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first let's kick things off with Chloe over the weekend Chloe had a moms night out with her besties ahead of yesterday's big keeping up with the kardashians episode we exclusively caught up with her at the opening of Novell and Mohegan Sun at Mohegan Sun where she shared this message to her fans watch I don't think I've land an obvious they didn't plan for any of this to happen but the beauty is that we can survive anything in life and it's about a strong mindset and a good support system and it's just like how you overcome things and life is great so you just got to find the beauty in it now Chloe did not want a live tweet last night but everyone got to see the beginning of the Tristan and Jordan drama play out do you think reliving this opens those old wounds and having to watch it all over again I think it's good you know I was looking at her Instagram stories this morning like it's just this happened it's a fact of life right and I don't think there's any hiding it at this point yeah for me I think the Kardashians have this platform and what it is for them is it's like when we go through something and then we just have to write it down we have to email it to that person we have to like write it to that person just to fully accept what happened to you because when you see it on a pen and paper you really feel it and I feel like she's kind of sort of going through that moment and it brings me back to the moment in 2005 when Brooke Shields let that book come out called down came the rain where she talked about the postpartum depression and she wrote it it was almost like it was her therapy like she was still going through that moment because she had only had her baby a year and a half before that so she was going through it and through that process became an advocate for postpartum depression I think Khloe Kardashian is becoming an advocate for broken hearts all around the world ah I hate that I hate that she's had to go through this you know that's the one thing I always take away from watching Keeping Up you know during these hard times it's one how strong they are yeah I mean last night she seemed so strong actually I would just say she seemed in shock what she seems in she seems numb right to the situation as its unfolding I got really upset watching it only because I just you you feel for somebody who's been betrayed that March and anyone out there who has had a betrayal it's the most horrific thing and you can see that she's shocked by it and I think that you know people can look at it it's kind of it was interesting last night in this morning it's like people could look at this and be like wow this is all playing out on television I don't really think she had a choice because they said like the media already had hold of the story and I think you have to turn a situation like that into something it's going to be good

  • Guys you’re not getting it, Khloe needs to take responsibility for her part. Yes he’s a puke but she had NO business starting a relationship with him then continues when he cheats while she’s pregnant? ICK why was he not with her while in town? Why hadn’t she been living in Cleveland? Sounds like they weren’t that together hmmmm, and WHY is she always cheated on? Hmmmm and yes he’s wrong and Jordan sitting on his lap is way wrong

  • Who would want Jordyn as a friend….that girl can lie to your face like a serial killer….hell nah… I see a Jordyn smiling, I'll run ..

  • No lie I want to se text messages and voice records.

    Advocate for broken hearts? I disagree. (I sound like a hater, I am not.)

  • I am sure that some of you at E! are serious journalist and have a college degree.  However you are sounding more like nanny's/baby sitters doing hard labor for the Karda clan.  Its time to put this nonsense of a set up story to rest and do some serious journalist work.

  • Omg can people get over it happen Kardashian’s and e news keep dragging about this stupid family this happened few months ago..than they show in enews …if it was any other celebrity it’s only one time That’s it [email protected] don’t forget khole is also responsible to break Tristan ex wife family he has a boy too..khole is Blame

  • Keeping it all the way funky. Tristen is in his 20s , famous and rich. Khloe cant seriously believe he will never smash another..he’s shown his True colors… I wish her the best. She deserves better.

  • That’s such a bs, this has nothing to do with being strong, they would all fall apart in peaces in normal people shoes, ofc u can bounce back in no time when ur having all this mills, life is always good in that privilege situation.

  • Khloe has such a strong heart.💕 If it were to happen to other celebrities, having a scandal happen so publicly to them, they would probably end up in rehab or something. And still, some people throw so much hatred towards her. Khloe stay strong

  • Lol…How juvenile of Khloe.. What now..? Now she's part of a mean girl crew..Oh Brother.. Grow UP..Another Plastic Replica of Kartrassion ..The Brand!!

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