Khux | New Medal! – Supernova KH3 Pirate Sora

okay I already have that oh so almost doesn't matter what's up girl made it gamer I'm radius I'm all right I haven't seen what Sora does yet I'm checking him out now I was busy the last couple days preparing my overwatch team for another tournament game that we had yesterday so haven't actually been able to check it out until uh – now so I heard he's busted or something maximum strength of 50000 Jesus Christ mind these three medals within five draws I hate I hate that he did so much uh single damn 50,000 strike one upgrade the supernova plus they're so unique me like a maximize its damage whether I want to that's nothing special the 10 draws the AP within 5 draws point what furthermore compared to standard deals you have a higher chance of drawing a supernova medal from the guaranteed a slot but standard on VIP draws off as it what the hell is that mean you're guaranteed a slot I don't know what that means okay what's he do though – 15 defense but a single target okay I'm pretty oh oh oh oh okay so he just gives max defense debuff gauge use plus 30 with the what the what the so not only is he just ridiculously Opie as he has so much strength but he uses all your gauges what the okay you know I had seen that they increase the strength before but in actually like a look at the rest of it but my god this this basically stirs I mean I mean this should be an obvious side this is basically the coming of the new meta okay the the new meta is gonna come with like and I hate how they're doing this dude they're just doing they're just doing a very linear power creep and it's disgusting it's disgusting cuz you quite literally need the newest metals or else like you can't do anything in the game except your story and it's like where's the fun in that like it's it's been okay it's been it's been arguably okay within these last few months just because the fact that all the metals were kind of the same quite literally kind of the same even my eye I haven't gotten a new medal and forever the Lutton probably the most recent new medal that I got what maybe like a week or two ago was key r20 okay that was probably the most recent one I got by the knife and I've been able to pretty much use the same metals over and over and over again for the past what six months sent ever since the Kingdom Hearts 3 deal stuff things have been coming up but not yeah like but the way they've been doing is just like you know it's like at first I had seven star deals now then they had blue fairies – you know upgrade their stats then he had me hours to upgrade their stats again now it's just another version of upgrade stats medals with the upgrade stats are usually the new meta so this is this is the new metal essentially is converse three pirates Sora and then we're gonna come out with more medals that come out with like 50,000 X amount of strength I need to clear my mouth let's see supernova gauge +5 oh yeah that's it's gonna help a lot increase the gauge by 5 right after you just used all of it once of 20 comes with its forms alright okay alright

  • Honestly I'm mostly just staying because I want to get my white whale KA#19. Once I get that I don't really know what I'll do?

  • This game is a tirefire . No new content. Old medals that have been outclassed by new ones. Insane powercreep in the game. And that pvp wrecking medal anti aqua.

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