Kaley Cuoco Emotionally Thanks Fan For Returning Her Wallet | E! News

kaley cuoco emotionally thanks a stranger for returning her wallet the 33 year old actress who is filming the 12th and final season of the Big Bang Theory got emotional as she talked about her ordeal in a series of videos posted on her Instagram stories so I have had this strangest week it's been very up-and-down very kind of emotional and be honest probably just coming in with the show and I don't know lots of other things but a really sweet thing happened to me a few days ago and I had to share cocoa went on to detail how she left her wallet at Sharkey's restaurant in Calabasas California and didn't realize it until hours after the fact I became fully hysterical and didn't know where it was and traced my steps I was like oh my god I left it there it's gone it's gone I was crying I was so upset so I called sharpies and someone had turned it in whoever turned it in was obviously a big fan of cocoa as they labeled the wallet penny before handing it over to the manager referencing her character on the long-running sitcom whoever did that whoever is out there thank you I wish I could have met you I would have given you all the cash in my wallet whatever was in there I really would have given you anything I was so grateful that there was someone so sweet on this earth and honest Cocco concluded her story with tears in her eyes praising both the kind stranger and the restaurants manager so whoever you are whoever returned my wallet and the manager at Sharkey's you guys were so nice I came in crying they're like petty prior to sharing the emotional clip Coco took to Instagram to celebrate a major Big Bang Theory milestone Big Bang Theory is officially the longest-running multicam show in history surpassing the great show Cheers she wrote alongside a group photo of the cast standing in front of cupcakes that spelled out 276 which is the number of episodes made blessed humbled amazed grateful thank you to everyone who has supported us to the last 12 years thirsty for more celebrities make sure you subscribe to the e news YouTube channel so you could stay informed on all the breaking updates come on you know you want to be the first to know about all the latest hookups breakups or rest and so much more


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