Kim Kardashian's Photographer Accused of Sexual Misconduct | E! News

  • Just for the fact that Ariana or Kim doesn't have nothing to claim about this guy doesn't mean that he isn't an abuser

  • I actually shot with Marcus back in Richmond, VA several years ago and he never did anything like this to me on my photo shoot. But I am disgusted to hear about his behavior and I hope the women get their justice. I shot with him multiple times but never nude, and I paid for my photos. He was always professional but did try to suggest I take off some clothes but I spoke up and said no. He was fine about it and I got my photos for my agency but he did seem a bit odd. I always thought he was talented and felt bad about his car accident but now it makes sense. I do believe in karma. It sounds like he got big headed once he went to “Hollywood”. Not cool, smh.

  • I didnt see as pressure at all… its 2k for the shoot if you prefer to pay in cash or a good nude if you want the shoot for free…

  • Wow. I don't understand why ppl get into a position of power. Where their famous, or wealthy, and all ethics/morals go out the window, and entitlement, and ego comes in. 😡 SMH.

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