Kenly College Library Loot Room and Baby Barrel Backpack Trophy – The Division 2

hello agents in this video I'm gonna show you where the loot room is and wear the backpack trophy is in the Ken Lee college library on the division – this is part of the new expedition we only have this available at the minute the library got to to come over the next two weeks and once you complete all three of these you're gonna get an exotic good as well which is really cool I'll do another video on that once all three are out and then once I know everything that's here to show you because this is a quick run-through today on stream and we actually miss this loot room and we miss this backpack trophy so yeah we came back into the if you look on screen now you can actually see where the hidden room was and they just mark it you'll see it on your map you can run straight to it now the mission does needs to be live so what I mean by that it should just can't run through an empty mission you've got a star s you might have some enemies or whatnot but just head that door I'm not sure if this actually shows when you're completing this for the first time as we did miss it once when we're going to exit we notice that those loops still available so we for us go back and do it but if you just come into the mission and start it you're able to run straight through and go straight to the door when you reach where – showing you on the map you're gonna be at this like bookcase there's a keypad there you're not able to interact with it but do a 180 just run straight behind you hit this keypad here this door will open and then you can hit this hidden room switch here just run back you're now gonna be able to hit this keypad and the two bookshelves are left are gonna open and it's very similar to a control point now with the loo you've got the yellow chest and blue dotted all about now you can only do this daily I believe it's daily Lu it works exactly the same as control points I'll now show you where the baby barrel backpack trophy is so in the same position here's the bookshelf at the switch that we've just shown you and how to get in maybe just backtrack and take a left up these steps and take a right and then take a left you got to be in this area here now you've gotta want to shoot a junction box has one that it shoot opens that door but the one across the way will open the door for one of you here you actually have to do this as part of the missions for this sort of like expedition but yeah in here right next is blue barrel is the back trophy I'm gonna show you it on screen now what it looks like and that's it guys I say hidden loot room and their backpack trophy on this library expedition if you have liked the video please do hit that like button and please also consider hit and subscribe for more content from myself and if you do check the video description right at the top there's a link to a discord community I always say to everybody it's a fantastic place come and check us out I'm sure you're like yes oh do go ahead and click that button till the next video guys thank you for watching this one and peace out


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