Kostas Lazarides Home in Montana -friend, song writer, entertainer

what's up glue dots I'm Elaine the midnight crafter today's video is a little different than my norm it's not a craft project but a lot of you know I took a trip to Montana with my husband for a week that's where he had gone to college for about eight years and so he's been wanting to go back for 30 years I think now and so finally we were going back to my first time it's my little mountain mama t-shirt from a little cute little coffee place outside of Yellowstone Park that we went to and some of you and who kind of followed along in my community tab saw some pictures I posted from my trip and actually this picture too which was at Mountain mamas and it was a that's a bottle opener so anyway this video as I said is a little different it's actually of a friend of my husband's whose house we went to and he is a recording well he's not a recording artist that he has written songs for famous recording artists and it's kind of a little behind the scenes guy but he's a super eclectic and collects all kinds of really really neat paraphernalia antique things unusual pieces and I took a little video because it was such a fascinating place it was when it really truly one of the highlights of our trip was better than any of the museums we went to actually was kind of walking around in his house now it's a bit of a long video so if you don't want to stick through the whole thing I get it I think it's like 20 minutes long or something but some really really cool stuff so I hope you will kind of check it out and hopefully you'll appreciate this stuff as much as I did I know it's not the same as being there but you gotta check it out anyway real quick before we get to the video hit the subscribe button on one of these sites not sure where but one of these sides down below and when you hit the bell next to it it will inform you every time I upload a new video also give me a thumbs up if you like my videos and we a comment down below because I love hearing from you alrighty let's get to this really cool video and let me know what you think let me know if there's some pieces that were your favorite things or what parts you liked aside from his cute little pug alright let's do it oops almost forgot don't forget to enter for my monthly giveaway the first of the month I do it drawing for a really cute little bling owl keychain and all you have to do is click on the link down below there it's should be showing but if not click in the show more or the little arrow thing to give you the description box enter only one time and you're good for the year so good luck to you don't forget to enter okay now we can get to the video so I'm gonna take you inside of a friend's house that my husband went to college in Montana and he had has a friend who he met here years ago who is a collector and this is such a treat you guys this is his dog Bella but this is you're not even going to believe this it's such an incredible treat it's like nothing you have seen before alright so he lives here and he has absolutely phenomenal collection of things I don't even know how long this video was gonna be because there is so much to look at in here it is literally like he is living in a museum and there's just stuff everywhere you look and phenomenal incredible amazing collectible items so my husband and our friends are visiting in the background with him so you're gonna hear chitchat and other things and you may see him but gosh I mean give this a lamp you know this is really really old so this is like we haven't even made it in barely in the door so this is his kitchen and even though there's a ton of stuff in here he's super tiny about it like nothing is dusty which is amazing to me I have a lot less stuff in my house and it's really dusty I mean look at this old mixer this is so cool so this his name is Kosta and he has written he's a songwriter and entertainer musician and has written songs several of them there's one called timbre I'm falling in love that Patty Loveless performed and it's really catchy if you guys get the chance to look it up on YouTube just so cool and so some of you that I've learned to the farmhouse are gonna find this stuff really really really cool but he's been so gracious to let us just invade his space here and and take video in his home I mean this is all old old pictures from Bozeman just artifacts like everywhere this thing is super cool too it's some of you may know of Marty Stewart and he actually did a trade with kosta which is really funny it's a trade for creative to fishing lures one bottle opener and two pocket knives that belonged to Hank Williams jr. and he gave him to Costa for his one of his guitars I Gibson just just some fun fun stuff so this is just a little a little bathroom or he even has like see me see my belly in me but it's just there's just collectibles and stuff just everywhere so he probably has just hundreds of thousands of dollars of collectibles if not millions I don't even know some of you who are antique antique hunters or antique collectors would probably have a better idea but this is his bedroom and some just sort of the like specialty things as novelty little things in his closet like it's literally every room every spot has stuff that he has collected he has an antique store down below that is full in a basement that's full also so now now you're gonna see all this stuff in this room here and they're chit-chatting so don't know what they're talking about then make sure you don't say anything that you don't want on video just just giving you a warning don't don't talk dirty actually although my viewers my viewers might like it do you want to be on video or not on video okay and then this is Costa they're our musician songwriter that's my fabulous husband too and they've been friends for forever forever and ever and ever – so and then later or maybe cost I will play something for us as a little treat – so okay we'll let you guys carry on with your conversation – look at all the beautiful beautiful beautiful things just the amazingness of this whole house [Laughter] just this piece of furniture is I love it it's amazing too and I'm saying amazing a lot but I don't even know how else to describe all of this stuff in this Tiffany lamp here treasures and then we went to a museum also but I have to tell you we have been here first and the museum was not even as interesting as this so I'm going to show you just some of the incredible workmanship on some of these things this is all beaded and made by some of the natives native Indians and he's just preserved a lot of this a lot of these things too it's a very eclectic piece of furniture is incredible – I absolutely love this in the saddle with Uncle Bill sorry about the lighting there and then this is another bedroom let's see this one had some really fun really fun fun stuff in it like this lamp look if this has olive oil and Popeye this has got to be super incredibly old I cannot express to you guys how incredible it is to be in here seeing all of this stuff I know that it may seem a little over the top and it kind of can be in a little overwhelming but you know he lives and loves loves all of this and I we get it they love this there's olive oil and then Popeye as well you and I got to be careful where I walk to we also found downstairs in the antique store a Bible from 1800 something I don't even remember but I will also put a picture of that because that was absolutely gorgeous all dolls and anything you can imagine can you guys imagine keeping this all clean and dusted because like my anxiety is kicking and having to think about keeping all of it organized and clean and he does an amazing job at it he just lives on his own so and then this was the stairs that went downstairs into the other part of the house and the antique back in this way and I wanted to show you guys too but I don't know if I'm going to get to do that because the weather's been a little bit not cooperating with us let me see oh this is the other bathroom too I mean stuff all over but so fascinating and it's endless you can look at things for hours and still not even have seen everything I love these so much fun alright let me see what the weather is like and if we can get any views of outside because that was my first my first inkling of this gonna be a super interesting place so we came upstairs and saw all this fun stuff just collection of random just random things you know it's very random but it's very as I keep saying fascinating and amazing so I'm gonna show you from overhead because I think it may be a little muddy down there but his entry and the really neat little area that he built for his mom when his mom passed little memory area and oh gosh maybe I will go down because there's just some really neat neat stuff down there too all right going down and he has an old 66 Mustang that he's working on restoring and that was my first car so I thought that was really neat too so this is what we first saw when we came before we had gone upstairs and who knew there was gonna be so much cool this here's this little cowboy I think this guy's so much fun turn and look at us cowboy and on this side over here what I thought was really cool is there's a where is it where is it right there this is a birdbath made out of a hubcap so that's tons of fun too and here's the little area you see the Alpha Alpha and Omega and he did this as as I said as a little memorial to his mother but what a cool mirror to dig in that and then these flowers made out of all kinds of you know sockets and I don't even know what all right those little gnomes see I bet you they're old ones too knowing knowing Costa for those of you that are known as people closing all up and that was a fabulous treat you guys got to experience with me well actually after me I had to come back and take video of it to show you guys but I hope you love it as much and appreciate it as much as I did just anyway little chat later guys thanks for watching this [Laughter] [Laughter] you know just like was building I like that no it doesn't it doesn't look like it though it's amazing [Laughter] it's always really when things down they turn back to those in there well things down was a good one

  • OHHHH MYYY! What a wonderful treat! Amazing! Absolutely loved the tour, would love to see the antique shop! Dust song was great! Thank you for sharing❤️

  • Wow! Elaine, that was an amazing tour. Such cool things. I've missed you, love. Love the music! Thank you for sharing.

  • Elaine! That was fun!!! I love him and his dust! But you were right, I didn’t see an ounce of dust! Thank you for sharing!

  • Hello Elaine hope you are doing well . Thank you for sharing your friends beautiful home and collection lots of treasures. Loved the song in the end. Much love and big Tx hugs from South Tx.

  • Wow! What a collection of a lot of good stuff! Cool beans! He has a huge place! Wow he is very creative! What a fun place! T4s Elaine! Have a good time! 😊😊😘

  • Elaine thanks for sharing this video<3 my husband and me really loved it!! you can tell Kostas has beautiful spirit! i wished i could have meet him.. or gotten his autograph just love his ole soul!! thanks again for sharing<3<3

  • Wow, it was amazing! So many unique items. This was a very cool & interesting video. I love your DIY’s but this was nice. The video was great but yes I’m sure it was even better in person. I have been MIA from watching your channel ( I always watch via my Roku) I’ve been helping with two sick aunts & I have a sick dog. So happy your pupper is on the mend. Keep up the great content, you have the best ideas-no cookie cutter crafting found here. 💕😊it’s only dust Elaine.

  • I actually had to listen to his song twice . It had alot of truth to it . I loved it.. he seems to be a very happy( very talented) man.. he himself is a unique peice of art.. thank you Elaine.. I really enjoyed this

  • Oh my goodness!!.. how facinating I!!.. can u just imagine the story behind each peice!?. I could listen for endless hours about antiques and their history, I bet he's got millions of stories . He should write a book about all of this and how he aquired each peice and how all of this began. With all the history as well , You and your husband are so blessed to have such a unique and interesting friend. .the alpha and Omega. Oh my gosh!.. I can just go on and on. Tell him thank you for letting us look inside his home I for one so appreciated it . and thank you so much for letting us look at all of it with you. And I love love loved the entertainment at the end. 😄

  • Hope you had a great time. His home is amazing. I loved seeing everything. Got some ideas for crafts. Thanks for sharing

  • Hello Elaine, this video is fabulous. I have often wondered what happened to Kostas. He is such an amazing songwriter. My absolutely favorite song of his is “Timber, I’m Falling in Love” recorded by Patty Loveless. I loved this video.

  • WOW, he sure does have beautiful items and treasures. He is funny, it's only dust, it does what it wants! Thank you for sharing your visit with us and your friend. My favorite part was the treat 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • So interesting although I would have to have space for it separate from my daily living area. I would probably decorate with much of it but, in a less congested way bec I'm OCD to a degree….lol My husband thinks I have too much but, I keep diy'ing….lol

  • Oh WOW!!!! 😮😍😍😍 What an awesome home/collection/garden and singer/songwriter! Really, really enjoyed this; how kind of Kostas to share it with us! 😍

  • So so enjoyable, Elaine! Thank you so much for sharing. I follow a young guy on YouTube and Kostas reminds me of him as they have so much in common.Alex also loves antiques, has his own shop and is currently moving to a new location & setting it up to resemble an old store.has an affinity for old cars, sings, and has a wonderful personality. He and Kostas would become fast friends I am sure.His name is Alex Archbold on Curiosity Inc.

  • Hi Elaine 👋 miss you and crafting this is so awesome 👍 thanks for sharing it with us looks like you are having a wonderful time have a wonderful evening my sweet friend 😘

  • Loved the son from years ago of Patty Loveless Timber I'm falling in love. Thst was fun as nd beautiful, song.

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