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Kanye West, Drake, and Justin Bieber Will Boycott the Grammy’s | Splash News TV

The Grammy’s used to be the biggest night
in music… but it may not be anymore. According to reports, Kanye West, Justin Bieber
and Drake are planning to boycott the ceremony of February 12th. Justin for example… who has four Grammy
nominations this year… is actually planning on being somewhere else that day. Drake, who has 8 nominations, will also no
show. And Kanye, who is also up for 8 awards, has
no plans to attend the show. Rumor has it Justin thinks the Grammy’s
are irrelevant or representative… And Kanye thinks they have failed to represent
black artists. West has picked up a total of 21 trophies
in all, but he has never won when going up against a white artist. And get this – Frank Ocean didn’t even
bother submitting his new album, Blonde, for considerations because he also thinks the
Grammy’s fail to represent black artists. He told the New York Times that the infrastructure
and screening system is dated.

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  • if kanye won't attend I won't be watching the Grammy isn't shit without the real deal …I new they where going to try to play kanye and drake…nothing new with the Hollywood crew

  • After what he said on stage. No one believes in the voting system or how these award shows work. Especially the Grammy and MTV Awards

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