Knicks' RJ Barrett at the NBA Awards! #NBAAwards

right now we have two very special guests RJ Barrett and two times now RJ you just got drafted now your MBA words now you're being interviewed with 2 Chainz if you could sum up what this week has been like for you how would you do it this has been the craziest week of my life but uh you know just trying to soak it all in and I'm just really happy are you ready for the pressure playing in New York I'm in New York are you ready for that ain't no pressure man that's just fun that's basketball Cameron Indoor Stadium times a thousand exactly I played there once okay all right now two teams we got two New Yorkers but I'm from Atlanta and really were the ones taking over we have Trey young up for Rookie of the Year why should he win because I think that he was probably the most consistent rookie the whole year he kind of had a steady pace and towards the end he picked up less he from Atlanta we had a pretty good record and I rock with the boy so let's bring that thing home long story short you probably don't remember this I ran into got another award show a couple years ago you said the year before you had came down the red carpet nobody wanted to interview you and a year later you had to do every interview down the red carpet so never underestimate where your life to be in one year absolutely not yes tell him how his life's gonna change in one year I think he's ready for you know I mean like even and even when people didn't recognize me I felt like I had something on the inside and I think everybody that has that they know it when they look in the mirror you know I mean and I had a pleasure enough to been around this gentleman he's real laid-back you know I mean he's but he's confident you know I mean on the court so I just feel like New York is just another place for him you know I mean straight up now RJ I'm gonna put you on the spot here you broke the internet with your French speaking skills okay you speak French boy RJ can you say have fun at the NBA Awards and French baby sumon for gala NBA words summit for coo coo coo salad my mo exit oh look at that what he said what he I said everybody watch the NBA Awards it's gonna be a lot of fun it's gonna be very excited state you heard it right here from RJ beard thought you guys do tonight watch the MV Awards watch RJ Barrett present an award watch 2 Chainz repeal an ax in the crowd you guys have been fantastic you're going to absolutely love New York okay we shot my new movie there there are only three things you have to know to say in New York what's that all right okay so uh hey I'm walking over here hey I'm walking over forget forget about it Anna put this on coach fishtails bit I'm not gonna do that you control my players how am I playing again well you just learned your first few lessons as a rookie and one more thing you probably want to avoid are the street corner hot dogs otherwise you'll be passing more than just the balls mm-hm okay that's enough advice for now


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