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Just Dance – Little Fockers, Grammy Nominees, Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock”

The Grammy’s announced
the nominations for Best Dance Recording. Keri Hilson pays tribute
through dance. And the Focker family returns
to the big screen. This is Just Dance for
December 23, 2010. [MUSIC PLAYING] Georgia native, Keri Hilson, is
gearing up for the release of her second studio album, No
Boys Allowed, with her music video, Pretty Girl Rock. It’s directed by Joseph Kahn. And in it, Keri portrays iconic
black female artists including Donna Summers, Diana
Ross, the trio TLC, and Josephine Baker, the first World
famous African-American entertainer. The video was choreographed by
none other than Boom Kack herself, LaurieAnn Gibson. Known best for MTV’s Making
The Band, LaurieAnn has provided moves for Jordin
Sparks, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga. In “Pretty Girl,” Gibson’s
choreography perfectly emulates the time period and
artist’s style during each section of the video. One of our favorites is the ode
to Janet Jackson, where LaurieAnn places clean
and sharp moves on Hilson and her dancers. LaurieAnn also served as the
video’s creative director. Keri Hilson’s No Boys
Allowed hit shelves and iTunes this Tuesday. The nominees for the 53rd Annual
Grammy Awards were announced this month. And rapper Eminem leads the
pack with 10 nominations. The music industry’s
biggest night presents hundreds of awards. But the category that
caught our attention is Best Dance Recording. Lady Gaga racked up six noms,
including one in this category for her song “Dance
in the Dark.” Swedish-born Robyn was
recognized for her techno-infused hit, “Dancing
On My Own.” The British electronic music duo Goldfrapp
nabbed two nominations, including Best Dance recording
for their tune, “Rocket.” And La Roux picked up two
nominations, including one for their song, “In For The Kill.”
Finally, singer-songwriter Rihanna received a nomination
for her dance jam, “Only Girl in the World.” Find out who
takes home the Grammy by tuning in to CBS on February
13 at 8:00 PM to watch the live telecast. Today we remember and honor
the birth of Jose Greco, a world-renowned flamenco dancer
and choreographer. Born in Italy in 1918 and raised
in New York City, Jose made his professional dance
debut at the age of 16 at Manhattan’s Hippodrome
Theatre. In 1946, he formed the Jose
Greco Company of dancers, singers, and musicians, which
completed 40 US and 6 world tours over 20 years. His company also performed on
the Bob Hope, Ed Sullivan, and Johnny Carson show. Greco starred in such films as
Ship of Fools, The Proud and Damned, and Around the
World in 80 Days. he received four honorary
doctorates was knighted by the Spanish government. The award-winning choreographer
passed away due to heart failure in 2000 and is survived by his wife Margaret. This week we’re taking you on a
virtual trip to China, where ballet, hip hop, and acrobatics
have been taken to an all-new level. First up is a group of acrobats
that do an act that literally balances on a line
between life and death. The acrobats began by tossing
two performers down the line using their feet. And just for fun, the tossee’s
throw in a flip. Why not? But the craziest part is when
one of the artists is thrown down the line on his head. Next is the great Chinese
state circus production of Swan Lake. In this take of the classic
ballet, the Swan Queen stands en pointe on top of
the prince’s head. Her balance and clean lines
are already noteworthy. But the fact that she does all
of this on someone’s head is simply mind boggling. And finally, a young hip hop
dancer from China whose moves are as sharp and succinct
as his instructor. According to the summary
of the video, he’s only three years old. Gaylord Focker and Jack Burns
are back on the big screen this week for the third
installment of the Meet The Parents saga. The film reunites the same
star-studded cast that includes Ben Stiller, Robert De
Niro, Owen Wilson, Dustin Hoffman, and Barbra Streisand. But this time, Greg and Pam
Focker have two kids, yielding the appropriate sequel
title Little Fockers. The comedy contains a few
dance scenes that will probably make you laugh. DUSTIN HOFFMAN: I’m going to
master the art of flamenco. The choreography is courtesy
of Tony Gonzalez. The former dancer’s work has
been seen in The Office, Deck The Halls, Alvin and the
Chipmunks, Squeakquel and last summer’s Despicable Me. You can catch Little Fockers
nationwide at a theatre near you. This week we celebrate the life
of Jose Greco, the great Chinese state circus, and
Pretty Girl Rock. Tune in next week for an all-new
episode of Just Dance on DanceOn, the dance
video network.


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