Khloe Kardashian Talks Dating After Tristan Thompson Alleged Cheating Scandal (Exclusive)

I mean clearly you dating no I'm not dating right now but I love life besides you sorry sorry we're on a date but um I just I'm really just enjoying my life and my time with my baby and family and I don't want to do why not I don't know I I'm so fine not dating where I know like GTO if you think about it in the future do you know what kind of guy you would want down the road what you mean I don't and Scott I don't what I've never really put that much pressure on dating I'm just you know whoever you are in a room with that you connect with and there's chemistry then that's you should date but I'm just not even in that headspace we got to ask you oh we did see part one another little show you guys are on Keeping Up with the Kardashians we saw some of the finale what is it like for you to watch that back to relive that really tough time that you went through I personally don't watch it back because I just I already know what happens and it it's just I think a little too toxic for me to keep reliving stuff like that so I stay off social I don't I didn't watch it and it's just a part of our job that we kind of have to do so we can't just pick and choose what we want to show that's not fair and so that's just what it is but Jordan never once has Jordan said I'm sorry I'm sorry Ashley either side it's just not cool for me fashion s is there anybody I don't think there needs to be negativity on anywhere I think it's just a story that's being told but anybody picking aside or you know condemning any human I think this is a part of life I'm not saying it wasn't yeah you know everyone has their truth and their story and so you just go with go with it the right to speak their truth [Applause]

  • She got her karma period point blank lol next time u should give a shit that a man has a baby on the way and another woman who loved him and carrying his child and not only care about the fact that’s he’s a black NBA player who was showing u some attention. Dumb ass, that’s exactly what u get ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

  • Why did she gonna say sorry? while u dated him when he was in relationship with pregnant woman? Toxic people never won😏

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  • someone who has nothing to do with the fame culture. A down to earth guy would be a fresh of breath air into this family. Like their grandmother, MJ said an accountant wouldn't be bad!

  • OMG,,I'm soo tired of that whole clan,,look when they started reality show,,15 yrs😨AGO ALL BC KIM WAS IN A SEX- TAPE,,HA! KIM had a huge BEEK,NOSE,NO CK/BONES,,NO LIPS,NO BUT OR BOOBS,,& KHLOE IS JUST AS BAD,,& ALL THE REST OF EM,, ((PLASTIC SILICONE*NO CLASS DUMMIES ))LOL ,,oyy,ALL HAVE HAD NEW NOSES,CHEEKS,BOOB JOBS,& let's not forget THE HAIR!! PROB,ALL HALF BALD FROM weaves,bleach,cornrows😖🙆🙅👺👽,,,& just hearing them talk,,makes my stomach churn!😝,all abbreviated words,,vaca,info,etc,,lmao, they sound like idiot's & dress like always going to some red carpet crappola,,in fact,,actually just hanging in ea other's houses & eating SALADS,,LOL paper a bowl s, ,WHO HAS THE BIG GET HOUSE? ,WHO SELLS the most CHEAP MAKE UP, IT'S ALL SO HYSTERICAL,,like do none of them see,,how truly stupid they sound & act? I'm embarrassed for them all,,HA!!

  • Koko your luck is very thin with basketball players, please take my advice. Leave basketball players alone whenever your ready to date again, take a different route & hopefully you find happiness with a great guy that see your worth and won't cheat on you again…

  • The Kardashians just keep going deeper and deeper down this rabbit hole. Bitch Jordyn won, you were not able to bury her. Stop it

  • These kind of girls always choose the wrong guys when they are young but when they hit 45 and there vagina goes dry. They are ready to settle.

  • All the woman making comments that she stole the other girls Man you guys are all stupid and haters, a man is never stolen a man wants to leave he will leave you, not even a child is going to make amends day, once they’re gone they’re gone, Cloydon had a friendship with that girl and she didn’t know what was going about, of course you could choose someone who didn’t have a next girlfriend pregnant but that doesn’t mean you have to crucify her father, the whole fault it’s for Tristan he is the only one to blame

  • I'll never lambaste someone's decision to alter any part of themselves if doing so will cultivate greater confidence and comfort. However, I am finding Khloe's changing looks have crossed the threshold toward concerning. The pressure to be beautiful that certainly encumbered her spirit and self-esteem was and is likely overwhelming. I hope she is well and not afflicted with body dysmorphia. She has changed her looks to such an extreme extent. It must have been an internal hell feeling there was so much she didn't like about her appearance.

  • Khloe needs to find herself before she start dating it's too soon don't want any kind of man around your beautiful daughter. And please don't date an athlete. You can date a Plummer a janitor a mailman a milkman a doctor a Indian chief or a lawyer. Please make sure he's an older mature man. Khloe can I find you a man let me go on interview for you I am serious.

  • Now she saying neither side should be bashed. That wasnt the same tune she was singing when it happened and she only bashed Jordyn but then she got so much backlash.

  • KL -Hoe is a Mental Basket Case!
    Wow, and To Know At 1 Time Hated Scott ..,
    Now Scott is Her Support System ..,😂🤣

  • We love Tristan, we love love Jordyn Craig, we love Jorydyn Woods, we love Lani Blair, and all of Tristan's lady friends! Khloe Kardashian is the Fucked up one and the odd girl out!😣😣😣😣

  • Khloe used to be a really beautiful woman until Lamar. So unique.
    Then, she got a really OVER the top look. She looks like those girls that wants to look like a Barbie Doll with many plastic surgery.

  • It was a peck damn talk about how he cheated before jordyn and how y’all wasn’t even together 🤦🏾‍♀️

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