Khuli Chana Reveals Reason for His Glow Up | V-Entertainment

for example kuleana we're not just how can I say acquaintances you know I'm saying we brothers we family I mean our children I mean children experienced okay you're not taking a break I've got an apartment in la la that's amazing going to school e accent coaching as well because also you have to be versatile absolute you know you have shirley's speak the language and I'm really it's a it's a learning curve and I don't want to lie and say it's it's glitz and glam sometimes you feel like you're gonna cross the street and you make it not by a car because isn't does the flip right now and you're isolated but I've got friends now that of like family being free and Zinio me it feels like home super amazing coolly I must say I've just noticed something and it's the first time I notice it yeah there's some operational sexiness in you I told Mike something about you style yeah your your aura as well like there's some sense of contentment as well and you can tell you to use existed also your mind in out sleeping the reward routine what's what happens you know Jared in determining and yeah didn't work yeah number two I had to get rid of a lot of baggage yes


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