Kohli focused on winning the trophy, not individual glory – Robin Uthappa

so the Indian team Bharat collies been doing well but not just getting the big ones that are Williamson and a Warner I've got I have a theory we saw him scoring hundreds all along for these last four or five years I think he's gotten past that I think right now his focus is on winning the World Cup and I don't think he really cares how many runs he is calling I think he's worried more about how can I make our team win this championship and I don't think he's focused too much about am I getting hundreds or am I getting am I not getting hundreds he's worried about am I being effective am i doing what's required for the team within the situation or not and I think that's amazing for a leader right and I think that's that's that's the exact way a leader should go right do what's required for your team to win championships to win you know win the battle win a war win a championship it's it's all it's all the same mindset that a leader should have and what I see is a lead leader like personified with him at this point at this point in time and it doesn't bother me that he's not caught in a hundred he's amongst the runs and that's all matters if he was out of form I'd be concerned he's not out of form he's in brilliant form it's okay if he's not getting hundreds as long as India win I don't think he'd care if if he's got a hundred or if he's not called a single hundred in the storm in fact he was asked this at the start of the tournament probably on day one when the whole you know everyone tries to put these fun numbers together and say okay first match of the tournament talk about 2011-2015 are you gonna get one here he said well if it comes it'd be great fabulous if it doesn't come long as India opening the match I don't care yeah he doesn't because he's got his his personal starts look take it whichever way you slice it at the end of his career without will be the greatest one day international batsman 100% there's no doubt about 100% not secondly you look at that last innings you know that's 66 of 63 it looked every other Indian batsman in especially the ones who followed who looked as if they were batting in a different surface yeah he didn't hit too many force the way he runs is one is to the way he rotated so he's in Sukhram touch I mean he was cursing himself maybe because he about because he could have I mean if he had batted on you never have got 4550 more runs but the fact of the matter is he's supremely in touch he's human in touch and he's still looking I mean he and Rohit are still looking a yard better than anyone else in this Indian team in terms of just being in touch everybody else paled in comparison to that innings that he played against Afghanistan like he scored 66 of 63 balls hit four boundaries and the rest of his runs which is critical in that game rotation of strike was extremely important in that game and he had those bases covered and did it comfortably and you could see that compared to him when you stacked every other batsman in that group outside of row it because you got out to a good delivery you saw that little Club has talked the difference right so I think what we as Indian and supporters and fans of our Indian team should be concerned about is is is great in good form here's that's all matters

  • Robin is a biggest idiot giving a terrible logic to justify his silly statement. Kohli is a great batsman but currently he is not in the best of form. He has a lot of dead woods like Dhoni, Shanker and even Jadhav in the team.We have to get both Kartik and Rishab in for two of the above three flops.

  • Hahaha…Robin – listen!! If you get big score which would be helpful for winning that match – Speak with logic

  • Not to mention, two of those fifties came when he had no chance to get a 100 and he got out trying to hit in the death overs.

  • His commitment towards Indian Team! He's the fantastic leader and captain. His intensity for getting a trophy is excellent.

  • Today Rohit Sharma not out …
    Drs using 3rd umpire decision out this is Worst decision ..😳😳😳

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