! O my God! May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh!
May long live, Thakur Jaswant Singh. Stop them Vinay! They will kill one another. I can’t watch this. May long live, Thakur Prithvi Singh! Priest! Stop them! Today no one can stop them. Vinay, stop this please! Hello! Get side! Get side! Goddess Jagdamba Jai! – Get side!
– Arrest them! Today the offering is been given.. the police to Goddess. What have you done this, Mr.
Ganga Singh? The government has
no right to interfering.. our religious matter. Right is there or not.. ..this decision will
be taken by the government. This DIG saved Jaswant Singh. Father, how are your injuries? It’s just ordinary scratches;
it will be cured in a day or two. You are telling them
ordinary scratches. Do you know how much
blood has been shed? We warriors blood,
is not used for anything else. But father, just to give an offering.. ..this type of a fight. Offering was just an excuse, Vicky. I want to take a very
old revenge from him. What type of revenge, uncle? It is a very long story, son. Son! From Oxford
a phone call had come.. ..of any girl. She told that she
will call back again. – Come!
– Mother! Can I talk to uncle for a while? Then I will come. Come afterwards,
her phone may be coming. – Come!
– Ok! Mother! Sorry! I will meet
you afterwards, uncle. I met Neelima in Oxford. She was also studying there. Do you know that girl
is my enemy’s daughter? Enemy! Father,
I just know that his name is Vinay. And he is my loving friend. Vijay Pratap Singh
was very loving for me. May be more than you. But that stupid did only one mistake. She started loving enemy’s son. For that I never forgave her. Not even after her death. After seeing the dead
body of both the children.. ..I lost my control
and I shoot Bhawani Singh. And I got the punishment. Vinay, before the holy
riot you had asked me a question. That why didn’t a father’s heart.. ..did not want to meet his son. This is the answer to your question. Father! In your veins,
Prithvi Singh blood is flowing. After today you will
not meet my enemy’s daughter. And I wish you will
not meet him after today. Friendship can be forgotten.. ..but enmity cannot be forgotten. Have you heard what have I said? Neelima! Yes father! Father, I came to know all this today. Give me some time. And I also want to think
about my friend Vicky. Greetings O queen! Come, Mr. Ganga Singh. Sit! – Hello sir!
– Hello Son. How are you? Hey Vicky! – Hey Tanu! Come sit! This is my daughter,
Tanvi, with love we call her Tanu. Greetings! I think they know
each other very nicely. Yes o queen!
Both were studying in Oxford. Son Vicky,
go and show Tanu the palace. Yes, mother! Come! So what’s news about Oxford? Oxford is also same
and London is also the same. But everything is lonely. Why! Because Vicky was not there. Good old Tanu! I thought that I will
stay without you for some days. Couldn’t stay, came here. Tanu has told me.. ..that Vicky had helped
him a lot in London. Tanu had many problems,
which Vicky had solved. My Vicky is good as
well as understanding also. Then in the foreign country.. ..if children won’t help one another. Then what is the use? You are right. Come on it’s good that
my father and your mother.. ..know each other from first. Now there won’t be any problem. Not so fast, baby! What is it!? It’s the chanting
of many someone your own. And the chanting of love. There are holy things,
which are very useful. If you love someone goes far away.. ..this bangles are so useful,
that they will come running. Should I give you, madam? Give me! I think both the madam’s
have the same sickness. This sickness is not so small,
it will take my life. It is easy to give life, madam.. ..but it is hard to live
after giving your heart. We adivashi’s have a song, madam. The rhythm is like this,
“No one should give her heart.. ..let the life be
finished or finished.” It’s very good, sing it. “No one should give her heart..” “..let the life be
finished or finished.” “No one should give her heart..” “..let the life be
finished or finished.” “No one should start loving..” “..let the life be
finished or finished.” “No one should start loving..” “..let the life be
finished or finished.” “No one should give her heart..” “..let the life be
finished or finished.” “There are flame
of fire in the flowers” “There are flame
of fire in the flowers” “In love we have sleepless nights.” “May the sleep does not disappear..” “..let the life be
finished or finished.” “No one should give her heart..” “..let the life be
finished or finished.” “No one should give her heart..” “..let the life be
finished or finished.” “He is mad and loving,
this matter is different.” “This matter is different.” “He is mad and loving,
this matter is different.” “This heart is very
weak just like a mirror.” “May the mirror not break..” “..let the life be
finished or finished.” “May the mirror not break..” “..let the life be
finished or finished.” “No one should give her heart..” “..let the life be
finished or finished.” “No one should start loving..” “..let the life be
finished or finished.” “No one should give her heart..” “..let the life be
finished or finished.” O Vinay, I love you! I am feeling very frightened. Hello! There was one such day when you use
to feel frightened to come near me. And this is such a day.. ..that you have come
with fright to meet me. – Tell!
– Jokes apart, Vinay! Today my father told
me that there is a relation.. ..between your and my family. The relation of blood. The relation of blood! To shed one another’s blood. Come off it, Vinay! Such a big difficulty
has been created.. ..and you are thinking of joking. If by crying our difficulty is over,
then let us cry. Tell, first you will
start or should I start? Stop it, Vinay! I was thinking that
it would had been better.. ..that we wouldn’t
had come from England. Hello! I have seen such person’s also.. ..who looses everything
from life and say. “It would have been
better that I was not born.” My God Vinay, you are impossible. You are never serious, you know.
I am going. Hello! Hold it!
Hold it! I am sorry! I am sorry! I am serious now. It is difficult,
Neelima but we have to face it. This storm is not a small storm. Don’t know how many
boats will be drowned? How many edges will be broken? Only they will cross,
who will be together. Have you called me, father? Hello! Today again you went
to meet my enemy’s daughter. Yes! Why!? Because beside your son,
I am also a human being. I also have some emotions. There is no place for
emotions for a warrior. A warrior lives only for his respect.. ..and dies for them
whom he loves the most. Don’t forget, Vinay! An enemy is an enemy
in every situation. Every thing of this world dies. Insect-creatures,
animals, birds and everyone. But why does enmity die, father? Do you think that by your talks.. ..the fire inside
be will be blown off. No! In fact this fire will arouse more. And you want to burn
the emotions of your son. Vinay! And you are trying
to play with my emotions. Hear one thing.. ..after today you will
never-never meet that girl again. This is my last decision. Hello! Today is his death anniversary. Give flowers in his remembrance, son. Wherever he may be, he will bless you. Wipe your tears, sister-in-law. You know brother never liked tears. I know, brother-in-law.. ..but my daughter who
was just like a flower. How come, uncle!? Father and sister Divya
died on the same day. It is only one of the sins, Vicky. The play of God is very strange. But uncle, why have you made.. ..both of them tomb in the same place. Why not with the
warriors of Mritagardh? Father! Vicky! I am also coming. I am also coming, Vijay. Mother! Mother! Aunty! Uncle, what happened to mother? I think she became unconscious. Come on;
let us take her to the palace. Prince! Come! Come! Come! Sit! God promise,
you will live till 1000 years. With every sip we were praising you. Tell o king,
will you take with soda or water? I don’t drink. What a wonder! After staying for so
long in foreign country you.. Speaking sweetly is invaluable. All the goodness
is just like late king. He never used to touch it even. I had never seen father anytime. This sadness will
remain with me forever. What had happened to him? His breathe was over. Was he sick? No! Not at all. He was perfectly fine. That day we had gone in the fields.. ..when we returned
we came to know that.. You must have at least asked any one. More the people, more was the talks. Some says it was an accident. And some said they had
heard the sound of bullets. Sound of bullets!? We did not believe at all. But it is sure that
the death was not natural. You are such an old employee.. must have done the inquiry. The one, who wanted to go,
went away, prince. What inquiry would we do? What a wonder?
Nobody tells me anything. Sister Divya also.. Speaking sweetly is very invaluable. This is all destiny, son. Just think how much love was there.. ..between father and daughter. The work which you couldn’t do.. ..that work I have to do. Now the war of Mahabharat will start. Can I speak to Vinay Pratap please? After so many days
you remember your friend. Hey Vinay! Friends are remembered at.. ..the time of difficulty. Difficulty! What type of difficulty? It is a very big difficulty, friend. Will you say something? Do you remember you had said.. ..that you must face the problem. Then come on let
us finish this problem. What shall we do? – Will you come for hunting?
– Hunting! Which thing will you hunt? If I won’t get anything,
I will hunt you. Hello! Will you hunt me? Where will I get
a bigger tiger than you? Ok say! Where will we meet? Mitrapur, in my stud farm. Ok done! Vikram Singh! Vicky! Vicky! Drop your gun. Throw away your guns. Otherwise I will blow his brain. Throw away your guns. Have you got frightened, my tiger? How are you, Vinay? How are you? After seeing you feeling
much better, Vicky. How are you? I am fine, Vinay. Come let’s go for hunting. Come! Vicky! You’re ok! Bloody bastard! Bastard does seem to like his boss. It has thrown me purposely. Don’t be silly, Vicky. Come on! Arre! Your back is
been pricked by thorns. With how much love you
are taking out these thorns. Now you also tell me your problem.. ..may be I will remove
any of your thorns. Vicky, there is a burden on my heart. I have hidden one matter from you. And it is said.. ..that a secret creates
wall between friendship. I don’t want to mix your friendship. Dash it, Vinay!
You’re being more dramatic. Tell, what your problem? I love Neelima. What!? All this started at Oxford. Our letters got exchanged
and we meet each other.. ..and the matter
increased till marriage. You son of a .. I’ll kill you Vinay. I will kill you. Ok! Ok! Ok! All this happened in front of me.. ..and I didn’t even have the news. One matter is good,
along with friendship.. ..there will be a relationship also. And if will come closer. Tell when is your marriage? I will dance so much
in your marriage.. ..that the whole world
will dance along with me. Marriage! This is my difficulty. What type of difficulty? I will solve whatever your problem is. Why are you being ignored? You know your uncle will
never agree for this relation. When I have agreed
then uncle will also agree. If you are not able to talk to uncle.. ..then I will talk to him. You have done the compromise.. ..but you’re uncle will
not forget his brother’s death. There can never be a compromise.. ..between my father and your uncle. Vicky, he will never forgive
my father for his brother. What!? Tell again! Your father has killed
uncle Jassi’s brother.. ..that means he killed my father. Your father killed my father. Vicky, Get hold of yourself. Control yourself! I thought you know everything. Today I came to know,
I got to know everything. Today I got to know.. ..that why I feared
the sound of bullets. Because I have heard
that bullets sound.. my mother’s womb. Which bullet came out
from your father’s gun.. ..and was pierced
in my father’s chest. Where are you going? To ask some questions to that woman.. ..who had hidden me in her womb. And till today she had hidden.. ..the light of truth from me. Vikram! Vikram! Vikram! What are you doing all this!? What are you doing all this!? The work which I had
to do quite before, mother. Vikram, where are
you going with the gun? – Get side, mother!
– What is the matter? Why didn’t you tell
anything about father? What didn’t I tell you? About his death! O God! Today I got to know, mother. That since childhood
the sound of bullet.. ..which is echoing in my ears. That bullet had come
out from whose gun.. ..and had pierced in father’s chest. I didn’t want this, entire son. That the fire of enmity
and revenge should reach you. You remembered the duty of a mother.. ..but you didn’t remembered
about the duty of a son. Your son went of embracing
his father’s killer, mother. Just because of you.
Only because of you. Life and death is in
the hands of God, Vikram. If you’re God says this that.. ..father’s death was to
be happened by Prithvi Singh. Then my God says that Prithvi Singh.. ..and his family member’s
death will be held by me. No! No son! No! You have the promise
of your widow mother. Throw it! Throw it! I have lost many things.
I don’t want to loose you. No! You have learnt to
live without father.. you learn to
live without you’re son. No! Vicky! Prithvi Singh! Vicky! Have you gone mad!? Get side! I will kill you, you bastard. Vicky no! No Vicky! No! – Leave me mother!
– No! They killed my father. You bastard! You shot my father. I will kill you. – No!
– I will kill you. Get side! Leave me! Get side! I will kill you, you bastard.
I will kill you. Get side, mother! I will kill him. First kill me. Get side! I will kill him. no! If you will kill him.. will see the
dead face of your mother. Father! Father! Father! Father! – Vicky.
– Take out the car! Call the doctor! Call the doctor! How is Vicky? Is there any danger? We all are praying to God, Tanvi. You also do it. Aunty! – You come here and sit.
– Yes! Excuse you!
Are you the mother of Vikram Singh? Yes! And you’re the mother of Vinay. Yes! Sit! I have come to tell
you only this much.. ..that I am praying for
the long life of your child. May God save your husband? I know the pain of widow ness. I don’t want that
this curse should come.. any sister’s life. Your heart is so big. A woman’s heart is so wide.. ..that all the happiness
of the world can come inside it. Isn’t it a difficulty or not? Our children who use to
love each other in England.. they are
the enemy of each other. Children has to tolerate.. ..because of forefather’s deeds. Children will tolerate
and mothers will just see. But what can we do? We can do at least anything. If we cannot pick up the weapon.. least we can raise our voice. Who will listen? By thinking this we can’t keep quite. By just giving birth a mother’s
responsibility is not over. To show the way,
to help in every step.. also the
responsibility of a mother. I am thinking that
the woman of Surjangardh.. ..and Mritagardh have only
given birth to the children. So that they grow up
and shed each others blood. Then it would be good
that they burn their womb. They would die barren. You won’t get anything by being sad. I have thought that
I will get rid of my shame.. ..I will save my child. If I would have to beg,
then I will beg. If I have to fight, I will fight. Ad if I have to give my life,
then I will give that also. I won’t say much but I promise.. ..that at the right
time I will support you. Where is Vicky? In the ICU. Father! How is Vicky? Doctors say that he is out of danger. Do you know who shoot at Vicky? Yes! Vinay Pratap Singh had. – Vinay Pratap Singh has.
– Yes! – Greetings Thakur sir!
– Greetings! How is Vicky? Thank God, Thakur sir, he and.. ..Mr. Prithvi is absolutely
out of danger now. So the life of Prithvi
Singh has increased more. – What!?
– No! Nothing! Can I meet Vicky!? I am sorry Thakur sir!
Right now he is sleeping. Take care of him. You don’t worry, Thakur sir! Father! What happened, father? Father! You wait here and take care of here. Father! Listen to me. Father! Father!
I will also go with you. You wait here. Father, please!
I will also go along with you. Father, at least tell
me where you are going? Where are you going, father? I am going for am important work. I will also go with you. No! You can’t come with me. – I am coming with you.
– Don’t be stubborn. Father! Father! Open the door. Father, please! Open the door, father. Father No! Father! Father stop! Father, wait! Father, wait for me! Father! Vinay! No. No father! Please no! Stop it, Vinay! Father, please! What are you doing? No father! Vinay, please! No! Father, please! Stop it! Stop it, Vinay! Stop it, Vinay! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! How dare you touch my father? How dare you do this to my father? Don’t touch my father ever again. I’ll kill you. You understand!
I hate you! I hate you! I am very sorry, Vinay. There is no need to say sorry,
Neelima. A person is under the
control of situations. The situation is not
under control of a person. And the tension between
both our families.. ..have increased so much. That where love and friendship.. ..cannot be together.
It’s just impossible. Please, Vinay!
Just think he is my father. World’s any girl would
have reacted in the same way. But it was my bad luck
that she was no other girl.. ..but in front of me,
Neelima was there. Please, Vinay! Try and understand. Yesterday, I was not in control. Yesterday night I talked to myself.. ..and taken this decision that. My life is with you
and not with my family. Please, Vinay! I am sorry. No Neelima! The story is over. It’s all over. Good Bye! “There is no turns in this path..” “ there is no other way.” “Hello! Hello! Let’s become friends.” “Or else commit suicide.” You had only told
me to commit suicide. Then it’s fine. Vinay! What happened, Bansi? – Who is she?
– Madam, she is a girl. Don’t know why she dashed
her car straight into the wall. I think she wants to commit suicide. O God! She is his daughter, Neelima. Now I can understand,
why is tried to commit suicide? Bansi, run and call the doctor. Come fast! Take her inside. There is nothing to worry. I have given her
the injection to sleep.. she is sleeping. Thank you! – Sir!
– Is it Neelima’s phone? It’s Madhu madam’s phone. O! Hello! Yes Madhu, tell! I am Madhu speaking. I have called to inform you.. ..that Neelima is here, with me. Yes! Yes! She is absolutely fine.
There is nothing to worry. Thank God! But how did she reach near you? By sitting in the car. Then how? Stop joking, Madhu! When she went from here,
she was very angry and.. When the child is loving.. she looks more
loving when she is angry. The girl whose side you are taking.. you know what
have she done today? What have she done? Without my permission,
again she went to meet him. Ok! Ok! Now you cool down. With anger the farness
to the way of heart increases. It doesn’t lessen. I will explain her by my way. You don’t worry, ok! Now I am keeping the telephone. – Father!
– Neelima, my child! Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Did you get injured? No father! But I am sorry!
I have broken your car. I can sacrifice many such cars on you. You are safe,
there is nothing better then this. Come! Come inside! Within two-four days,
you will be absolutely fine. Come! Come! Come darling! You sit easily! See, Or you have not
understood what I have said? Or you have thought my talks as joke. That is why, you understand properly. After this,
you will not go out of the palace. And nor can any one come to meet you. No father! No! What are you talking, father? You can’t do this to me. Just listen to me. All the servants
will be at your service. They will obey all your orders.. ..but they will not give you the
permission to go out of the palace. And yes! – You cannot talk to any one
in the phone. – No father! Father, what are you doing all this? – Father, please! Listen to me!
– You just get side. Father, please! Stop this! I love you from the
bottom of my heart.. ..but I won’t give you
the permission to do madness. Father, please! Listen to me, father! Father, stop this! You can’t do this to me. You can’t do this to me. Aunty! Aunty! Who? Neelima! What is the matter? You know everything, aunty. I am feeling suffocated here. One breathe is coming and going.. ..may be a guard will
be kept to watch it. Don’t fear, my child. I am there, tell what the matter is? Aunty, can I make a call? – Whom?
– What madness have you done? – Are you fine?
– I am alive. Thank God! But I don’t like
to be alive in this way. Hello! Now what happened? Father has closed me inside
the four walls of the palace. – They stop me to go outside also.
– So! I can’t come outside.
At least you can come here. Forget it, Neel.
Only love is not everything in life People can also live without love. I am not among them. If you will not come here,
then I will commit suicide. Hello! What do you mean? Don’t think my talk as joke, Vinay. You know I have tried once. – I can do it once more.
– Neel! And if you will not come.. ..then you will be
responsible for my death. And you won’t be able
to forgive yourself, Vinay. – Never!
– Neel, listen to me. Hello! Neel! Hello! Is this true that you
have closed your daughter.. the four walls of your palace. See Madhu! It would be good that
you don’t interfere in this matter. O! Some times I forget
that being everything of yours.. ..I am nothing of yours. Don’t understand me wrong, Madhu. You very well know that
I also have some principles. Which I can’t break on any condition. I know and I also know.. ..while God was writing my destiny. He forgot to write
the love of a child in it. But it is there is your destiny. Then why do you want to erase
the love line which is in your hands. Yes sir! Tell Thakur sir that from Surjangardh
Vinay Pratap Singh has arrived. – I want to talk to him.
– Yes! See Madhu! There is nothing
left in this argument. My decision is final. May the whole world turn their face.. ..then also I will
not change this decision. And in this whole world,
Madhu is also there. And if Madhu gets angry,
so she will go so far.. ..that your voice will
also not reach up to there. – Sir!
– Madhu! One minute! Zorawar Singh,
what emergency had come.. ..that without permission you came in. The matter is very important, sir. – Tell!
– Surjan! Tell! Why don’t you tell? Sir, the prince of Surjangardh.. ..Vinay Pratap Singh
has arrived till here. Vinay Pratap Singh has arrived here. This is good. Otherwise in his search,
I had to go there. What order is there for me, sir? What should you behave
with the person.. ..who wants to play with
the respect of Mritagardh. Do I have to tell you this? But he wants to meet with you, sir. With me! Ok! Bring him here. Deviki! I am going. May be some incident may take place. Hello Madhu! – What are you doing this?
– It is the order of Thakur sir. The prince of Surjangardh
has already arrived here. My Vinay has come. Open the door!
I am saying, open the door. Otherwise, I will end my life. Tell father, he will see
one more Divya’s dead body. Please, open the door. Please, otherwise I will end my life. Open the door. Tell father, he will see
one more Divya’s dead body. Open the gate, let sir come inside. Greetings Thakur sir! I regret that in answer
to your greeting.. ..I am not able to give blessing. And nor can I pray for your long life. I also don’t pray for my long life,
Thakur sir. Yes, the four days
which I will survive.. ..that should be with love. For that I would like to be blessed. From when did the
people of Surjangardh.. ..start joining hands in front of all. Since they have fallen
in love with Mritagardh. I want to marry Neelima. Be ware! If you will bring my
child’s name from your tongue. I will cut your tongue. Don’t try to fear and warn me. England’s study have changed.. heart and mind but not my blood. Till today I am the
warrior of Surjangardh. I know how to answer
if anyone hurts me. Do you know where
are you standing now? I know. Does Prithivi Singh know
that you came to my door? – No sir!
– Oh! Yes. I came here on my own life risk. I came here to explain
the revenge of blood.. ..will be the religion
of the warriors. This series will never end. Thakur sir,
you have also stayed in England.. have also seen the world. Why do you refuse to
face the reality of this life? Truth is that between
yours and our family.. ..between, there is only
one relation that is enmity. This fire will never be blown off. Because you have tried
to blow off the fire with fire. From fire, fire is never blown off. It’s blown off with water. You have brought water from
England to blown off the fire. No! No! Neelima. Again you took her name. For her happiness I came to your door. I have come to take the smile
from a father for his daughter. Don’t try to wake my emotions. My emotions went away
with Divya daughter. It has turned into ash
in the funeral of Bhawani Singh. Some these types of
injuries are also there.. the heart of Surjangardh. But by scratching the injury,
it will not heel. By putting medicines it can be cured. I think I have heard
enough of your nonsense. Now you can go. If you can’t give your
daughter her happiness.. you can at least save her life. – She will commit suicide.
– You can go! She has already tried one time. You don’t think about my daughter.. worry about your own life. I want you to go back
to Surjangardh alive. I will go alive from here, Thakur sir. But remember one thing. If your daughter will do any madness.. you will be
responsible for her death. Then you go on answering your heart. Open the door! Please open the door! Aunty! Vinay! Vinay! Vinay! Vinay! Vinay! Don’t leave me here and go. I will also go with you. I have talked to your father,
he refused. This is the end of the road. – The story is over.
– I don’t know anything; – I will also go with you, Vinay.
– No! Neel! I can’t take you along with me. – Not like this.
– No. Speaking sweetly is invaluable. You have said correct, son. End of the road. The journey of your life ends here. Sir! It’s Thakur sir’s
order that without.. ..any scratch, he must go out. Vinay! No .No! Vinay! No! No. Vinay! O God! Vinay! Vinay, where are you, Vinay? Vinay! Vinay! Vinay! Vinay! Vinay! Father! Father! – Neelima!
Get out of my way. – Stop her.
– Father. Speaking sweetly is invaluable. This place has become
the place of immortality. Before you,
your brother Vijay Pratap Singh.. freedom here itself. And this freedom.. ..was given by me. And now it’s your turn. No! No! Shakti, my son. No! He has killed my son. Kill this bastard. Thakur sir,
this snake has bitten my child. He killed my child. He killed my child. When I talked to Vinay
and send him from here.. ..then why did you try to kill him? Because this snake was
taking away our Neelima. This bastard was trying
to flee away with your child. Shut up! Is this true!? No father! Is this true!? No! No! All this is false, father. Everything is lies. Then what is the truth? Tell! I was going with Vinay by my own wish. Because Vinay is my life, father. Have you heard?
Have you heard Thakur sir? Have you heard? Are you telling me these things? You are telling this to your father. After explaining you so much. Do you remember? I want to shoot you just now and.. Kill me! This life is also given by you. You have full right to finish it. Kill me! Kill me! Kill me, father. No! Madhu! Bastard! Madhu! Madhu! Madhu! Madhu! What have you done, Madhu? Someone call the doctor. Send the car quickly. No! No! It’s too late. I am standing in front of my God. I promise his foot step. Till today I had never
asked any thing from you. But today I am asking
some thing from you. You will give me know. Tell Madhu! Tell! Give me promise. From today you will never
take weapon in your hand. Let Vinay and Neelima
daughter go from here. Let them go. By giving me the promise
make my last journey peaceful. I promise you. I promise you! Madhu! Madhu! Madhu! Father! What has happened all this? Go from here! Go from here! Go from here! Go from here! Vinay! Go from here! Vinay! Vinay! Vinay! Vinay! Vinay! – Vinay!
– Father! You are alright my son. Yes. Yesterday night why
you went to Mritagardh? To talk to Jaswant Singh. By knowing this that his
person had killed your brother. Yes! Did his person attack you? Yes they have done.
But I killed all of them. You killed all of them. But did you kill Jaswant Singh also? He is my hunt. No! He is alive. Father today I have seen
one warrior who was totally grieved. He has promised that
he will not touch the weapon. I have brought his self respect. Neelima! Accept her as your daughter-in-law
and give her blessing. My enemy’s daughter in my house. And you want that I should
accept her as daughter-in-law. No! You go from here. What do you want father? What do you want father
your son shall betray any girl? That girl for her love she
has left her house and self respect. Should I throw her on the road? She has to go from here. And if I refuse to send her then. Than Vinay sir,
you also go along with her from here. Jaswant Singh will hug you.. ..and your father’s self
respect will increase more. I will hug Jaswant Singh. By telling this, you have
slapped your son’s face, father. Congratulation! Your palace
self respect, family’s dignity. I am going back to
England with Neelima. Come on! Go! Wherever you like you go? I will think that I have no son. Thakur Jaswant Singh.. ..has promised that he will
not touch the weapons forever, sir. And Prithvi Singh is still alive. Is that ok! The person whom Prithvi
Singh has shoots the bullet. That was not Thakur
Jaswant Singh’s father. He was my father. Panditji you go and do
the preparation of holy riots. On this Dashmi from Mritagardh
offering will be given by me. And these words should
reach Prithvi Singh’s ears. So that he will come
in front of my sword. In temple to stop
the entrance of police.. ..person should stand here. Sir, the queen of Mritagardh
wants to meet you. The queen who gave birth
to my enemy’s children.. in my place. I want some thing from you. Our blood thirsty
Mritagardh’s head queen.. there hand there
should be cutter. Why are you standing in
front of me folding the hands? Because this head queen,
is first a mother. After that head queen. And one mother can
do anything for her child. What happened to your child? He has taken the stubbornness
of offering on Dashmi. You should be proud
of having such a son. Who is ready to sacrifice his
life for the religion of warriors? We have given lots of
blood to this warrior religion. I pray to you that
you don’t face my son. No! No! No! This can’t happen on any condition. What answer will I give
to the people of Surjangardh? What answer will I give to my soul? What answer will you
give to this widow mother? Who has forgiven you
for her husband murder? Today she is standing in your
door for her child’s protection. Don’t put me on religious
problem, o queen. Don’t put me on religious
problem, o queen. Not a queen, only one mother. Who is begging in front of you? No! No! No! No! Go queen! Go queen! I promise you that my sword thirst.. ..will not be quenched
by your child’s blood. Your attention please,
British airways.. Neel you do the checking,
while going out of the home.. ..mother was sad I
just phone her and come. Ok you may go. – Hello!
– Hello! Vinay is talking. Hello! Prince! Just give phone to mother. It is impossible to come in phone. Why! She is looking after
king Prithvi Singh. What happened to father? He is very worried. Tomorrow is Dashmi! Mritagardh Vikram Singh
has provoke for offering.. – Surjangardh Thakur’s.
– Ok! Surjangardh all Thakur’s
eyes on the palace. To whom I will explain,
king has given promise.. ..that his will not raise
his sword on Vikram Singh. And there Vikram Singh is shouting and
telling that Prithvi Singh is coward. Your attention please, this
is the final call for the passengers.. ..boarding from flight number 109A. Mritagardh! Hurray! Mritagardh! Hurray! Mritagardh! Hurray! Mritagardh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! [sanskrit chant] [sanskrit chant] Brother!
Mritagardh Thakur Vikram Singh.. ..has came for offering
at Maa Jagdambe foot step. Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Surjangardh any soldier
if they like to offering.. ..they can offer to the temple. Surjangardh any soldier! Are there no soldiers in Surjangardh? Surjangardh all tigers
are gone to eat grass. I heard that in Surjangardh,
bangles are sold very fast. Are there no soldiers in Surjangardh? Now Thakur Vikram Singh
will give the offering.. ..and get blessing of God. Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Wait! Panditji! I will give the offering! Surjangardh! Hurray! Surjangardh! Hurray! Thakur Vinay Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vinay Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vinay Singh! Hurray! Mother! Mother! Vicky went to temple for offering. -I know it.
– And Vinay went there to stop him. – What!
– They both will decide by the sword. Thakur Vinay Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vinay Singh! Hurray! [sanskrit chant] Thakur Vinay Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! [sanskrit chant] Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vinay Singh! Hurray! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Vicky! Thakur Vinay Singh! Hurray! Kill him! Teach the people
of Mritagardh a lesson. Come on Vicky! Come on Vicky! Kill him! Kill him! Come on! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Vinay! Come on Vicky! Kill him! Teach the people
of Mritagardh a lesson. Kill him! Son! Vicky son! – Stop it!
– Vicky! – Vicky!
– Move! Mother! Mother! Vicky! Stop it! Aunty! Where are you going? Aunty! Both of them are very angry. Stop them! Aunty, please do something. Vicky! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Kill him! Come on Vicky! Kill him! Kill him! Vinay! – Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray!
– Come on Vicky! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! Very good! Kill him you
have forgotten this injury.. ..has been done on
a mother’s heart. See! Mother! His mother’s heart will
also feel the same pain. Come on Vicky! Come on! Thakur Vikram Singh! Hurray! [sanskrit chant] Repay the loan of your mother’s milk,
injured him Vinay. So that your mother’s
heart gets cooled down. Attack Vinay! Attack him! Aunty! Today there a calf’s
offering will not be done. Mother offering will be given! Jagdambe Maa wants offering
it will from mother’s blood. Mother! Vicky! Mother! Vinay! Vicky! Mother! Mother! – Vinay!
– Mother! Vinay! Mother! Mother! What you have done? Leave it mother. – Mother, leave the cutter.
– No! This time rain drops will not drop,
blood will drop. Mother’s blood. No! Mother. Leave the cutter. Now you leave the cutter, mother. No! Today so much rain will fall that
Mritagardh will flow in the flood. No! Mother! Don’t tell like this. Mother, leave it. I have given you silver
toys in your hand. And you give me this cutter. Mother my promise to you. – Leave the cutter.
– No! No! Never! Mother your son promise to you. Mother, leave this cutter. What will a son’s promise do.. ..when I am watching son’s blood. – Mother blesses me.
– No. Mother I loose it. Mother blesses me. Mother, leave this cutter. I will leave this cutter;
first you give me a promise.. ..that you won’t play this blood holy. Yes! Mother I am giving you promise. Mother I am giving you promise. Mother I promise you. From today if I pick the sword
only for my mother self respect. Now you leave it. Take. Mother! Mother! Mother I promise you. Maa Jagdamba! Hurray! Maa Jagdamba! Hurray!


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