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Justin Bieber Grammy Awards 2010 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

What’s up Young Hollywood? It’s Michelle Marie coming to
you from the KISS FM gifting lounge. Celebrating the Grammys with this guy right here. The
one who’s taken over the world, Justin Bieber. What’s happening? How are you? I’m doing wonderful. You are looking great, I mean, you just walk
through here like you’re the President. Thank you. (music) Justin Bieber “One Time” (music) Your success has just happened so quickly. You’re takin’ over the world. Yeah, last year was a lot of fun.
Hopefully this year will be much better. Yeah. So you started out in Canada. Your whole story is that you uploaded your videos to youtube. Tell us what went through your mind when you first got that call from Usher. I post some videos on-line. I got a, my manager found me on-line and I went to Atlanta, met Usher and then met Justin Timberake. Both Justin and Usher were fighting over me. We ended up signing with Usher. What made you choose Usher? Well, it was basically my management and my lawyers’ decision. So who was one of your biggest idols?
Cause you’re a teen idol right now. I grew up listening to a lot of Michael Jackson
and Boyz II Men and stuff like that. (music) Justin Bieber “One Less Lonely Girl” (music) What is the craziest moment you’ve had with fans? Ah, with fans. Well there’s been a lot
of crazy moments. I was just in London and we were going on the opposite side of the road, driving in London and girls were jumping in front of the vehicles. Crazy. Girls you got to be careful. What do you look for in a girl, if you were to describe the perfect girl for you? Nice eyes, a nice smile. A funny girl. I like to laugh. What’s up Young Hollywood? Love you guys. You guys are amazing
and I will talk to you guys soon alright, peace. At Turbo Tax we’re all about making taxes easy like snap tax. (music) B.o.B. “Magic” (music) It’s just one more way you can choose easy.


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