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Kim Kardashian & Kendall Jenner Walk 2019 Emmys Red Carpet | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Kim Kardashian West and Kendall Jenner joining me now. Hi, ladies.
-Hi. -So good to see you.
-You too. -Who are we wearing this evening? Kim? -I’m wearing Vivienne Westwood. -This is gorgeous.
-Thank you. -Beautiful.
-So pretty. I’m wearing Richard Quinn. -You both look stunning this evening.
-Thank you. -So tell me, you are here attending.
-Yes, we are presenting. -You are presenting as well.
-Yes. The reality category. -That’s wild.
-Yeah. -Because you know what’s wild about it? When your show premiered in 2007,
there wasn’t even a reality category. -How crazy.
-There was no reality category. Yeah. I was just looking back at footage, and it was — I came, like, 2009 and sang this little “bit”
about reality shows with Jimmy Fallon when he hosted, and it was super embarrassing watching that back. -It was so good. It’s so good.
-No. -Was it so good, Kendall?
-It’s really good. -And so now, here you are, all these years later, but when
you guys first premiered the show, and you first were doing a reality show —
I’m taking you way back — do you remember what the reaction was from friends and
people in your lives in terms of…? -Yeah, I was in school.
-You were young, yeah. -We were all pretty young.
A lot of the kids weren’t really watching it. But I do remember — Like, I remember having a very positive
association with it and, like, my friends weren’t weird about it. They weren’t mean. It was none of that.
So it was actually okay. And it didn’t, like, change my life as much as
you might have, like, thought it would in school. So everyone was really cool. It felt super normal in a weird way. -Yeah, I just felt like no one — I mean, people cared,
but it was really chill. -Yeah.
-Everyone was super chill. -Slow build.
-Yeah. -I’ve wanted to ask some viewer questions tonight,
and I have one for you all. Actually, for Kim. Indystoj — i-n-d-y-s-t-o-j — wants to know how is Wyoming? -Wyoming’s amazing. There was a Sunday service there this morning, and I was trying to figure out how do I get on a plane and
come aback and be here, but I couldn’t figure that out. But it’s amazing. -What are you enjoying most about it? -It’s just so chill. And you can just do absolutely nothing. I bring no makeup and just my sweats and hang out. -And family.
-Yeah. -Love it. Ladies, thank you so much. Have the best time tonight.
So nice to see you.


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