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from winning a top reality TV show to becoming Tinseltown stunning princess Kim Chiu is definitely a star and because every princess deserves her prince Kim's natural chemistry would see a limp led to hits at the big screen nothing missing a family while as a true love pea risotto and chiffon final move on is in the lava does anyone know sure the movie was a revelation of Kim's natural talent at comedy well you know I see myself going on sad that the only way I see me 2010 and one at that oh you're an internal pressure in a higher echelon Padawan in lahat in general this is like a powwow on telugu hindi naman bumpa after its successful running the theatres a new moniker was born QC short for Kim and seeing their next movie was the romantic comedy bride firend asalaam Kim and see and share a special relationship and the chemistry between the two is evident on the screen so we should all fake is he sure the third one getting home abdul Sattar synergy joke he Neelambari some oh honey we don't have a lot I'm a believer but uh joke Nepali Olivas in a V honey my girl Sam yeah it's a civilian was something in my mouth with no mark mark there's a birth parents on your girl again you mom I so much younger no particular negative like they just scream cool I know come inside of my after the success of bride for rent Kim was seen in past tense again with Seon and the queen of comedy III de la Salle's and passionate about foreign television going back this a Mahon nominee the lambing dollar wha it's working together in front of the camera working come on the money material mitigate some and we work around that we just give whatever is naturally whatever is you in quantum on in the mobis Yun Kim and Seon are said to be exclusively dating but whatever their status may be sparks definitely show whenever they're together in 2014 Kim went back to her roots in drama and impressed audiences in cacao anomaly Kim won the Best Actress at the pmpc star awards for the role the first that wasn't because fans voted first we're gonna find some more what was happening it was so big enough thankfully similar final school so immersed in 666 expects that was good by being a my job clearly make a nice team you in the pool me Pago that who yet didn't be relieved pero champion Manhattan Gangaram award no setup step ahead of them winning an award may not stop critics for making comments and fame has its share of intrigue but Kim faces the ups and downs for the honesty and candor that she is known for why not be humble and thing uh I'm viola I woke up I was in convening with the tow yard varam Bocas Mahalo and next month we're another dynamic the sea lion at the moon and an intriguer box-office hits record-breaking TV dramas modeling contracts and endorsements what really makes Kim numero uno Baja luminal a felony her true self you begin talking Tanya and the relationship between the co-stars and the people behind the production nakita mo sa cool indie Toto you in some ITSs a per ticket to Ho silver sure that's make her number one Saguna that makes her number one you nabob islands near per gig in car or Chaplin celebrity may support alongside you know in China very smart couples are hostile to the bar and it's not a good on you know she's that Surrency you know just naturally honest so i think i mean ii america Tomatina how she deals with people on and off the camera so you know I guess humor characteristics and they tell me their audiences on man Holly dual Avenue past me new self more women picture necessarily more around about making open calendar myself and open columnist Maya open calendar mobile and at the end of the day Alamo home who Anil heilige Nocona Marin coming reaching for newer Heights but never forgetting to look back her star shines brightly but her feet remained firmly planted on the ground kim chiu truly one-of-a-kind truly numero uno for more videos and updates just click here subscribe

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