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anyways this is the JP version announcement discussing the new carrier metal which is right here I don't know what the exact name of the caramel is gonna be they have it listed for now as where was it supernova Kingdom Hearts 3 Kyrie that's all they have illicit us so we're assuming it's it's gonna be kidding March 3 Kyrie B that's what we're seeing right now Oh actually I made a thumbnail card showing what she does I go ahead and like grab the google translation of its like right here this is the info bar I'll just post the image I made of her earlier though just to go over supernova Burkina Marcus Lee Kyrie be assuming that's what she's called it's going to be a tier 9 metal magic upright tier 9 metal 0 gages AoE does 1 hit as a seven-star multiply of a fifty two point four four I have been blessed with a live stream while I wait for dusty hey thanks so much for stopping by coal dust for one turn it provides a 200% guilt boost does not affect counters and the new mechanic with this metal is that it provides a plus 500 strength stat increase to upright metals as well as it provides a plus 500 general defense stat increase to all metals okay and it is worth noting that the plus 500 strength and defense does stack so if you use the metal multiple times it will stack the supernova has a multiplier of 160 but when you evolve a house because it 200 has a 200% guilt boost but when evolved has a 230 percent go boost instead and its ability is that it provides a plus 5,000 upright strength stat to all metals he can for that one turn as well as decreases the enemy's upright general strength wait up right general and PSM defense by seven tiers and it also does not affect counters what's a phaser how you doing dude but yeah the main thing to keep a note though oh well I guess I haven't got over ever bus she provides basically all bus except Reverse so general all at ten tears general strength plus ten operations but ten PSM strength plus ten she provides no debuffs at all whatsoever for her base base ability to be honest though in terms of Kyrie I guess I can lower this put this here hey there we go okay we'll do that so in terms of this Kyrie the main thing to note about her is the fact that she's to be honest she's kind of trash she's kind of trash the there's the only thing quite literally the only thing that makes this metal worth going for it which makes her meta is the whole +500 strength and defense ability that she has because he can stack on top of the fact that her super nova provides a +5000 strength boost that is the only thing that matters for this metal like quite literally the only thing the rest of her is just utter trash all the other metals that we have currently out right now all the latest Mo's we've been having with that lately pretty much just out ranker period in terms of buffs they outrank her okay multiplier out ranker gilt boosts I think to a rancor pretty much almost everything about her just get out ranked by almost everything else easily it's a little bit just a new mechanic that makes for meta hey John Bautista thank you so much for the follow so for anybody who's wondering well why exactly does the new mechanic maker Mehta well it's primarily because of the fact that think about it the same way with how seven-star metals and me ah well Meadows came out when the seven-star metals came out it increased their stats which meant that of course that you had to have to use the seven-star metals in order to pass more recent content okay because then the content was built around 7-story metals same thing applies to do blue fairy's when blue fairies came out oh yeah my bad blue fairies were evolved into goodness I'm sorry when meows came out I got a smile to my head when the meows came out it did a very similar thing where it basically almost like not doubled your stats but it provided huge jump in their stats roughly around five to five an extra 5,000 stat increase for both attack and defense so and because of how large of a stat increase it was now all metals were the meta compared to regular seven-star metals because and it's still kind of relevant today but not nearly as much so as it was back then we're back in the day 1 plus 1000 strength like you've got that trait wasn't really that big of a deal it was pretty much that you had to rely on just the minus 60 traits instead but if you happen to have at least like two or three thousand strength traits then it would start to make a little bit of a difference back then before me ours came out when me all's came out it was a good measuring point of how effective the now is actually were because even just right now I mentioned how before meows before metals would be able to get evolved through mountain yellows you need it at least like two or three thousand to see any sort of notable difference and damage output with your medals if you had those traits okay so of course if you only need a two or three thousand to make a difference five thousand of course makes the difference on top of the fact you could actually do an extra two thousand from chips and dales too so it's effectively almost like an entire plus seven thousand stat increase more or less completely nuts so if we have a metal like kena March three Kairi and I'm assuming she own is gonna be the exact same thing just the reverse version I have no doubt in my mind that's gonna be the case but if we have a metal like Timothy Kyrie that also buffs stats now too as part of the ability which honestly I was kind of expecting that they were gonna do some time I didn't know when but the idea did come to me after a while because like they've clearly just been focusing on just buffing raw stats at this point which probably the worst and most unfun way to interact with a meta or a game for that matter oh no my phone turned off okay yeah considering the fact that her ability can be stacked multiple times if you like quad caste in this medal so let's say Kyrie herself has extra attack on top of fact to use a copy medal that has extra tech on her 2 quad caster so you cast her 4 times you're effectively getting plus 2,000 strength and defense for all of your medals on your setup that's that's a pretty large chunk in addition to whatever stat boosts the rest of your Meadows already have on their own it's it's gonna be a huge deal not even counting the fact that her supernova and I'll not even counting the fact that her supernova provides a plus 5,000 I'll price drinks that as well it's it's gonna be absolutely nuts she's gonna be not not broken exactly but she's gonna yeah she's gonna be ridiculous to say the least simply because of that mechanic the rest of her is completely garbage compared to what's already currently out but yeah that one ability right there is gonna be absolutely nuts I wouldn't doubt it either that uh if you even if you if you guys have not been pulling for like the last few months with all these like garbage Kingdom Hearts 3 deals that they've been doing out lately and how like almost every metal is almost exactly the same as the last one just slightly different attribute Bluff instead of speed is power oh yay good job what was it going with this oh yeah I was saying like that so even if you haven't been pulling lately and you haven't really been getting too many of the most late our latest metals quite literally Kyrie alone could just like always set and boost you up to be able to complete some of them our recent events just on her own with what some of your older metals she's she's going to be that effective it's almost equivalent to say equivalent I well if you just supernovae it wouldn't be equivalent but uh depending on how you use her she was almost effectively the same as like half of a meow upgrade if that's what one you want to look at it any what's a final gamer how you doing that was my spiel about chemistry guy and like I said before I'm pretty sure she could be the exact same thing as King Arthur Akari just reverse version so I'll provide she'll provide a reverse buff instead of an upright buff and provide reverse metals with plus plus five thousand or plus five hundred strength instead of upright metals yeah half am llamo for every metal it's it's a little nuts it's a bit nuts okay but yeah so I made that picture there as just to help this picture I made this I basically helped put everything that's right here into that one picture for you guys so you don't have to you don't have to worry about looking at super small fine print and stuff one thing that is worth noting though about the Kyrie deal which is better okay in terms of their whole VIP deal banner stuff is that they're making so that the VIP deal is a guaranteed mercy on Kyrie herself whereas the free-to-play deal is still a mercy pool but it's one of those random mercy pools which is not really a mercy pool your you can get one of the four medals which are these two sores and jung's it's a young air kiss hi guys before I jump it to overwatch to practice in my overwatch team for the night just came in answer me one question is this new Kyrie medal more useful to Kyrie in kena hearts 3 yes without a doubt gamer our videos she is like 20 or I don't even know about 20 times I would just say like Tyron came right through he didn't have a use at all that lisa at least this Kyrie has a use it's kind of this saying that is a bit like ooh shade but oh well I didn't think of copper metals ya know I like quite literally and she's gonna be she's gonna be ridiculous you know what's even worse I'm willing to bet that the new meta my tournament kick car he was even the worst thing I'm willing to bet that because of her ability okay why watch this I'm willing to bet that because of this new ability you know how we have some copy metals that can uh like the the whole like fou what's-his-face shoe or whatever that the ones that can like copy two spaces away I'm willing to bet you that there's gonna be entire setups dedicated to just copying her as much as possible because the more times you can copy kina much through Kyrie be the more stats all your metals get which means that if you could effectively you can effectively copy use her eight times if you can use are about eight times and a set up that is plus four thousand stat increased to strengthen an attack on top of the supernova oh I just realized that makes it make her even more broken because the supernovas as well supernovas do damage based off the strengths that of your metals so if you use her if you use her ability you stack her ability and use her supernova ability first before you used your other metal supernovas your other metal supernovas will just explode in damage just explode that actually just makes her more broker than I initially thought and I realized Jesus Christ like quite effectively ha I kind of want to go back to the computer screen now like let's go to track a yeah exactly the one-hit Mar Lucia build on I I wouldn't doubt it if there ends up being a build similar to this let me see if I can make it real quick so something like this and then you have the Kyrie right here in slot 2 okay assuming that all three of these copy metals have extra tech and then you have the Kyrie right here in slot 2 and cutter yourself as extra text user eight times basically copper eight times each time she's getting stronger by a thousand okay as you go through her multiplier remember her multiplier is a fifty two point four four it's not the highest in the game but it's actually still a pretty decent multiplier so when you have a metal that's literally increasing by one thousand strength every single slot by the time you get here you already have plus two thousand strength and this one is already providing an extra thousand strength as well and just literally increases so that by the time what and in the future once they do start printing a supernova coppa backwards copy metals as well it's gonna absolutely make like this will quite literally beat the set up to have just copied used Kyrie eight times on the first floor metals then have your two strongest metals in the very back or or what you could even do to is just have another copy metal right here so then you have another supernova copy metal so in this case like bleah okay then you grab the strongest hard hitting metal in the game with the biggest multiplier and you slap it on that last slot okay so what would that be right now is marluxia still atop or something on let me check yeah Marley's are still the top okay well I think that's more Lucia with the critical hit yeah I'm pretty sure that's what the critical hit it's like a 47 without the critical hit okay so it'll be like Guardian form sore well it will just say it's great for consistency its Guardian form sore okay so you put this dude here and this effectively becomes the strongest setup in the entire game it's just copy metals it's mostly copy metals one Kyrie and your strongest metal and that's it that is it this setup will literally be absolutely busted because remember not only does these supernova from your copy metal become 20 times stronger because of all the freaking stat buffs they've been provided throughout the whole thing but your strongest metal itself – just gets outrageous stat buffs actually no actually no he would not be the strongest pirates or as the strongest because he has like 50,000 strengths right okay well it would be pirates war cuz he has 50,000 strengths from what I remember seeing so this yeah pirates or it would just be like right here and even if it was what wasn't pirates or the Senate would be effectively the same you just put your strongest metal there the whole time and you just went and the worst the worst part is yeah I don't know if you guys remember I haven't updated it in a while but on my website I have like a meta tab in terms of oh where is it the meta I have the meta tab dedicated towards keeping track of what are the most met assessed or different types of situations so I've like one turn single-target setups one turn a OE setups are like so like this is good for like those like really hard enemies that are just trying to kill medially and winter and this is good for like Colosseum I think every Universal setups where you're fighting those really long events you're trying to survive as long as possible while still like cutting things down all of this literally all of this would just be completely irrelevant because they're all gonna be exactly the same setups quite literally they're all gonna be exactly the same setups just because of the fact they're gonna look exactly like this the copied metals might change but that would be it it would be like different copy metals both still be Kairi here and the last slot is just whatever strongest metal is it will literally break the entire game because of that one mechanic new mechanic

  • NOTE: The Supernova Guilt Boost % is incorrect in the pic (I forgot to change the value). It's 230% normally, and 280% when evolved.

  • You could use KH3 Karina A with EA on slot one for the debuff, copycat Demyx with EA on slot 2, that I got.
    KH3 Kari B with EA in Slot 3, backward copycat with EA in slot 4then if you haven’t got copycat like fuu.

    Then slot 5 and pet slot medals like 3000 strength Roxes or the 50000 pirate sora or even Marley with crit hit will become nuke Medals. very deadly in PvP and PvE.

  • actually woudn't it be stronger to have multiple kairis since the 5000 boost form the supernova would stack meaning that if you had 5 kairis each with ea, and used their supernovas the final medal would get +30000 atk to its base strength.

  • I've saved SO MUCH MONEY deleting the game off my tablet. (I really kinda want to start playing again, lol). There's just no more room on my tablet, ugh.

  • Before I even watch the video with all due respect No not really specially since the kh3 one has had so many chances to get traits with multiple mercies its more efficient to have her than the new one

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