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Kalank | Ek Andhe Pati Ka Badla

what’s up bro ? you look tensed my wife is having an affair bro how can you say that ? she doesn’t let me be intimate with her quite possible your wife has got periods since two months ? is it period or Niagara falls ? you damn sure about her affair ? bro I caught them naked last night hey man, you are supposed to be blind then how come you know that they are were naked tell me one thing will my wife and her lover play ludo at midnight ? last night….. husband is absent tonight what a moment we got lets get naughty lets postpone the work for tomorrow ? oh my God ! naked wife I mean… Bad wife just think…. what would your wife’s lover be doing with her oh yeah yuck now imagine what your wife would be doing with her lover oh yeah stop it bro alright what’s next Revenge of a husband Do I deserve you or not Do I deserve you or not tick tock tick tock tick tock fired yo kid yes bro what’s the matter where’s my buddy today aren’t you aware of the news ? your buddy had an affair for the last 2 months last night where he went the wife’s husband had installed a gun mechanism your buddy is no more I shall take your leave now well it’s a good thing he died


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