KHUx JP Update | NEW COPY MEDAL Supernova SB KH3 Demyx!!

what's up guys how's it going my name is loss and welcome back to another Union course video so we got our usual Sunday update guys but we did actually get a brand new medal which is what you get what you see on the screen right now and that is key to Bond Street demyx so let's go ahead and jump into it and of course a big shout out as always – whoa bellowing interviewing for the awesome translations so first things first guys it's gonna be related to VIP get six Mickey brooms and 10 of each elements of gym in this week's VIP and then of course you can get more copies of story and stitch which you get one copy in the actual metal and you get five trade medals as well next thing that we're gonna be talking about is a reprint banner for PR 20 easy skip guys I mean don't unless you really want really really want this medal or just for collection purposes it's an easy skip especially with what could potentially be coming out this Thursday so Stephanie stay tuned for that but I would definitely avoid this panel right here so this banner does go away on the 20th of June next thing we're gonna be talking about is a brand new meadow which is then demux sky so demmick sky he is here up until June 24th so you have exactly a week if I mathis know little boy excuse me to be at to pick up this copy meadow which is our new forward copy metal so demyx is enhanced by the June SP boost that we got this month the banner features a falling price do to Kingdom Hearts 3 medals football one trade medal for super burski no more storied MX purple and then you do get demyx on the fifth poet so it is a five mercy pole and you do get the ten little bit of time VIP points as well so super burst key no more sweet demux he does have a max length of 25,000 he is a tier 9 meadow of reverse magic five gauges and multiplier ability and hits basically is copies the next meadow so it is our forward copy metal so when it comes to copy meadows guys you guys already know that copy meadows always always have their values so if you do have the jewels if you do have that like were like 12,000 jewels then I would definitely pick this up on this you want to wait until Thursday to see what's coming up and then make you find a decision as to whether or not you want to grab this copy metal so super visibility 160 and then at 200 on upgrade it isn't AoE super butts attack and for one turn DiBiase enemies general attack by 10 tears not bad deep ops the enemies PSM attack by 5 tears race the guilt of all medals by 200 or 250 and upgrade recovers 5 cages any PvP this ability activates onslaught 3 so this is kind of almost like almost almost it's it's a copy metal but it's also full for 1 turn at least kind of like a tanking type medal if you get what I mean where debuff see general attack by 10 tears and you know etc etc but it's just for one turn now if per se this Superbus medal was for like maybe 3 or 5 turns then this is that would be a definite plus and would be a must-have if it were to be more than one turn for it's super gross attack but I mean you know I feel like that's asking too much if so but either way so for a strong copy medal like this it's a definite pick up but again there's a possibility that we could be seeing something coming up on Thursday so yeah I would recommend either waiting but of course it's your jewels guys you do whatever it is that you feel like would help you on your gameplay yeah etc etc but examples of where you could use demyx high you can easily use it like a first qiblah that I thought was very stars you can put it right here and it will copy your magic slot we keep going on good night we're not entirely sure we'll know when it comes to the brofist Keyblade if that's gonna be a reverse magic slot but it could be an option if it does become because then it could it could copy the speed slot that we have going on here this one does not have the reverse magic needles that one you can use 3 wishing for like say PvP you can go with I believe the vibrance has won if I'm not mistaken right no that's magic up right I do not know my slots so that's divine Rose is not the question goo-goo-goo is another option right there as well look at my baby what do you what do you call it counterpoint you can tell I really haven't the power course or actually done it I've only been using a rainbow tickets you know to grind for the jewels and why not but I believe counterpoint does also have Avery first magic slot so you can use it on dad I've got the name of this talk at midnight circa midnight does enough and I've shaped my baby Fenrir and and so on and so forth and that of course diamond does is also the other option for you to use your your new copy metal as well in it Oh in in those key blades for example so again guys it's up to you if you want to wait until Thursday to see the potential metal that a lot of us are taking a strong guess on I'm not gonna say it because I don't want to build the hype up and then all of a sudden you know I am completely wrong so it's just best for me to keep quiet about it until like the actual metal dust release unless somebody wants to spoil that in the comment section below that it's all on them but for me I'm covering – it's so that is it for then again the copy metal or the banner itself for demux it does go away on June 24 next thing we're gonna be talking about it real quickly this is our war rate boss for the week because rain week or the official rate we did actually just entered a for JP next thing is a small little event that came out struggle to these buff and debuff sent an event quest to get brooms mirrors huey dewey and louie's and event coins from this event this event does go away on june 25th and then the final thing is going to be related to Union cost where you can get a stitch hat which is to celebrate his upcoming birthday so maybe you might see um I don't know maybe like free stitch but also something like that maybe there's a possibility we could see that I don't know I'm just taking a guess maybe there might be like a stage boost even though technically well I don't know maybe be a VIP medal with the event medal you know however you want to look at it the soy and Stitch meadow maybe you could get like a little boost I don't know they might throw something at us but I highly doubt it's gonna be joules even though that would be nice but yeah so make sure to do that make sure to take care of the boys guys you've got six boys are complete this you can cost us and next Sunday so definitely make sure to do this within B to 30 minutes x @ JP offers and then the stitch hat boots the rare enemy encounter very pi plus two so that's gonna be it's for the update video I would do a poll I actually know I'll be honest I do regret actually pulling on socks now if I knew that demux was going to be a copy metal now I have much regrets and I don't have the jewels and you guys already know that unless you know somebody picks up VIP for me I am NOT gonna be buying VIP so yeah I'm pretty much on out of luck when it comes to this copywriter so in a way so thanks so much for watching guys I hope you enjoyed this video and of course it be on it to the channel make sure to subscribe and smash that like button if you did enjoy it and I will catch you guys in my next video

  • I didn't realize at all that I was saying "Demyx Kai" instead of SB KH3 Demyx. My bad guys! 😂😂😂

  • Those strength debuffs are super strong. But reverse magic does not have much of a place on stronger keyblades. Of the top 3, only starlight uses it and I'm hard pressed to let go Anti-Aqua for it. And the WIR keyblade is a ways off (and even when it comes, I already have angelic amber). If you don't have any of the new copy medals, this is an easy pull. But if you do, you're fineIt's for niche keyblades like for PVP and specific quests so I'm skipping. Copy medals are always nice but this one doesn't fit on many keyblades. Good vid, though. Thanks for the update.

  • I see the damage these people are doing in PVP and I think to myself… "Damn, Do I need that medal!?" Then I remember it's only temporary for this month then I stop caring completely… This month will soon end and all these people that paid for those boosts will have wasted more money and not realize it… But of course! They'll just keep spending!

    Thanks for the vid, Lost!

  • I missed on Axel I missed on Amber I’m getting this medal. Tho with all the org medals I wish they can have an org event

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