Katherine Heigl Reflects On Her Iconic Character In '27 Dresses' | PeopleTV | Entertainment Weekly

  • I don’t get the whole Katherine Heigl hate, what happened?! She literally stars in all iconic rom cons comparable only to Rachel McAdams. Love her 💕

  • I think people went after Heigl for speaking her mind. Nothing she has said was untrue, she just picked the wrong people to go against (Apatow, Rhimes)

  • Katherine, you are gorgeous, clearly intelligent, an excellent actress, and the list goes on…I miss your rom-coms, I miss seeing you acting cause that's the only time you can be truly likable 😔 I say that with a heavy heart cause I really like your work and it is clear by your colleagues' discomfort that it wasn't a pleasure working with you. We want to like you and you have had plenty of time to work on your people's skills to better the environment around you, what gives?? I saw an interview you gave Oprah in your younger years where you refuse to accept defeat (you had lost a role for whatever the reason). Your ego takes the best of you…it takes effort, and no, you wouldn't stop being authentic, you would just work on being truly humble, a quality everyone appreciates. Best of luck to you. We really miss your movies.

  • Good God! The Katherine Heigl ego has landed! She even had the nervous-laugh after she said “she really is a doormat!”, like even she didn’t believe what was coming out of her mouth! Just stop.

  • Whoa do all women act legit crazy & sad like this after 40?…Yikes, nightmare. Everyone seemed uncomfortable.

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