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Katy Perry – E.T. and Part of Me Grammy Performance 2012 – MissP Recap

Let’s talk about Katy Perry. I really enjoyed Katy
Perry tonight. I felt like she was really
into her songs. The dancing was hot. I loved her setup. She did look like a little Power
Ranger, but overall I think she did really good. She really commanded my
attention, not only just with the hair but with everything. Her whole setup was really,
really good. She was just doing
outrageous stuff. But she was synchronized,
because usually she’s like offstep a little bit. But this time she was into
her performance. Her dancers were really
good as well. Katy Perry and her dancers
were so in tune. I mean, they picked her up and
had her walking around, for god’s sake. She just did really good. And I think that the dancing
really, really helped her performance.


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