Junko & Wing Interview May 2019-e-News

Hi! My name is Junko. I work as a Community Advocate here at GLAD Hello! My name is Wing Woo I work as an Accounts Payable Specialist for Lifesigns I'm originally from China and I'm from Japan Interview Question: What does being Deaf Asian/Pacific Islander means to you? Asian Deaf don't feel as if they are special Any deaf person from another country can easily relate to another deaf person regardless of language differences Cultural differences are irrelevant. But, looking back, my experience as a Deaf Asian involved being in a very oppressive family. Their mentality is that deaf people are limited That's their culture. But when I moved to America I felt comfortable, like I could flex myself. So I know that Deaf Asians–just like Deaf Americans– can do anything. That is similar to my experience I've been living here for 30 years now Years ago when I was younger, my family also felt deaf people were limited But as my Dad began to learn more about the deaf, He became proud of me Once he realized that deaf people are equally capable of doing anything. And we are no different from people who live in other countries. That makes me proud. It gives me more self-confidence. Interview Question: What's your favorite Asian/Pacific Islander tradition? I love Japanese food! (laughs) Sorry! Yes, Japanese food We continue our Japanese traditions at home For example, we still tend to cook Japanese food We position our dishes in specific areas on the table: Rice, soup and vegetable dishes are situated separately We don't share the food on our plates with others seated at the table Also, in Asian culture, wearing shoes inside the house is forbidden So even now, you must take off your shoes when you come to my house. That's true for other Asian countries as well. Shoes must be removed before entering a home. Now, my favorite Asian holiday is the Chinese New Year For example, after a wedding we give the newlyweds money in a red envelope These gifts represent good luck And can be given to children and young people as well I'm teaching my son the importance of understanding our traditions So he, too, will cherish our culture.

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