Jung Joon Young Sent a Video of Himself Having Sex With the Woman [E-news Exclusive Ep 100]

[음악] 하루가 멀다하고 거센 후폭풍을 맞고 있는 승리 c 상담 27일 입수된 논란에 채팅방에 대한 수사가 한창 진행중인데요 그런데 바로 어제 해당 c 팀 방에서 또 다른 성범죄 정황이 포착돼 충격을 안겨주고 있습니다 제중 방에 있던 유명 연애의 1명 불법 촬영한 성관계 영상 유포 했다는데요 어디 sds 에서는 그 연예인의 실명을 공개했습니다 대화 내용을 분석해 본 결과 탄 유명 연예인이 성 범죄를 저질렀다고 볼 수 있는 내용이 들어있었습니다 그 연예인은 가수 정준영 쉬었습니다 뉴스에서 공개된 이름은 바로 가수 정준영 씁니다 회당 보도에서는 2015년 말부터 약 10개월간 이루어진 그의 채팅창을 공개했는데요 그 내용은 가히 충격적이었습니다 으 3 한 여성과 성관계를 했다면 친구에게 메시지를 보는 정주영 씨 명상이 없냐 는 물음에 여성과의 관계 장면을 몰래 지금 3초 가량 이 영상을 보내기까지 했는데요 비슷한 시기 또 다른 채팅방에서 도 한 여성과의 성관계 영상과 함께 관계란 구체적 장소까지 중요하며 공유했습니다 몰래 촬영한 영상을 주고받는 일이 계획에 너무나 대수롭지 않아 보였습니다 이후에도 여러차례 여성들과의 관계중 몰래 촬영한 영상과 사진들을 수시로 채팅 많이 공유하는 모습이었는데요 더 충격적인건 이 상황이 마치 장난인 듯 아무런 죄책감이 없어 보이는 그의 태도 주변의 지인들에게 마치 자랑을 하는 단 내용이었습니다

  • but what kind of sex video
    with a whore?i mean thats not a big deal i"m not trynna defend him

  • I kinda feel like this is being blown out of proportion..imo. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying he’s right, but females always wanna be fast, and sleep w these celebrities, then get caught and holler victim..obviously he shouldn’t have recorded them without consent but unfortunately that’s what happens when u sleep w guys u barley know…
    Edit: in America this happens all the time and no one gets arrested…but America is a shit country so there’s that…

  • Don't be fooled by the handsome faces or beautiful faces of some celebrities, they're might be bad people and they are using their fame for their pleasure-seeking and not of doing good and making their fans happy

  • Too much fame is not good at all! Y'all guys, if you're famous, use it for good not for your own pleasures only, damn!

  • I hate the FBI of Korea, now it traumatizes me how you can know that there are women and children who are being "sold" and you do not do anything sorry, but the aim of your job is to help you population and then the other BigBang's son of a bitch he deserves a worse sentence than 7 years in prison just because it's a star that you give him a sentence of 7 years it's nothing he deserves punishment for life it's horrible I did not think the "Justice" of this country would be like this.

  • Jung Joon Young must be first time have sex with woman thats why he is very happy and send his fking video to other

  • I kinda wanna ask him in person why he did that.. Does he have some darkest past and secrets that depresses him?does that kill him alot?? I feel sorry for him.. I have always thought of him as a nice person. But what made him do that??

  • Anyone who holds a position of power who has committed a crime/crimes and kept it hidden, should be trembling in their shoes right now. In Australia, recently it's the priests and their sex crimes. one was exposed and it created a snowball affect of exposure of others! Now this in Korea, sex crimes, corruption amongst celebrities, authorities etc.. there will always be a way trace back… Trembling in their shoes..

  • This goes to show be weary before you “worship” someone. Remember they are just humans too with flaws and errors

  • to be honest, I hate joon young more than seungri, he did all that shit to women and went on holidays like nothing happened… he always looked like a weirdo anyway

  • Actually if you all watched the Summer Heat Escape episode that aired in 2014, at the end of the episode JJY already predicted that his career and 2D 1N will be ruined.

  • Aaand in the end seungri was innocent, bc he stated that he was just the face of the club and that he didnt know anything. Then whyd he quit BigBang if he didnt even do anything wrong?? I mean if he DID do wrong , he could've JUST ADMIT IT. Im just really dissapointed that this happened

  • instead of angry nor mad, I am more disappointed at him after what had he done. Really disappointed when I used to be his fan. Especially in 2days1nights. 😔

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