Kapseret Mp Oscar Sudi issuing statement on Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal.

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  • Sudi read the book of Echesa. You will be next sucking will be next Hakuna Kura Mulipiga open the server
    Mulisema Jubilee iko pamoja
    Rudicheni pesa Rotichi has been stealing since the beginning

  • Is there anyone listening out there? This is the most important sober statement Sudi has made. Mad men are known for noise making, however when they shout lion, lion…… they should not be ignored.

  • Am shocked that they knowingly voted in persons who could not deliver due to tribe. Pain has come to them all. Funny, they believe Raila saved, can save but they don't like him to lead and country.

  • When you Ruto wants to discuss with his excellency Uhuru Kenyatta why send Oscar Sudi Oscar Sudi don't insult our president

  • Tano tena makachieth! We are with the government. Wewe endelea kumeza mate… Sis I tuna kula nyama… Remember???

  • Sudi is right, many of us are just afraid, or too aligned to one side, to point to the root of the problem. Issues of corruption will be litigated for eons, but the truth will haunt Kenya for many eons…coz power is too juicy to hand over to other types.

  • Stick to the facts as charged and stop your idiocy to the extent of calling names the same hustler who's as* you have been licking all along. Instead of defending one man, defend the rights of the millions of poor kalenjin people who's lives could have been transformed if their own Kimwaror son didn't rob them with no shame. Kenya needs serious prayers.

  • This guy has admitted that uhuru and ruto has collapsed the government and yet he says ruto 2022 tosha! 😂😂😂 Kweli Kenya ni nchi ya maajabu!

  • What queer and weird person.He talks before he thinks .He talks without thinking. His mouth will land him in problems. He's even interfering with the work of agencies charged with fighting corruption.

  • Why can't this Sudi be arrested and be interrogated for his utterances are bordering on ethnic incitement and disrespecting the head of state.

  • This guy is just all over with thoughts that are more emotional than cogent. He is not sticking to facts of the charge. But I understand him. He has reasons to vent and in that venting, he spews some truth of DP's frustrations. It makes me happy to hear a Jubileean openly admit that JUB govn't is much worse than any other in our history. I hope that him and more like him have learnt the hard way that choices have consequences and leadership is not tribal allegiance. The quality of our lives and the space we operate in as a country is as great as the type of leaders we install into office.

  • Sasa unalia nini. Now you recognize Raila is important. We are preparing Ruto to take Raila's role in the opposition

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