Karaoke with The Entertainer Squad | Mi Mic unboxing!

hey guys it's Izzy and Jake here from the entertainer squad and today we're looking at my mic mini these things are absolutely awesome they are possible microphones with miniature blue 2 speakers on the bottom of them so you can connect your phone or tablet by a YouTube or Spotify to the Bluetooth speaker play your favorite songs and sing into the mic as well the battery lasts up to three hours as seven colors in the LED light at the bottom so you can really live that pie lifestyle and carry on singing without just singing in the shower yeah but it has an echo effect to really sound like you're live on stage and live your popstar dreams right Jake I am the light you've got the wheel touch I'm social world and spit I couldn't fight a sweeter touch I asked her to dance in this what she said company around and upside-down [Applause] if you want to get your hands on one of these my Mike minis and live your life as a performer then head to your local antenna store or visit the toy shop calm right Jake Jake

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