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Kichuta Samay – Short Bengali Romantic Drama Movie 2017 – B.H.Entertainment

A WHILE.. hello.. my goodness!! your room’s filled with smoke.. no work at all.. keep smoking all day. don’t disturb leave. your sister’s getting married.. can’t you lend a hand? LEAVE. just intolerable. please stop here.. do you know this address? turn right,it’ll be on
left,after three plots. ok? just go straight. abhay.. come here once.. she’s my cousin.. didn’t had any
contact for a long time.. we had a strong bond.. suddenly we
reconnected again.. and they are here. good. he guided us to this home. i see. yes. okay mom,i’ve to go,some
works are left,will be back. okay. abhay,i brought her here.. she was bored.. and you’re busy here.. you both chat and
continue with packaging. okay. first time you’re here
and loaded with work? no issues,i love
to do such things.. just hopped in,when
heard you’re doing it. still i don’t know your name! shachika. means kind,right? yes. your father didn’t come? he’s a busy man,but
will attend the wedding. okay. and my dad!!..let it be. what’s the problem? let it be,how’s
the new place? it’s nice. by the way,where’s
your residence? would you be
able to locate it? hey!!..again you’re smoking? any problem? obviously!! why’d you pay heed to me? if it was you
girlfriend,then you’d have. can’t you think,apart from
girlfriend/boyfriend gibberish? no.once in love,
you’re engrossed in it. you’ve boyfriend,even marriage’s
fixed,why not get married today. what rubbish!! why laughing..? listen,i’m
leaving tomorrow.. come once to my home.. even my parents
were asking to.. okay,let’s go
home,will decide later. okay. see,here i’m. and i’m glad.. today,we enjoyed a lot.. if you’d have stayed nearby,
how nice would’ve been. true..i’ll catch
you soon,surely. but only if
you want me to.. ofcourse you’ll. so when you’re coming? just after my exam.. but it’s too far
for me to go alone. no problem,i’ll guide you.. and you’re a bit
familiar with it too. we’ll have lots of fun and
you must take a day off. surely.. and you’re coming to a proper
city,not a countryside like yours. shut up..don’t
talk like a jerk. a gracious welcome. leave it.. couldn’t you pick me up? i came all alone! okay,what’s the compensation? yes,movie and yummy foods. only this much? take some rest first. so,how’s your exam? there’s only one dream,
one word in my prayer.. you’ll be my heart beat and
smear me with love and care.. lend me your arms
and hold me forever. my goodness!!
this’s so delightful. my exam gone well.. so what about our outing? that’s a surprise. come..whenever you want. but i didn’t wanna go.. why called so late? true..we’re too late.. even it’s not the correct time.. what’re you talking about? i.. i’ve fallen in love with you.. i guess you’re the
man of my imagination.. alas!we can never be one. you uttered my feelings.. i understand..yet
everything’s at a loss. i’ve discussed it
with my boyfriend.. i’m in a complete bizarre.. just can’t imagine
how can we stay apart! look,we came
close in a distinct way.. and sighted our real selves.. but today i broke all confines
and started loving a visible heaven.. i realised,you’re the completion
of my searches for all these years.. you know what,
love was never for me. please don’t say like this.. we’d never get each other.. if you would’nt have been
my cousin,would’ve fled right away. a period of time passed by..when the harsh reality
denies the existence,all the pain and attraction,saturates. forgotten me..or avoiding? have you gone crazy?
calling a thousand time! why’re you overreacting? no,i’m correct.
i can’t take this anymore.. facing a lot of problems. i’ve never held you back,neither
intruded in your relationship.i respect it.. suddenly what happened? it was wrong and
have to rectify them now. i think you’ve forgotten.. i tried a lot to detach,
but you didn’t let it happen. no one’s idiot,people
around can understand. ok,i promise.. won’t call you again.. and you won’t have to face
any problem because of me. you’ll always be my
good friend,stay well,bye.. hey,woke up? listen,i’ve to go home today. what’s the matter!
won’t you stay anymore? have some urgent work… ok,have tea first. few years later… hello.. shachika speaking,recognized? yes ofcourse.. how are you? fine,what about you?
called,suddenly? can we meet once? actually i’m getting married.. nothing much,just
wanna meet,if you agree. okay,we may
meet this weekend.. will you be free? yes,then confirmed? sure,but as a friend.. yes,would call you,bye. okay,see you.. how many? whoever comes and
goes,this never betrays. ahh..!your speculations. let’s go inside.. okay.. so getting married? yes,such a long term
relation,needed a settlement.. along with family pressure. what about you?
seemed to be quite happy.. got a new girlfriend? alas!she’s not born yet..
what a sad story! oh about your job? yes,fine. you know what… everyone needs a company.. which gravitates the
only reason to live.. we seek for it,
in distinct ways. true.. anyway,good
to see you again. don’t wanna
draw any conclusion.. whether we
were right or wrong.. if we lose our dearest.. do we stop living? same here.. everything’s a lesson.. either shapes you
up or destroys.. i don’t have any repentance.. we live for few
moments,memories.. that’s a lot,
the world. though you’re elder to me.. yet i’d like to say.. if you ever come
across someone.. with whom you
feel a connect.. just hold her back firmly.. don’t be a silent
observer and let her go. though i’m not a polymath.. but i believe,i’m
ready to face anything.. life comprise of many things.. so it’s foolish to
prioritize,any specifically.. time has taught
me many a thing.. conclusively,everything shatters.. so keep walking.. and accomplish
the work you love.. well i’ve to return.. yes.. let’s eat something first.. i can’t.. my parents don’t
know,i’m here,so far.. they may be worried.. i’ve to leave.. take care of yourself.. my good wishes..


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