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Kirsten Dunst Wants Another ‘Bring It On’ Movie | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– Everybody always brings up “Bring It On” which, I also love. – Thank you, (audience
cheering) it’s a classic! – It is a classic! And I love Gabrielle Union, too. And here’s the thing, it’s
like, is that your question? Do you get asked about “Bring It On” like I get asked about
“Since You’ve Been Gone”? – Well, listen, Kelly, as you know, I also have a child and
I don’t leave my home. So, I actually don’t get asked anything. (audience laughing)
– [Kelly] I don’t either. – I don’t do anything. I
literally am in sweats at home and I live right around
the corner from here, too. Or, I’m fully dolled up on a talk show. That’s my life right now. – That’s literally my life. – Yeah. I’m either dolled up on television or a complete mess at home.
– Or unrecognizable – Yeah, yeah.
– [Kelly] Or unrecognizable. – That’s it, there’s no in-between. – So you don’t even know what they’re talking about, regardless. – I have no idea. (Kelly laughing) But, hopefully the show
that I am promoting. – Hopefully it is, good, yes. But, I always think it’s funny cause every time I do an interview, there it’s (mumbles), so I’ve decided to mess with people every time they come on my show and lead with the one thing people talk about like, there’s more to it, people, I swear to you, but the reason why I also brought it up is you and Gabrielle Union, who I love and I just ran into. Y’all actually ended
up doing the same like, thing at the same time without knowing and the pictures are crazy. – Well, they’re so pretty. My friends, they’re sisters. They have this clothing line, called Rodarte and so we did this and I had no idea that
Gabrielle was in it, too and then it became like, this whole Bring It On thing and I was like, listen, if they wanted to make another movie, I would make another movie, why not? – Oh my God, it’s so (crowd cheering) – It’d be so fun! – It was so good. – It’d be so fun. We made that movie for no money, zero money, it was a Universal movie but like one of those they were just like, “Go do what you want like, this “little whatever cheerleader movie.” And then, like, opening weekend, we were all so surprised. It was a huge, yeah. That’s always the best, when you like, don’t expect anything and then it became so huge, yeah. – Yeah, you just have fun. You just do what you love, I agree, but I love those photos. Those are so beautiful-
– They’re so cute. – When it went around, I was like, oh my God, Bring it On sequel again, like, do it again.


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